LotR Rise to War: Rohan Faction Guide

There are now many factions in LotR Rise of War, and each has its own set of special tactics and abilities. Choosing the appropriate one is crucial for both new players and seasoned veterans in each of the game’s seasons. This choice WILL have a lasting effect on how you perform. This guide will provide an overview of the Rohan faction in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.

Rohan is a “good” aligned faction located pretty much in the center of the world map. Right next to Fangorn, home of the powerful Ents. Rohan features a lot of fast, mounted units and a faction bonus that allows them to march to every tile on the map faster. It is generally a very forgiving faction, suitable even for newcomers to Rise to War.

This guide will assist you in determining if Rohan is the faction YOU should play. Keep reading this LotR Rise to War Rohan Faction Guide for all the details on Rohan’s buffs, troops, location, commanders, and some strategy tips.

Rohan Faction Buff

LotR Rise to War Rohan Faction Buff

The Rohan faction buff in Rise to War is called “Forth Eorlingas”. It allows Rohan players to march 3% faster than any other faction in the game. This buff gives Rohan tacticians incredible returns when the late game rolls around!

This aspect of the game is often overlooked by new players, but veterans should recognize the value of movement speed right away. Rise to War is about building a strong army, and then moving them where you need them to be. Being 3% faster than anyone, combined with Rohan’s mostly mounted armies, means that you can occupy strategic positions on the map before your enemy has a chance to do so.

The usefulness of this buff only snowballs from there, as you can also support allies, attack enemies, and reinforce your frontlines faster than anyone else can. This is clearly one of the game’s most premiere buffs, as it brings you utility in many areas of gameplay and obviously works all game long.

Location of Rohan in Rise To War

LotR Rise to War Rohan Faction Location

Rohan is located in the middle-southern part of the map. Only slightly off the dead center of the world map and Dol Guldur that lies there. Rohan is the once great kingdom of men. There are many neutral tiles around for them to take as theirs, but their neighbors might have something to say about that!

Their neighbors are easily one of the biggest cons of this faction in particular. With Isengard to the North-West, Lothlorien to the North-East, and Gondor to the South, you will have your plate full! Now, it is important to note, that Lothlorien usually expands North first, so away from Rohan. Isengard is… well, no one wants to play Isengard! And Gondor has the aggressive Mordor to deal with.

But the key word here is “usually”. Rise to War, and online games at large, tend to be very unpredictable! Rohan is truly the roulette table of this particular game. They could easily either dominate or be dominated in each game. But they usually expand South-West, and to the East, until they pretty much encircle Gondor and force a conflict.

What helps Rohan in this much-needed early securing of the lands is of course their high mobility, so abuse it as much as you can by expanding FAST! In their expansion, Rohan often captures one of the lands near Dol Guldur extremely early.

This means that by the time the end game rolls around you will have a wide-open and paved road to the last objective of the game. The one thing you should keep in mind though is Gondor. If you are not playing the Good vs Evil campaign then Gondor has the ability to turn on your faction at any point. They will want that because Rohan is almost always standing between them and Dol Guldur.

The Unique Units of Rohan

Rohan’s spawn enables them to secure some nice and cozy neutral monster camps without having to fight other factions for them. Furthermore, their amazing mobility almost guarantees that their faction spreads toward them first.

There are some Eagles and some Ents near their territories. However, due to the amazing mobility of all of their units, the Eagles are not really on top of their priority list. Ents are an entirely different story!

If you followed some of our previous faction guides you probably know what Ents are good at. But let’s still take a quick gander at their stats for anyone unaware:

Unit NameUnit SizeDamageHPDefenseSpeedSiege Power

Ents are slow but extremely tanky and they can lay a hellish siege to enemy structures. This is precisely what Rohan is bad at, laying siege to the enemy. Therefore it’s instrumental to your victory to secure an Ent neutral camp, which Rohan can do very easily.

Then we have Rohan’s unique T4 unit, the Marshal:

Unit NameUnit SizeDamageHPDefenseSpeedSiege Power
LotR Rise to War Rohan Marshal Unit

This is the exact point where Rohan shows its ugly side. Their Tier 4 unit is among the worst ones in the game, period. It’s hard to say that it’s “terrible” or “not worth the effort”, because the devs of Rise to War made sure all the Tier 4 units in the game are actual upgrades over all other units in your army.

However, other factions have some unique strengths. Iron Warriors of Erebor shrug off almost every single type of attack in the game, the Fallen of Angmar get stronger the more damage they sustain. But Rohan’s Marshals? They have the standard strengths and weaknesses of mounted units, nothing special. They are just the run-of-the-mill slight upgrade over your Tier 3 mounted units.

Rohan Starting Commander

The starting commander of Rohan in Rise to War is Eowyn. And she is a BEAST. Eowyn is probably the best Tier 1 commander in the good faction, maybe even the best Tier 1 in the entire game. Her stats are simply godlike.

But what makes her the GOAT are her skills, which happen to synergize with Rohan EXTREMELY well, making her so much better than she already is. “Rohirrim” makes the mounted units under her command deal additional damage every time they attack, further buffed by each unit’s speed stat. “White Lady of Rohan” makes mounted units under her control immune to stun, while also healing 30% of their HP each round.

Honestly? There’s very little room for an upgrade! If you could, you can swap her out for Theoden, who similarly has the “Rohirrim” buff. He also offers slightly “better” healing (although it is a 75% dice roll instead of a 100% chance for less health), and just overall has a tiny bit better stats since he’s a Tier 2.

For further details on improving your Rise to War Commanders, check out our LotR Rise to War Commanders Guide.

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