Clash Royale Little Prince Guide

Little Prince is the complete package – a card Evolution, balanced meta, AND a new champion card. Indeed, he offers huge benefits to players through his Royal Rescue ability which summons a mini-tank, called the Guardian, in front of the Little Prince that can withstand a massive amount of damage from heavy hitters. In this Clash Royale Guide, we shall study the Little Prince in detail, along with his pros, cons, best decks, and ways to use him effectively.

Is Little Prince Good in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Little Prince Guide

The Little Prince costs 3 Elixir and focuses on both ground and air troops. He shoots faster over time if he stands still with the speed of the shots resetting every time he moves. To spice up the aggression, the Little Prince has a Champion ability called Royal Rescue that summons a Guardian right in front of him. The Guardian is a ground-only troop that boasts great health capacity to that of a typical mini-tank, meaning it can cover the Little Prince by bearing some huge blows.

The Guardian also joins the battle in style by dashing ahead of the Little Prince and anything in its way – including heavy troops! This dash has numerous benefits, which are:

  • A single dash of the Guardian can take out the Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang completely.
  • It can reset the damage dealt by the Mighty Miner.
  • It deals Charge Damage and pushes back any troop in its way, including heavy troops such as Mega Knight and P.E.K.K.A.
  • It has a massive health capacity, similar to the Knight.

Best Little Prince Decks in Clash Royale

Next in this Clash Royale Little Prince Guide let’s take a look at some of the best decks that you can utilize this card in:

  • Little Prince, Hog Rider, Knight, Goblins, Ice Spirit, Tesla, Earthquake, Log.
  • Little Prince, Royal Giant, Phoenix, Fisherman, Goblins, Electro Spirit, Barbarian Barrel, Lightning.
  • Little Prince, Giant, Bowler, Graveyard, Archers, Goblins, Arrows, Snowball/Fireball.

How to Counter Little Prince in Clash Royale

Due to its special ability and the capabilities of the Guardian in the arena, the Little Prince is pretty OP. However, there are certain techniques to tackle the Little Prince’s little tricks. Here are some of the methods you can take note of before going up against a Little Prince:

  • Target from close proximity: When your opponent activates the Royal Rescue ability, it then gets harder for you to take down the Little Prince due to the protection of the Guardian. In order to avoid heavy damage to your towers, wait for the Little Prince to enter your side of the arena, and place any troop right beside it to take it down quickly.
  • High DPS cards: Cards like Mega Knight, P.E.K.K.A, etc. deal super high damage per hit, which helps in eliminating the Little Prince as quickly as possible. Place the card near the Little Prince in order to take him down before the Guardian rushes at you. You could also switch these heavy cards for cheaper ones like the Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • Royal Delivery: The Royal Delivery is a great tactic to take down the Little Prince. Since it pops up from the sky, the Guardian cannot do much to tackle it. The Royal Delivery is also capable of eliminating a horde of troops single-handedly. As such, it is recommended that you give this card a shot as it serves multiple purposes.

Clash Royale Little Prince Tips

In this final section of the Clash Royale Little Prince Guide, we have suggested a few necessary tips that will help you utilize this card to its utmost potential.

  • Guardian’s Timing: Summoning the Guardian at the right time is crucial in changing the outcome of a game. When the Little Prince is close to entering the bridge, that is exactly when you must activate his ability. This not only distracts any troops ahead of him but also keeps him alive and lets him take down the troops alongside the now-summoned Guardian. If luck is in your favor, the opponent will place a Skeleton Army to eliminate your Little Prince, but they all get taken down by the brawny dash of the Guardian when summoned at the right time.
  • Self-backup: The Little Prince is self-sufficient with his own backup in the Guardian which saves you a slot in the deck. With the Guardian activation only costing 3 elixir and its traits similar to that of a Knight, you get a massive edge over anyone right away. This allows you to save a Knight’s slot and equip another card to strengthen your deck.
  • Air and ground combo: The Little Prince’s ground and air attack combined with the Guardian’s ground attack makes for a devastating combination as they cover all aspects that are required while defending, supporting, or pushing. This makes your deck far more versatile and will give you a hand in any situation.

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