Clash Royale Magic Archer Guide

Magic Archer is a one-of-a-kind card in Clash Royale with extraordinary gameplay as a support unit. His brilliant long-range shooting abilities and splash damage make him one of the most popularly used cards in the game. In this Clash Royale Guide, let us learn about the Magic Archer – from his basics to some tips and tricks to master this skilled troop.

Is Magic Archer Good in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Magic Archer Guide

The Magic Archer is a long-range card that can target troops or buildings from afar. It is a Legendary card that can be unlocked from Arena 13 (Rascal’s Hideout) onwards. He shoots an arrow that moves linearly and damages any troops or buildings that are in its path. Though the Magic Archer features low hitpoints and mediocre damage output, he has an exceptional usage rate among players of all tiers, owing to his ability to shoot targets from a longer distance than the rest.

The Magic Archer costs 4 elixir and can target both ground and air troops. For the most part, Magic Archer is seen in control, beatdown, and bridge spam decks that either involve heavy tanks, such as Golem and P.E.K.K.A, or troops like the Elixir Golem and other lighter tanks for the Magic Archer to support. Nevertheless, the Magic Archer is a great asset to decks of many variations.

Best Magic Archer Decks in Clash Royale

Magic Archer can be used in a wide variety of decks in Clash Royale with each lending themselves well to his attributes. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the Best Magic Archer Decks in Clash Royale.

  • Magic Archer, Electro Wizard, P.E.K.K.A, Golden Knight, Battle Ram, Royal Ghost, Fireball, Zap.
  • Magic Archer, Hog Rider, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Skeletons, Ice Golem, Bats, Earthquake, Log.
  • Magic Archer, Giant, Royal Ghost, Mega Minion, Electro Wizard, Prince, Poison, Zap.
  • Magic Archer, Lumberjack, Bandit, Inferno Dragon, Ram Rider, Electro Spirit, Barbarian Barrel, Fireball.
  • Magic Archer, Baby Dragon, Healer, Elixir Golem, Giant Skeleton, Electro Dragon, Fireball, Tornado.

How to Counter Magic Archer in Clash Royale

The Magic Archer might be top-notch in almost every aspect, but where he lacks is his hit points. The Magic Archer does not boast a big health bar, meaning he can be taken down rather easily. In this section of the Clash Royale Magic Archer Guide, let us take a closer look at this weakness as well as some others.

  • Weak Hitpoints: The Magic Archer’s low hitpoint level makes him vulnerable to Spells like Fireball and Poison. The named spells, if leveled up to the default level at least, can take down the Magic Archer in one go. However, be aware that the opponent will try and Fireball bait you so as to protect their Magic Archer. When your spell has been baited, have a backup card such as Poison, Valkyrie, etc. to prevent any damage to the towers from the Magic Archer.
  • Swarm Troops: Though the Magic Archer possesses the ability to splash damage his troops, he can only do so in a very thin line of sight. This means he can take down an entire Skeleton Army by himself only when they are in a straight line or are at a safe distance from him. This narrow line of sight puts him at a disadvantage against swarm troops.
  • High DPS cards: Cards with high Damage Per Second (DPS), especially Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and similar cards can eliminate the Magic Archer in one hit. If you are looking for such a troop but for a lesser elixir cost, the Knight is the go-to tank.

Clash Royale Magic Archer Tips

Next up in this Clash Royale Magic Archer Guide, let’s take a look at some tips to help you use the Magic Archer to its utmost potential:

  • Long-range Versatility: Magic Archer shoots both ground and air troops while also dealing splash damage at the same time. Even though his narrow line of damage output can not damage everyone around his radius, he still comes in handy when played from the back, as he starts to hit enemy troops from a slightly longer range than the rest, making him a perfect archer. Turn his long-range abilities to your advantage to take down enemy troops and significant damage to the enemy tower.
  • Proper Positioning: Positioning of the Magic Archer is highly important in the turnover of a game’s result. To maximize this tactic, place the Magic Archer beside the lane when a close-range troop is approaching exactly from the front of the enemy’s tower. The Magic Archer will shoot linear arrows across the lane upon spotting the incoming troop. At this stage, since his arrows shoot past troops as well, the arrows would hit the target and then the tower linearly. This requires high precision as the right angle could deal lethal damage to the enemy tower. This way, you force the opponent to spend some elixir just to take the Magic Archer down. If he places a high elixir card, take the elixir advantage to advance for a push later on.
  • Backup Necessity: The Magic Archer, unfortunately, cannot do magic all alone. Due to his low hit points, it is mandatory that a troop is sent ahead of him so that he can protect the troop for a brief period of time. However, in many instances, the enemy will focus on eliminating the Magic Archer over the other troops ahead of him to avoid tower damage. This is when you need to spend enough elixir to prevent that from happening by providing great backup to the Magic Archer.

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