LotR Rise to War: Mordor Faction Guide

In Lord of the Rings Rise to War, choosing the proper faction may have a huge impact on how you interact with other players. In this LotR Rise to War Faction Guide, we take a closer look at Mordor.

Keep reading this LotR Rise to War Mordor Faction Guide for all the details on Mordor’s buffs, troops, location, commanders, and some basic strategy tips.

Mordor Faction Buff

LotR Rise to War Mordor Faction Buff

The Mordor faction buff is fairly straightforward with a simple +5% stacking resource output for all types of resources.

In our Rise to War Resources Guide, we made the logistic part of running your kingdom out to be one of the most important aspects of the game, but this buff is not that great. How so? Well, my dear apprentices, all the secrets lie in the context. In the context of a faction-wide buff, resource gathering is seriously not something you want.

Ideally, you want your faction to have a PVP-oriented buff. Siege damage, speed increase, anything that will let you reach enemies sooner and hit them harder. This is due to the fact that PVP is what at the end of the game decides who is the victor.

However, more resources will of course help you get there much sooner. Indeed, a resource buff will reduce resource bottlenecks when hiring an army or building. Nonetheless, in the mid to late game resources start playing significantly less of a role.

Since you will have most of the buildings in your keep by this point of the game, you will likely run into a new problem. High storage with high resource output and nothing to spend it on.

While you are sitting pretty on your resource surplus, the enemy is using their bonus to conquer your lands and contest any strategic structures on the map. As outlined in our Rise to War Resources Guide, there are MANY other ways to expand your economy. And you end up with a pretty lackluster faction perk.

Location of Mordor in Rise To War

LotR Rise to War Faction Map

Mordor lies nestled away in the southeast corner of the map, below Rhun and near the Gondor faction. They could both be your foes or comrades, depending on the server type and the season you are presently playing in. However, if the most typical scenario were to occur, you would probably be an ally of Rhun and an enemy of Gondor.

Gondor is truly a scary opponent considering that they are one of the best factions overall in the game. Thankfully, they are barely a problem due to the truly INSANE position of Mordor on the world map.

The developers of Rise to War clearly wanted to stay true to the source material of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. This is evident by the fact that Mordor is nigh on impossible to infiltrate. There are only two ways to reasonably get into Mordor and a third access point that requires circling an entire quarter of the world map.

Minas Morgul, and the Black Gate. Both will be captured by Mordor players within a week of a new game starting. Then Mordor players will litter the surroundings with forts, and that’s that. Mordor is unconquerable unless one of the other factions grows to a literally game-winning size.

The end aim of any Rise of War game, Dol Guldur, is quite a distance from Mordor’s capital. But it typically has little impact. If you make it to the point in the game where everyone rushes to Dol Guldur, you will probably be able to mobilize and plan with other players in your faction to get there without a problem.

The Unique Units of Mordor

One other thing that is extremely nice about Mordor’s location, other than the natural barriers surrounding it, are the plentiful neutral camps. Those are neutral tiles that upon capture allow you to recruit that specific type of unit.

In the table below we have outlined some of the units obtainable from neutral camps:

Unit NameUnit SizeDamageHPDefenseSpeedSiege Power
Great Beast435011505548500

As you can see, these units are all quite lethal and powerful. Fellbeasts are good for pursuing the commanders of other players because of their speed. Additionally, Great Beasts and Mumakils are siege units that can reduce any fortified location in their way to dust and rubble.

Also of note when it comes to Mordor is their unique tier 4 unit – the Ravager. This is one of the deadliest units in the entire game. It can siege almost anything all day, every day.

LotR Rise to War Ravager - Mordor Faction Unit
Created with GIMP

The Ravager boasts an impressive siege power of 620, making them one of the best sieging units in Rise to War. They rank right up beside Mumakils and Alchemists, both of which are also available to Mordor!

However, they come with the usual drawback of most tier 4 units. They are pretty damn expensive to actually recruit and will strain your resources. Thankfully, the mostly bad faction perk of Mordor rears its head and has you covered.

Mordor Starting Commander

The starting commander of Mordor in Rise to War is Gorbag. His stats and skills are pretty average, but he does happen to have some very good empowering skills.

More specifically, Gorbag has some buff skills for the Uruk-hai, which make up the bulk of Mordor’s army. Applying those to his underlings will instantly make his army much more of a threat.

However, there are better commanders if you want to switch him out. Ideally someone from tier 2 or 3 with Uruk-hai buffs. For example Lurtz or Gorthmog. There are even some tier 1 commanders that can make a better option, such as Grima. Despite this, Gorbag still makes a very strong starting commander until you get your hands on someone else.

Read our LotR Rise to War Commander Guide for all you need to know about developing your favorite heroes in the game.

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