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Resources in LotR: Rise to War have a fair bit of nuance to them compared to contemporaries in the genre. Mastering their in and outs is a sure-fire way to have an advantage over other players. Indeed, taking control of Middle Earth will require a huge army built with a considerable amount of resources.

Players, especially new ones, often overlook this logistical side of the game to focus on sending in “the biggest army” and hoping for the best. With so many players struggling with this on their journey, we decided to put together this Lord Of The Rings Rise To War Resources Guide to help you out!

Keep reading this Rise to War Resources Guide and consider some of our tips for improving your resource-gathering game!

Capture Every High-Value Power Tile!

Capturing LotR Rise to War Tiles

Capturing Power Tiles in LotR Rise to War benefits you by boosting your passive resource revenue. To do so, you simply need to march your army to the tile of your choice and beat the defending NPC army. Different rates of resources and revenue are offered by each tile.

The Power level associated with each tile decides how many resources it generates post-capture, and how strong the defending army is. Therefore, you should choose carefully when claiming different tiles throughout the globe.

The table below outlines some of the different power levels you will come across and the resources you can expect in return for occupying them.

Power LevelResources
150/h (of each)

Picking only the best tiles in Rise to War will mean more resources and more EXP for your commanders as you defeat stronger defending armies. No matter how good the tile, it always costs 20 commander stamina to capture.

Try to maintain a wealthy yet balanced income across wood, stone, ore, and grain. Also, ensure that you occupy as many tiles as your kingdom allows to maximize resource production. After all, it doesn’t matter that you can occupy 166 tiles if you currently only have 80, right?

Additionally, unless you need them to reach a specific tile away from your kingdom, avoid capturing plains after you have a powerful enough army. Plains are 1 power tiles that give you… nothing! And you still need to spend 20 stamina to capture them.

Build, Upgrade, And Maintain Tribute Buildings!

In Rise to War, Power Tiles make up half of the equation that results in a flourishing economy. Buildings in your settlement make up the remaining half. Build those as soon as possible, and improve them often. Depending on whatever tribute you’re upgrading, each improvement raises your resource income by 500.

Investment in the infrastructure that fuels your army is a surefire way into the big leagues. A healthy way to divide your building priority is to make one queue always build structures to fulfill missions. While the other queue should focus on buildings that generate resources. With the occasional upgrade to your storage, if you start hitting the max number of any given resource every time you log in.

A continual supply of resources will be more advantageous to you in the long run than upgrading something else since it is more crucial to your interests. After all, why upgrade your troop quarters if you don’t have the grain production to support the conscription of those upgraded troops?

LotR Rise To War Resources Guide – Gathering Time!

LotR Rise to war Gathering

A third major option for resource gathering is a more “active” approach. If you occupy a tile, you can tap it and select the “gather” option.

This will cost you some of your “ring stamina” as your commander and his army go out to gather from that tile. There are certain Rise to War Factions well suited to this activity. This includes Mordor which gains a 15% resource bonus.

How much is gathered depends on the strength of the tile and the size of the army you are sending out to harvest the resources. However, you are also limited by the number of Action Points available. To prevent squandering Action Points, be sure to only gather supplies when they are absolutely essential.

Always think to yourself, should this commander spend the next 30-60 minutes doing this? Instead, he could be conquering tiles for you, which will bring both EXP and passive resource income. Read our LotR Rise to War Commander Guide for more details on improving your favorite commanders.

The Market – The Only “Quick Boost” You Will Ever Need

LotR Rise to War Market

The Market building can allow you to get resources quickly when you are in need. There are two key components to this building that you need to know about:

  • Time deals
  • Exchange

Timed deals are exchanges that leverage one resource against another. For example, the Market can offer a deal with you for 50k grain for 100k of stone. Or 5k gold for 50k grain. The more exciting part of these deals is that sometimes you can buy time skips and other consumable items.

The second component is just a flat-out exchange. You can turn grain, stone, wood, and steel into… well, grain, stone wood, and steel. Therefore, if you have a surplus of steel but need stone for a quick build command before you hit the bed, you know where to go.

However, you should note that the exchange ratio is 10 to 4. This means that for 10k of any resource you are willing to give up, you will only get 4k of the other resource in return.

This exchange rate can be improved by upgrading the market, but I have found this to be a waste of resources. You rarely need to exchange them, and more often than not, you will end up with a big excess of one resource.

Lord Of The Rings Rise To War Resource Guide – Gold!

One resource that I did not really touch upon in this guide is gold. Unlike the other resources in the game, gold is not generated by tiles, nor can it be gathered. The only way to acquire gold, other than through events and quests, is by using the “gold levy” menu, from your keep screen.

You can levy gold every 2 hours. And the amount of gold you get is decided by how many upgrades to your troop quarters you have done. If you max out all of them, you can earn up to 19,200 gold every 2 hours. However, it will take you quite a while to get there!

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