New Strike Force Asgardians Released: Mighty Thor & Valkyrie

When examining Scopely’s production of evolving the game, it’s safe to say they have done their best at adding new characters at a timely rate. As you are about to read, this includes the release of 2 new Asgardians into Marvel Strike Force!

Yes, we can all find some characters that have not made it to the game yet. However, we easily can make the argument, with these latest additions, that Scopely has continuously provided new content for us players!

With the release of the newest Thor movie, Thor Love and Thunder, Scopely has added two important characters that have been requested for quite some time (Not Korg or Miek. Sorry!)!

Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

Marvel Strike Force Asgardians - Mighty Thor

After Thor went rogue for assuming the responsibility of the Blip, he lost his worthiness to wield the magical hammer Mjolnir. This mystical handy tool then began searching for its new wielder and worthy owner. That person was Jane Foster.

Thor’s former lover. Hailing as Mighty Thor, she possesses all abilities that Thor has, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, healing, and various mystical powers such as energy projection, weather control, and the ability to fly!

To recruit this new hammer-wielder, all you needed to do was log in daily to receive her shards. Now, with the character being out for a few weeks, this daily login reward special had expired. Anybody who is still on the prowl for Marvel Strike Force’s Mighty will now need to participate in any July events that are open.

When attempting the events, you will receive rewards. These rewards may contain Mighty Thor shards. Mighty Thor is only a 45-character shard unlock, when attempting the July events daily, you will eventually unlock her.

Mighty Thor Abilities

Mighty Thor shares a lot of the same characteristics as Thor. This also refers to her play style. She is a heavy attacker who deals high amounts of damage with little defense.

In terms of synergy, it’s safe to say nobody should substitute her for Thor. She does not offer many synergies to the Asgardian lineup. With her passive ability, Goddess of Thunder, she will heal herself for 5% of Max Health + 5% of Max Health per non-minion Asgardian ally.

In addition to that, after Mighty Thor or a Hero Asgardian ally attacks the enemy, Mighty Thor will distribute +1 Charged to herself and all Chargeable Hero Asgardian allies. As such, she has a lot of value in Alliance War. For example, when using Mighty Thor in your Alliance War lineup, Hero Asgardian allies receive +25% Max Health and +50% Resistance against Heal Block.

It’s awesome to see Scopely expanding the playable roster, but Mighty Thor does not offer many synergies to make you alter your Asgardian team. She can definitely be used as an audible for Alliance War, but outside this, I don’t see true potential in this character to spark a major change in the classic Asgardian lineup.


Marvel Strike Force Asgardians - Valkyrie

Valkyrie has definitely been requested for quite some time, especially considering that she had made important appearances in the MCU already. In Marvel Strike Force she has been labeled as a Hero Asgardian which sees her dealing high damage and health benefits to her Asgardian teammates.

In addition to this, Valkyrie also applies positive effects to her squad after a Hero Asgardian death. Battle Maiden, her powerful Passive ability, allows the distribution of Safeguard + Immunity, Offense Up and Defense Up for two turns to all Hero Asgardian allies.

Lastly, in Alliance War, Valkyrie will apply Offense Down to the enemy team on spawn and pass on an additional +25% Crit Chance to Asgardian allies.

Valkyrie could be a fun addition to the Asgardian lineup, but the question really boils down to, “Who do you replace her with?” Her abilities for the most part apply to Hero Asgardians. Therefore, Loki and Hela are useless when making them a team, and these two toons are huge assets to creating a successful Asgardian team.

Valkyrie can be unlocked in Marvel Strike Force by successfully taking part in the limited-time event Hammer of the Gods.

Should you get the New Marvel Strike Force Asgardians?

Both of these new Marvel Strike Force Asgardians are fun to unlock and enjoyable to use. However, neither of these characters is advanced enough to replace an original Asgardian member. Your Asgardian squad should continue to be as follows:

  • Thor
  • Hela
  • Sif
  • Loki
  • Heimdall

You can make a variation Asgardian team that is only composed of Heroes, but I can guarantee that they will not secure as many wins as the original Asgardian squad can.

As always, keep on Strike Forcin’!

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