Evony Undead Invasion Guide

The Evony Undead Invasion brings a touch of the Walking Dead to the Evony Universe. In this event, you and your allies must battle against waves of undead enemies for great rewards. Read this Evony Undead Invasion Guide to learn how to beat them all.

This guide will cover how the Evony Undead Invasion works, what the rules are for participation, some tactics to maximize your score, and what kind of rewards you can expect from it.

What is the Evony Undead Invasion

The Evony Undead Invasion sees waves of Undead troops attack you and your alliance members’ Keeps. When the event is started, they will begin marching on your Keep from the nearest Snow Mountain on the World Map.

Evony Undead Invasion Snow Mountain

In total, you will see 20 waves of Undead attack your Keep. However, if you lose 2 of these attacks, your participation in the event will end and you will receive no more attacks.

Rewards are given out at the end of the event based on your alliance total score and your monarch total score. Keep reading this Evony Undead Invasion Guide and we will highlight some tactics which can be used to improve your scores.

How to Start the Evony Undead Invasion

The Evony Undead Invasion is available to participate in each Saturday from 8am server time and until 48 hours later. It is an alliance event that sees all members taking part at the same time.

To start the Evony Undead Invasion, an R4 or R5 of the alliance must activate the event. This is done by navigating to the Event Centre, selecting the Undead Invasion, and finally clicking on the Participate button.

Evony Undead Invasion Participate

Once this has been done, the undead will immediately begin marching on each alliance member’s keep from the Snow Mountain nearest to the player who started the event.

Evony Undead Invasion Basic Rules

The Evony Undead Invasion is an Event that sees the whole alliance taking part at the same time. However, there are a few specific rules to keep in mind during your participation. These are outlined below:

  • Subordinate Cities do not defend against the Undead.
  • If you teleport while the Undead are marching towards your Keep, the Undead will disappear.
  • The Undead do not plunder your resources and only kill/wound a few of your troops even if you lose.
  • You will not receive any rewards if you leave the Alliance before the Event is over.
  • You can choose between Easy and Hard difficulty levels.

Evony Undead Invasion Attacks

Evony Undead Invasion March

Understanding the basics of the Undead attacks on your Keep is necessary to make sure you can maximize your score or exit the event if you do not want to take part. This section will cover all of those key details.


As soon as the event has started, all Alliance members will see waves of undead marches beginning to attack their keep from the nearest Snow Mountain to the event starter. In total, 20 waves will attack your keep with 2 minutes between each wave. You are awarded points for each undead troop you kill during the event.

Undead Power

The power of the Undead attacks will increase with each wave. Additionally, waves 10 and 20 will be particularly powerful vs. the previous waves. You will also see the power of the Undead increase as you increase the level of your Keep.

Ghost Troops

If you do not want certain troops in your Keep for when the Undead attack you can ghost them or send them away from your Keep. This is often done for Seige troops as you will have to pay Gems to repair if they are damaged. It can also be done to lose your attacks if you do not want to take part in the Event for the full 20 waves.

Teleport Away

This is another possibility for getting out of the event if you do not want to take part. Teleporting away to any other location after the event has started will see the Undead troops cease marching on your Keep.


You are able to reinforce your alliance members’ Keeps during the event. This is a good way of increasing your Alliance and your Monarch score. It helps get other players further in the event for more points and also increases your own score by killing undead troops attacking another player.


You should be aware that when taking part in this event, your traps will be triggered during the defense. These cannot be repaired and will be lost permanently if activated. Therefore, players with a Trap Keep may want to avoid taking part in this event if they can.


Siege Troops should be used carefully during the event. They can be damaged by the undead which will mean they must be repaired by the player. This can lead to a very expensive Gem cost that is not always worth the rewards from the event.


The number of troops that will be wounded by the Undead is reduced significantly vs. that which you would see during PvP. This is the case even if you lose a defense against them. However, it should be noted that you will see killed troops if you allow your Hospital capacity to be filled.

It is a good idea to continuously heal during the event so that you have a full defense for each wave. Also continuously hit the help button at the embassy to help your alliance members heal their troops.


To win against one of the Undead waves you must kill over 50% of the attacking troops. If you do not, that wave will count as a defeat. If you lose 2 waves, the Undead will cease their attacks on your Keep. However, you can continue to reinforce other alliance members still active in the vent for more points.


Your Evony Generals cannot be killed or captured during this event. Therefore, you will want to put your best Defense General and Assistant General on your Wall to maximize your defensive capabilities.

Difficulty Level

When a player is starting the Undead Invasion, they can choose between an Easy and Hard difficult level for the Alliance to challenge. Hard is significantly more difficult and will therefore result in more losses but the rewards are much greater.

Evony Undead Invasion Advanced Tactics

Following certain tactics during the undead invasion can increase your alliance and monarch score significantly. We have outlined a few of these tactics below.


This is the most basic of Undead Invasion tactics and simply sees players reinforcing each other within the alliance hive. It is only recommended to reinforce players of a lower Keep than your own. This will see your higher-level troops easily taking out the lower-level Undead troops.

If you are able, you should have all your available marches out reinforcing other Keeps in your alliance for the extra points. Optimally, everyone in your Alliance should be doing the same thing for higher individual and alliance scores.

Basic Teleporting

This tactic sees some of your strongest players teleporting to a Snowy Mountain far away from your Alliance Hive. An R4/R5 will then start the event from this location. Doing this will allow your strongest players to complete the event before any of the marches reach the players still in the Alliance Hive.

Once these strong players have completed their 20 waves, they can teleport back to the hive and send all troops out to reinforce other players. This allows them to reinforce higher level keeps for more points, as they don’t need any troops in their own Keep as they have already finished their 20 waves.


This last Evony Undead tactic requires the most planning. It essentially involves one group of players going to the furthest Snowy Mountain from the hive, with further small groups of players teleporting to locations further and further away from this Snowy Mountain.

Once all players are in position, the event can be started. After the players at the Snowy Mountain have completed their waves, they will then teleport to the next group of players closest to them and reinforce their keeps.

Following a further 20 waves here, all players that have now completed their waves will teleport to the next group of players and repeat the process. This will continue until all players have finished.

Evony Undead Invasion Pyramid Tactic

This is of course quite a time-consuming process but is a very good way to get your alliance and individual members a lot of points. You will have to decide if the rewards are worth the effort!

Evony Undead Invasion Rewards

Like all Evony Events, there are plenty of awards available to players who take part in the Undead Invasion. These are awarded on an individual and alliance basis.


Individual rewards are based on your final ranking in the Event vs. all other Monarchs. Points are gained for each undead troop you kill with more points awarded the higher the level of the troop. Rewards can include the following:

  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Points
  • Speedups
  • Dragon Crystals


Within the Alliance category, there are 2 types of rewards available. The first is based on your alliance ranking in the event vs. all other alliances in the server. Your score is the sum of all the monarch scores in your alliance. Rewards in this category can include the following:

  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Points
  • Monarch EXP
  • General EXP
  • Refining Stones
  • Speedups
  • Resource Boxes

Also within this category, you can get additional rewards by meeting certain points milestones. The milestone rewards are distributed based on a combination of your alliance total score and your monarch total score.

In total there are 20 milestone rewards available with the final milestone requiring an alliance score of 338.2M Points and a monarch score of 5.8M points. Rewards available here include the following:

  • Gems
  • Resource Boxes
  • Speedups
  • Gold
  • Monarch EXP
  • General EXP
  • Runestone Chests

Undead General Chest

Evony Undead General

For each Undead wave that you defeat, there is a chance that you will get an Undead General Chest. This is currently the only way to get the Undead General. All possible rewards from the chest are:

  • Refining Stone x50
  • 100k Gold x5
  • Medium Resources Chest x50
  • Undead General x1

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