Evony Historic City Searching Event Guide

The Evony Historic City Searching Event is a great opportunity to pick up some high-quality subordinate cities. However, there are some key things you need to know to maximize your chances of getting one of the best sub-cities available.

Keep reading this Evony Historic City Search Event Guide for all the details on how to find Subordinate Ciy Clues and how to take the Sub Cities safely if you win one.

What is the Evony Historic City Searching Event

During the Evony Historic City Searching Event players are given the opportunity to locate rare subordinate cities. To do this, they must use Evony Subordinate City Clues to bet on their preferred city.

At the end of the event, all players are entered into a draw for each city with their chance of winning determined by the number of Subordinate City Clues they used.

If a player wins the draw, they are given a key to locate the coordinates of the city on the world map. They may then take this city for their account.

How to get Evony Subordinate City Clues

The key element of this event is accumulating Subordinate City Clues. The more you have, the more you can bet on your desired cities and thereby increase your chances of winning.

Thankfully it is quite easy to get Evony Subordinate City Clues. All these methods are shown below:

How to get Evony Subordinate City Clues

Unfortunately, the number of Subordinate City Clues you get for buying packs far outweighs the number you get from free methods. Therefore, it is quite difficult to win a rare city if you do not buy packs.

How to use your Evony Subordinate City Clues

Once you have accumulated some Evony Subordinate City Clues, it is time to start using them. To get started, first navigate to the Historic City Searching Event page via the Event Centre.

Once here, you will notice that there are 6 rounds each with 5 subordinate cities that can be won. You should click through all the different rounds to find your preferred cities.

Evony Historic Cities to be won

Once you have selected a city, it is a good idea to use all your clues on it to maximize your chances of winning. Click on the Subordinate City Clue icon to start using your clues and confirm how many you wish to use. The cost per one entry is determined by the rarity of the Subordinate City:

  • Epic – 60 Subordinate City Clues
  • Legendary – 20 Subordinate City Clues
  • Excellent – 5 Subordinate City Clues
  • Uncommon – 1 Subordinate City Clue
Using Evony Historic City Clues

Once you have done this, you will see what your current chance of winning the Historic City is in the goblet. You are also able to see how many other entries there have been and how your entries compare to this.

Read our Evony Sub City Guide to learn all about the different Sub Cities available.

Evony Subordinate City Clue Package

Evony Subordinate City Clue Package

For each subordinate City Cue that you use, you will also gain 1 Subordinate City Clue Package. You can redeem these for a chance at the following contents:

  • 50k Food Box x1
  • 50k Lumber Box x1
  • 50k Ore Box x1
  • 50k Stone Box x1
  • 10k Gold x1
  • Small Material Chest x1
  • 10k Food Box x1
  • 10k Lumber Box x1
  • 10k Ore Box x1
  • 10k Stone Box x1
  • 1k Gold x1
  • White Material Chest x1

Winning an Evony Historic City

At the end of the Historic City Searching Event, winners will start to be drawn for each round. These draws take place 8 hours apart. For example, after Round 1 winners have been selected, Round 2 winners will be selected 8 hours later.

Evony Sub Key Winners Mail

If you win a city, you will receive a mail informing you of the type you have won. This will also include a corresponding Subordinate City Key.

Using an Evony Subordinate City Key

If you win a city during the Evony Historic City Searching Event, you will receive a Subordinate City Key in your Inventory. You will have 24 hours to use it. If you don’t use it in time, it will be used automatically after 24 hours.

Evony Sub Key

If you do use the key, you will receive a mail informing you of the city’s coordinates. You can then follow these coordinates directly from the mail to go and capture it.

Evony Historic City Location

Taking an Evony Historic City

Taking a subordinate city from the Evony Historic City Searching Event is not as straightforward as a regular sub-city. Indeed, it can also often be quite risky if your server is at war. Below you will see all the details on how to take them and tips depending on your server’s war status.

Mechanics of Taking Evony Historic Cities

Once you have used a Subordinate City Key, an announcement in World Chat will state that you have used it. At this point, anyone can take the Sub City but you will be the only one to know exactly where it is.

Evony Historic City World Chat Announcement

To take it, you need to make 1 successful attack against it and then hold it for 10 minutes. You are not able to bubble during this time. This leaves you very vulnerable to attacks and you should ensure to ghost your troops or have support from allies.

It is also worth noting that Historic Cities will have a defending General. This makes them a bit tougher to defeat and should be considered when attacking. You get to keep the General if you win the battle.

Evony NPC Sub City with General

Taking an Evony Historic City During NAP

The best scenario to take an Evony Historic City is during a server NAP. This should mean that no one will attack you during the 10 minutes you need to hold the city before it is yours.

Occupying an Evony Historic City

Negotiating a NAP for this period is a good idea. However, you should always be wary of players who do not want to obey.

During Bubble or Burn

This is the worst-case scenario for taking an Evony Historic City. If there is no NAP, it is likely someone more powerful will try to zero you, or even take the sub-city for themselves, when you go to get it.

There are a few things you can try to do to mitigate this risk of getting zeroed or your sub-city getting stolen.

  • Use your Evony Alt Account to take the city and quickly teleport away so no one can track where it is.
  • Have an ally take the city for you before quickly porting away and ghsoting their troops so one can see where it was.
  • Change your name before you got to get the Historic City to make it harder to track you with Arrest Warrants.
  • If changing your name, add some emojis as these are hard to replicate in an Arrest Warrant quickly.
  • Use the key at the same time someone else uses theirs. Good idea especially if the other person has a better subordinate city to get.

Also always make sure you have a spare Subordinate City slot before going out to take your Historic City. Read our Evony Subordinate City Guide for more details on this.

How to Steal an Evony Historic City

If you are a powerful player or in a powerful alliance, then this can be a good time to steal an Evony Historic City from one of the winners. To do this, follow the below method.

  • As soon as you see on World Chat that someone has used their Historic Suborindate City Key, begin to Arrest Warrant them to track their movements.
  • Hopefully you will see them port next to the city and you will know exactly where it is to go steal it or plunder them.
  • You can also use this opportunity to steal their other subordinate cities as you know they will not be able to bubble for 10 minutes while trying to capture the Historic City.

In a situation where you do not see them make any movements, they may have sent their farm account or an ally to capture the Historic City. Luckily, you can track this too.

Simply go to the Evony Historic City event page and it will give you the name of who is holding the Historic City. Quickly put this into an Arrest Warrant, and with luck, you will find them right next to the Historic City.

Evony Historic City Owner

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