Marvel Strike Force Black Cat Guide

Marvel Strike Force Black Cat Guide

Black Cat is one of the best characters in Marvel Strike Force. She is a member of the Secret Defenders team and is awesome for Arena mode with the ability to steal positive effects and speed bars from her enemy. In this guide, we will show you how to use Black Cat effectively in Marvel Strike Force, especially in Arena mode.

Black Cat Details

  • Real Name: Felicia Hardy
  • Traits: Villain, City, Skill, Brawler, Spider-verse, Secret Defender, Legendary
  • Speed: 132
  • ISO-8: Striker
  • T4 priority: Passive, Special, Ultimate
  • Availability: Events and Black Cat Orbs

Is Black Cat Good in Marvel Strike Force

Black Cat shines in Marvel Strike Force for several reasons. Firstly, she possesses the ability to snatch positive effects and speed bars from enemies and apply them to herself or her allies. This proves particularly valuable against adversaries who heavily depend on these effects. Furthermore, her special can inflict Stun and deliver significant damage to foes, making her a formidable and disruptive presence on the battlefield.

Black Cat’s repertoire also includes the ability to afflict various negative effects on her enemies, including Trauma, Bleed, Interrupted, and Stun. These debuffs render enemies more susceptible and less effective in combat. Lastly, Black Cat’s passive ability enables her to bolster her allies’ health, not to mention her 9 deathproof upon spawning. 

Black Cat Abilities

All characters have a range of abilities that determine how useful they are in different game modes and how well they synergize with other characters. Let’s take a look at Black Cat’s powerful abilities at their maximum level:

Stealth Slice [Basic] [Max Level: 8]

  • Attack primary target for 320% Piercing + apply Slow and 2 Bleed.
  • Reduce Speed Bar on the primary target by 5%.
  • Fill Speed Bar on this character by 5%.
  • If this character has 30% or less Health, gain Stealth.
  • Gain +1 Charged.
  • On Arena Offense, this attack ignores Defense Up.
  • Enemies killed by this attack cannot be revived.

Bad Luck…for You [Special] [Max Level: 7]

  • Attack primary target for 300% Piercing and do the following effects to the primary target:
    • Apply Trauma, Bleed, Disrupted, and Stun.
    • Copy and clear 3 positive effects, except Taunt, on primary target to self.
    • Reduce Speed Bar by 10%.
    • Clear 1 Charged.
  • Rebound Chain to 4 adjacent targets for 300% Piercing + apply Bleed + clear 1 Charged on each target.
  • Fill Speed Bar by 10% for this character.
  • Apply +2 Charged to self and all Secret Defender allies.
  • This attack can Chain to Stealth targets and cannot be blocked or counterattacked.

Ill-gotten Gains [Ultimate] [Max Level: 8]

  • Do the following actions to the primary target:
    • Clear Immunity.
    • Transfer all negative effects and Vulnerable from self.
    • Copy and clear Charged and all positive effects, excluding Taunt, to self.
    • In Arena, if this character has Trauma, apply Trauma.
    • Attack for 500% Piercing.
    • Reduce Speed Bar by 20%.
  • Do the following actions to this character:
    • Gain Immunity.
    • In Arena, if primary target has Safeguard, gain +1 Safeguard.
    • Fill Speed Bar by 20%.
    • Gain +1 Charged.
  • On Arena Offense, apply Blind to primary target and 1 random Spider-Verse enemy.
  • Enemies killed by this attack cannot be revived.
  • This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

Nine Lives [Passive] [Max Level: 6]

  • At the start of any match, Bio enemies cannot spawn with Speed Up.
  • On Spawn:
    • Gain 3 Charged, 9 Deathproof, and Immunity.
    • In Arena, apply Safeguard to self and all Secret Defender allies.
    • Clear Revive Once from all enemies. Gain +1,000% Extra Focus for this action. If any enemy had Revive Once, gain Revive Once.
  • On any Turn, if this character has 5 or more Charged:
    • Clear all negative effects from this character + heal for 30% of this character’s Max Health.
    • Fill this character’s Speed Bar by 30%.
    • Gain +1 Safeguard, up to a maximum of 2, and lose 5 Charged.
  • While this character has Deathproof, this character and all Secret Defender allies cannot have their Speed Bar reduced.
  • For each Deathproof on this character, gain +10% Armor, +10% chance to Counterattack, +10% Focus, and +10% Resistance.
  • Gain +50% Max Health.
  • Secret Defender and Spider-Man allies gain +50% Max Health.
  • On Arena Offense:
    • Enemies cannot spawn with Deathproof.
    • Lower Damage Reduction for all enemies that do not have Deathproof by 15%.

Black Cat T4 Priority

T4 materials are rare and valuable resources that can be used to upgrade your character’s abilities to their max level. However, not all abilities are worth upgrading with T4 materials. Here are the T4 priorities for Black Cat’s abilities:

  1. Special (Bad Luck…for You) – Black Cat’s most important skill with Secret Defender allies is her Special. It applies Trauma on any game to the primary target and grants +2 Charged to allies. This is good because those allies have great effects with Charged.
  2. Passive (Hell Drift) – Increasing this skill will make it easier to beat Bio teams, which is common, especially in Arena, War, and Cosmic Crucible modes. It also prevents Bio enemies from spawning with Speed Up and has additional bonuses in Arena mode.

Black Cat ISO-8

The best ISO-8 class for Black Cat is Striker. Her basic ability is powerful and steals speed from enemies and applies bleed. Additionally, it causes great piercing damage. Using the striker class ensures that she deals a lot of damage with her Piercing attacks and speeds her up.

Best Black Cat Team in Marvel Strike Force

Black Cat is a legendary member of the Secret Defenders team and as such works really well with other Secret Defenders allies. In fact, the best partner for Black Cat is Ghost Rider (Robbie) along with Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) who is a powerful frontline for both. In this way, the three are the main pieces of the Secret Defenders.

Players who want the best performance in Arena, however, may easily find that some changes are necessary. Instead of keeping Photon and Doctor Strange on the team, swapping them out for Apocalypse and Quicksilver will yield better results.

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