LotR Rise to War: Rhun Faction Guide

In Lord of the Rings Rise to War, choosing the proper faction may have a huge impact on how you interact with other players. In this LotR Rise to War Faction Guide, we take a closer look at Rhun.

Keep reading this LotR Rise to War Rhun Faction Guide for all the details on Rhun’s buffs, troops, location, commanders, and some basic strategy tips.

Rhun Faction Buff

LotR Rise to War Rhun Faction Buff

The Rhun Faction Buff is a pretty simple one, they deal +10% damage to non-player armies. However, just because it’s simple, it doesn’t mean it can’t have a pretty serious bearing on your gameplay.

When you want to capture a resource and power generating tile, or a unit generating camp, you must always defeat an NPC army. These grow more powerful proportionate to how much ring power and resources the tile generates.

With the Rhun Faction Buff, you will be able to conquer mid-game tiles far earlier than any other faction in the game. This can lead to a serious snowball effect of Rhun players growing into a serious threat nice and early. Not only that, but any tile with 200 power or more is always going to damage your army.

The damage your army sustains translates to treatment and recruitment of new soldiers to replace those you have lost. As such, this damage will impact your resources stockpile. The +10% damage is a nice way to offset some of that damage by ending fights quicker and with fewer casualties.

On the other hand, Rise to War is a very heavily PvP-focused game. While one can argue that this faction buff can help your economy before major PVP wars break out, it will not do anything for you once they do! What adds insult to injury are buffs like Rohan’s that increases unit speed which works in both PvP and PvE.

Thus, the Rhun Faction Buff is fine but it is outclassed by many others in terms of gameplay impact.

Location of Rhun in Rise to War

LotR Rise to War Faction Locations

Rhun is located smack down between the Erebor and Mordor LotR Rise to War Factions. Depending on the server type and season you are currently playing in they could both be your enemies, or both be your allies. However, assuming the most common scenario, you are likely to be allied with Mordor, and enemies with Erebor.

Erebor is not an ideal opponent to have as it is one of the stronger and more popular factions in the game. It’s very common for any server to have more Erebor players than Rhun players. Nevertheless, this does not seal the deal.

Mordor is a great ally to have on the other hand, and they are likely to stand between you and Rohan, which is an even better and more popular good faction than Erebor. Other than those 2 factions, you do not have to deal with anyone until the very late phases of the game.

Dol Guldur, the final goal of any game of Rise to War, is located pretty far from Rhun’s capital city. Usually, though, this does not affect you much in the grand scheme of things.

If you survive to the late game where everyone rushes towards Dol Guldur you will probably have to fight through some Erebor, Rohan, or Lothlorien forts. However, every single evil faction has the disadvantage of being far away from Dol Guldur.

The Unique Units of Rhun

One thing that is nice about Rhun’s location, other than their neighbors, is the fact that Rhun has access to Fellbeast and Beornings camps on their turf from the get-go. These are neutral tiles that upon capture will allow you to recruit that specific type of unit.

LotR Rise to War Beorning Camp

In the table below we have outlined some of the units obtainable from neutral camps in Rhun’s territory:

Unit NameUnit SizeDamageHPDefenseSpeedSiege Power

As you can see both of these units are extremely deadly and tanky. With their speed, fellbeasts are irreplaceable when it comes to hunting down other players’ commanders. Meanwhile, Beornings are sieging machines that will crumble any fortress they set their sight to.

The basic tier 1 unit of the Rhun faction is the humble Skirmisher. It’s definitely one of the better starting units in the game with a nice balance of good damage and impressive survivability. The same can also be said about their other unique tier 1 unit, the mounted Mercenary.

Aside from this, the true hidden power of Rhun is their unique tier 4 unit. The War Chariot is one of the greatest units in the entire game due to 2 awesome skills they possess:

  • Reap – grants additional damage against melee units.
  • Scythes – targets two enemy groups and makes them take constant, unavoidable damage, each turn, until the end of combat.
LotR Rise to War Rhun Faction War Chariot

Thanks to Reap, War Chariots are great against any melee unit. In addition, Scythes makes short work of any annoying units that can dodge attacks thanks to their skills. On top of all that, they make their targets bleed for additional damage each round.

It almost sounds too good to be true! Indeed, there is one extremely heavy drawback which can be seen in the table below.

WoodIronGrainTime To Conscript

Yup, you read that correctly. 11,000 grain and 1 whole hour to conscript 1 stack of this unit. Truly bonkers! Nonetheless, if you pay the grain price, your enemies are sure to bleed. Therefore, I strongly recommend investing in Grain Tributes and Grain Tiles when playing with Rhun.

Rhun Starting Commander

One of the other great perks of playing Rhun is instant access to Khaldoon, as he is perhaps the greatest tier 1 commander in the entire evil alliance. Maybe even the entire game, thanks to his good stats, impressive abilities, and truly CRAZY end game.

The best of all are his buffs to any “evil men” type units. This just so happens to make up the bulk of Rhun’s army anyway. One of these is a high-level buff that allows any evil men in your army to have a chance to attack twice in one turn. If the RNG is in your favor, and you have some extremely strong evil men, such as Rhun’s War Chariot then the battle is as good as done.

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