Marvel Strike Force: Mister Negative Analyzed

The newest addition to Marvel Strike Force has finally hit the game, Mister Negative! But who exactly is this new character? And where does Mister Negative come into play with this particular group of villains? Let’s find out!

Who is Mister Negative in Marvel Strike Force?

This mysterious villain, with no known identity, offers Focus and health enhancements benefits to his villain allies. He’s been added as the newest member of the Underworld team where he joins Green Goblin, Wilson Fisk, Nobu, and Taskmaster.

Mr. Negative’s origins are unknown to most, but what is known is that he is a notorious gangster boss/ thug who is an enemy of Spider-Man. Apart from the title of Mr. Negative, he does all sorts of wicked things to maintain his infamy.

The origin of Mister Negative’s identity dates back to sometime in China when he was kidnapped by a rival gang. The gang tortured him for days and weeks without yielding any usable information, so they ended up doing some experiments on him with their new drug, “D-Lite”. Shortly after experimentation, this nobody had officially become Mister Negative.

Now, he possesses the ability to control, withstand, and manipulate the darkforce and lightforce energies through electrical currents. With acquiring superhuman powers, Mister Negative also developed split personalities. One side is a kind-hearted persona, however, the other side is the villainous Mister Negative persona that uses extra-dimensional energy powers to lead a criminal empire.

Mister Negative Powers & Abilities

Marvel Strike Force Mister Negative

The higher Mr. Negative’s completeness is, the more powerful he becomes; with high amounts of dark matter in his body, his control and resistance abilities are substantially stronger. When he is in War, he applies Trauma, clears Revive Once, and flips enemy positive effects. All Underworld allies’ negative effects are cleared upon death by his summoned minions.

Demonic Assistance, Mister Negative’s ultimate ability deals 270% damage to the primary target, Defense Down and Ability Block. Trauma will also be applied to the primary target(s) when on WAR OFFENSE. Also, when mind controlling the primary target, he or she will attack the lowest speed, non-summoned enemy, twice, gaining an additional +25% damage each time.

His passive ability, Inner Demons, will summon in order: 1 Inner Demon (Dragon), 1 Inner Demon (Demon), and 1 Inner Demon (Cyclops).

Whenever a summoned ally dies, clear 3 random negative effects from all non-summoned UNDERWORLD allies. This will regenerate your maximum health by 50%, and increase focus by 50%. If Mister Negative is on WAR OFFENSE in Marvel Strike Force, then the maximum health and focus of UNDERWORLD allies are increased by 50%.

Should you get Mister Negative?

Absolutely! Mister Negative is a unique character that has not made many appearances in the MCU and Marvel Gaming (Besides the Spider-Men PS Game). In addition to this, he can be a real powerhouse in the right game modes!

Indeed, Mister Negative is a heavy hitter when selected for Marvel Strike Force War, WAR OFFENSE especially. Outside of this game mode, he physically cannot provide his full potential as an UNDERWORLD villain. When unlocking him, he needs to be paired with his UNDERWORLD allies and selected for WAR OFFENSE.

Before we end this analysis of Mister Negative, I will leave you with one final thought. Mister Negative is also tagged as a “Spider-Verse” character. Make sure to experiment with him in teams alongside other Spider-Verse toons, and see what kind of other synergies you can establish. Good luck Commander!

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