LotR Rise to War: Lindon Faction Guide

In Lord of the Rings Rise to War, there are many factions to choose from. Each of them plays completely different from the other. Be it the unique starting location, different available natural units, or simply the best way to use their faction buff. There are a lot of moving elements that will dictate your performance during the game’s season. In this LotR Rise to War Faction Guide, we take a closer look at Lindon.

Lindon is a “good” aligned faction with the westernmost location on the world map, right next to Arnor. It’s home to the elves. Due to their great access to the sea, the elves of Lindon became very skilled sailors.

This guide will assist you in determining if Lindon is the faction YOU should play. Keep reading this LotR Rise to War Lindon Faction Guide for all the details on Lindon’s buffs, troops, location, commanders, and some strategy tips.

Lindon Faction Buff

LotR Rise to War Lindon Faction Buff

Lindon’s faction buff is called “Praised Land” and it allows Lindon players to generate 10% more wood and grain than any other faction. This buff helps out a bunch at the early stages of the game and translates great into the late game of Rise to War, where your units will eat through your grain FAST!

Now, any resource is welcome during the early game. Stone, ore, wood. However, I would argue that grain is the only thing you will have plenty of lying around.

Though once your tributes get to level 10 and your unit quarters get to level 3, this will all change. At this point, you will start spending a huge amount of resources for buildings that take 3, 5, or 10 hours to build.

Despite the initial investment, you will be swimming in resources. Before 2 of those 5-hour structures are complete, you will produce hundreds of thousands of resources. At that point, the balance will change. Now you need grain to support your army and heal your wounded.

Even if you stockpile it, it takes one major war for territory with other players to halve your unit count and drain your grain again. This is where Lindon gets ahead with their +10% grain generation. Indeed, this essentially means a +10% boost to their army numbers which might just be enough to tip the scale in their favor when fighting for Dol Guldur and the one ring.

Normally I would not consider this trait great compared to other factions. Nevertheless, its perfect balance of being helpful in one aspect during the early game, and another during the late game makes it a great all-rounder. This is unlike something like Rhun’s bonus damage against NPC armies, which loses its usefulness later in the game.

Location of Lindon in Rise To War

LotR Rise to War Lindon Faction Location

Lindon is located on the far, FAR western side of the world map. Lindon became an important realm for the Elves during the second, third, and fourth ages. Inhabited by the proud Elven race, it became one of their last heavens when Elves started leaving Middle-earth. Their territories are split into North and South Lindon by the gulf of lhun, and further divided by the blue mountains that run all across Lindon.

Lindon, much like Arnor, feels like it is 1000 miles away from where the game is actually played. As I explained in our Arnor Faction Guide, a lot of action of Rise to War happens around Dol Guldur and the factions situated there.

The factions of Arnor and Lindon, are quite close. However, you don’t need to worry about each other if you’re playing a “Good vs. Evil” server. But, on a typical faction vs. faction free for all server, Arnor is often essentially blocking Lindon from the rest of the world map. This quickly sparks conflict between the two.

Isengard, which is rarely played, is located to the east. To the north, Angmar is another noteworthy group. This means that there are no more than three groups competing for control of the whole Western side of the map, which includes a large area of unclaimed territory. This makes Lindon and Arnor games extremely slow in the early game.

Additionally, much like Arnor, the end game is just painful! Doubly so for Lindon in comparison! This is because you need to go through Arnor, Isengard, and Lothlorien, and A LOT of empty space to get to Dol Guldur from the far West where Lindon spawns. Making the starting location of Lindon quite a big nuisance for its players.

The Unique Units of Lindon

Just like Arnor, Lindon again repeats the main upside of playing either one of these factions. Lindon’s starting position grants them access to many different types of resources, unlike Angmar for example who mostly gets ore. Lindon has plenty of grain, wood, stone, and ore littered everywhere.

This also rings true for neutral camps! Although in these terms Lindon is much more limited than their neighboring Arnor.

Here are some of the neutral units found on and around Lindon territory:

Unit NameUnit SizeDamageHPDefenseSpeedSiege Power
Hobbit Archer10011-152581127
Bree Rider5035-40903212120
Hobbit Slinger10014-151469214

That is a truly crazy amount of neutral units. Keepers are a Lindon territory exclusive unit so they come practically for free unless your faction-mates grab ’em first. Hobbit units are usually more towards the Arnor side, or right between Arnor and Lindon. This makes them a commodity you will have to compete for!

Lindon’s T4 unique unit is the Noldor Longshot:

Unit NameUnit SizeDamageHPDefenseSpeedSiege Power
Noldor Longshot5055-5660356916
LotR Rise to War Lindon Unique Unit Noldor Longshot

Noldor Longshots are quite weak, to be honest. Their base stats are worse than the ranged elven unit from Lothlorien while having similar roles to play in their respective army. Indeed, their stats are below average for the cost of hiring them, although they are still an “upgrade” over elven archers that you could also have as Lindon. However, only invest in them when you are SWIMMING in resources.

Their unique skill “Keen Eye” makes them ignore the “avoid damage” buff. This is fine, as it offers a counter to a specific strategy and unit type. Despite this, avoidance units are such a niche that you will not get value from this skill in 90% of your fights.

“Volley” makes the Longshots deal heavy damage to up to 2 enemy groups at once every 3 rounds in the battle. Which is great, but it hardly does anything to offset all of the other downsides of this unit.

Lindon Starting Commander

The starting commander of Lindon is Haldir and he is very good. Haldir has some juicy empowers to ranged units and debuffs for the enemies. If you want a straight upgrade over him I suggest Legolas, who’s a Tier 2 Commander.

For further details on improving your Rise to War Commanders, check out our LotR Rise to War Commanders Guide.

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