LotR Rise to War Tips and Tricks

LotR Rise to War Tips and Tricks for Beginners

LotR Rise to War can be overwhelming for new players in the game. Like many other MMO RTS games, there is so much to do and absorb. Follow these LotR Rise to War Tips and Tricks for Beginners to yourself a head start on your opponents.

In addition to all the tips below, all beginners should really get to know how the season model works in LotR Rise to War. Read our Rise to War Season Guide for all the essential information on this and our Rise to War Beginner’s Guide for more detailed information on getting started in this game.

LotR Rise to War Tips and Tricks

As a new player, you can quickly find yourself getting confused in LotR Rise to War. All the tips below will help you find your feet and see you start progressing into a powerful player.

Conquer High Power Lands

Early on, you will conquer many lower-power lands. This is fine, but you are limited in the number you can control. Ensure you abandon lower power lands and recycle them for a higher level. This will increase the power and resources that you generate.

Join a Fellowship or Warband Early

These are the LotR Rise to War versions of Alliances. You can work with your Warband / Fellowship to complete team objectives for great rewards. They can also offer protection by dissuading potential enemies from attacking you.

Pick the right LotR Rise to War Faction

All Factions have pros and cons. You should read their descriptions carefully and pick one that suits your playstyle. For beginners, Mordor can be a good option due to its resource production buffs. Read our LotR Rise Factions Guide for all you need to know.

Get a Portable Charger

LotR Rise to War is a great game but will use a lot of your Mobile Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Mobile Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Don’t Waste Gold

Gold is crucial in LotR Rise to War for accessing upgrading troops, you want to have as much as possible. Don’t waste it on upgrading low-level troops that you do not plan to use. You can gain gold from your Levy, by doing certain Tips in the Tavern, completing season challenges, and taking part in other events.

Master PvP Strategy

As you head into the later stages of a Season, PvP will begin to take a huge role in gameplay. If you are not prepared you can expect to be quickly dispatched by the enemy. Read our guide on LotR: Rise to War Must Know PvP Strategy for details on Pathing, Guarding, Bouncing, and more, to ensure you are not caught short!

Focus on your Main Hall

Upgrade your main hall as often as you can as this is key to upgrading and unlocking all the other buildings. This should be a top focus so you can build higher troop levels and special troop types.

Play LotR Rise to War on PC

Playing LotR Rise to War on PC will offer numerous benefits. These include being able to dual-screen PvP, creating alt accounts for resources, and being able to play passively while you work. Get it here.

Always Upgrade your Rise to War Ring

You will accumulate lots of power from your Lands while you are offline which should be used instantly to upgrade your Ring. As your Ring gets more powerful you will get lots of benefits to choose from, both in terms of military and economic development.

Complete Tips in the Tavern

Send your Commanders to complete Tips in the Tavern as often as you can. There are often great rewards from these that include Commander experience, gifts to gain Commander respect, individual Commander respect, Commander equipment, and materials.

Upgrade your LotR Rise to War Commanders

Having powerful commanders is extremely important for PvP and acquiring high-power Lands. Always try to increase their Respect to unlock further skills. Additionally, upgrade their level for Skill Points and better stats and also give them the best equipment you have for even further stat boosts.

Read our LotR Rise to War Commanders Guide for full details on how to get the most out of your commanders.

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