Best Defender Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Possessing a powerful, well-rounded squad is among Pokemon Unite’s most crucial elements. Destructive Attackers, mobile Speedsters, and Defenders who will shield them from harm, all have their roles to play! The Best Defender Pokemon in Pokemon Unite are these resilient behemoths who are frequently the difference between a lost or a won battle, which in turn can either lose or win you a game.

Despite the fact that there are just a few Defenders to pick from, the choice is quite the difficult one. And more importantly, very impactful on any game you play!

It is advised that you try each one and gauge how you feel about them because they all perform based on your personal input. But not all Pokemon are made equal, and some aren’t worth the time and effort. Choose some of Pokemon Unite’s most powerful Defenders with our guide to the Best Defenders.

What Position Is The Best For A Defender in Pokemon Unite?

Any Defender worth his salt has his place on a lane, either top or bottom. Use your experience to decide which Pokemon on your team needs your protection the most. Defenders are resilient and they don’t give up ground easily, especially in a goal zone. So one of your major objectives is to rush into a lane where opponents have a lot of points, and guard the goal against them to deny any scores.

A Defender is someone who has to step in and shield their companions from hostile Assassins and Attackers. To safely guide your more vulnerable teammates to an enemy goal or keep them alive in battle, you may use the Defender’s large HP pool to absorb the majority of the damage for them. Defenders are also very useful for shielding teammates from harm when you are battling Boss Pokemon.

Remember, every second the enemy is focusing on your instead of that Glaceon on your team, is another second when he can dish out damage and turn the battle around. It’s worth it to stick out your neck to win the battle, and potentially the game!

Best Defender in Pokemon Unite

Now we know what a Defender Pokemon is in Pokemon Unite, and where you would most likely encounter them, it is time to look at the best ones available to be picked. Below is our list of the very best, all of which deal huge damage and are a great option for anyone wanting to play as a Defender in Pokemon Unite.


Best Pokemon Unite Defender - Blastoise

Nothing screams “good Defender” like a Pokemon with a shell full of weapons. Blastoise’s damage output, crowd management, and health reserve make it a tremendously valuable Pokemon to have on your roster. Past level 13 Blastoise might as well have “god mode” permanently turned on. If he is standing on a point defending it, no one will ever score there.

The weakness of this Pokemon at lower levels is one of its major problems. Without Rapid Spin or Surf, he’s pretty vulnerable. And his power really manifests itself towards the middle and late game, much like most tanky Pokemon.

Blastoise is a fine option for a Defender because of his crowd management and damaging abilities. He’s a beast of a Defender but he’s also kinda… boring? He’s like the vanilla option for Defenders, his playstyle is slow, and honestly? He just gets outperformed by some others in major ways, earning him the title of the 5th best Defender in Pokemon Unite.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Blastoise Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


While the greatest Defenders in Pokemon Unite have a sizeable health bar and the capacity to shrug off punishment, adaptability is just as crucial when facing some of the more meta picks. Mamoswine is one of the game’s most diverse Defenders, capable of fulfilling all the duties that come their way as a Defender.

All of Mamoswine’s skills feature some kind of crowd control, which allows you to open up the enemy team like a can of worms for your team to feast on. It can start a battle with Earthquake or High Horsepower, then use Ice Fang or Icicle Crash to finish it out with a freeze, stun, or displace combinations. The main drawbacks are Mamoswine’s average damage output and his terrible early game. Which, to be fair, is true for most Defenders.

However, Mamoswine is your best bet if you enjoy crowd control, and setting up your team for a won fight. Unfortunately, Mamoswine doesn’t provide as many options as some other Defenders even though it is a fun Pokemon to play.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite Defender - Trevenant

You need a Pokemon that will remain in the fight for as long as possible when considering strong Defenders. They require a lot of health as well as an ability to dodge or shield themselves and others from powerful blows. Trevenant clearly is good at that kind of thing.

The numerous buffs that Trevenant has gotten have caused its value to soar. It proved to be a welcome complement to any team composition with its crowd control skills, with Horn Leech, and strong burst damage, with Curse. It is also a frustrating Pokemon to go against since he just refuses to die, and even when you finally bring this mighty tree down, he has probably already crippled your team.

Thanks to his amazing Lifesteal and regeneration, Trevenant will stay on the battlefield for an impressive amount of time. It also does some very good damage, but his real claim to fame are his disables and debuffs. He can stun, slow, and more importantly, make your entire team vulnerable to incoming damage. Making him a much more Support type tank, than a straight-up defender.


In Pokemon Unite, the majority of the Defenders are big, hulking tanks. Greedent is a surprising exception to this rule as it is a quick, nimble, and pretty destructive tank that can also heal.

Greedent is honestly just a bit harder to play compared to other Defenders on this list, but this is for a reason! Those who don’t mind learning a different approach to the Defender role will quickly notice just how strong Greedent is.

He can maintain himself with Stuff Cheeks, Belch on his enemies, Berry Belly Flop, and reset into another Belch to effortlessly melt foes while healing himself in the meantime. Greedent has a lot of potential, but you seriously need to learn to vibe with his gameplay flow.

Thanks to Greedent’s capacity for both damage and self-healing you are not as dependent on Attackers and Supports as much as Trevenant or Blastoise are. It’s a fantastic Pokemon for those looking for a more “independent” Defender. But still, remember, it’s teamwork that will pull you through your toughest games!


Best Defender Pokemon - Snorlax

There is one aspect about Snorlax that Pokemon aficionados know will never change. Snorlax won’t move if it doesn’t want to. This is also true for his Unite appearance. This tanky pocket monster is able to withstand blows with ease and prevent the adversary from positioning himself on his own terms.

Snorlax excels at delaying and setting up your team for an easily won team fight, and maybe even the game. The player’s talent and creativity ultimately determine how Block and Yawn are employed in both offensive and defensive situations.

Snorlax is powerful and comes with a wide range of moves and abilities. When all of this comes together, you get a thrilling and distinctive experience. He’s a fighter, a defender, great Support. Snorlax is the COMPLETE package.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Snorlax Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.

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