LotR: Rise to War Mathom House Guide

Lord of the Rings: Rise to War sees players utilize Commanders to lead troops, seize territory, and conquer Middle Earth. But how do we get Commanders, how do we make them stronger and give them the Equipment they need to crush opponents all across the map? It all starts (and ends) at the Mathom House! Keep reading this LotR: Rise to War Mathom House guide for all you need to know.

What is the LotR: Rise to War Mathom House?

LotR: Rise to War Mathom House

The Mathom House is an in-game store that allows you to spend Mathom Medals, Adventurers Medals, and Gems to purchase chests containing Respect items and Equipment. Respect items and Equipment are crucial for turning your Commanders into war machines.

Like many mobile games, it utilizes what is commonly referred to as a “Gacha” mechanic in which players exchange in-game currency for these chests and then pray to the Random Number Generator gods for a good pull. So how do you make sure you’re spending your Medals wisely and taking advantage of all the Mathom House has to offer? Is it only possible by spending money or can you get good Commanders for free too?

Free-to-Play Mathom House 101

Every day at 12:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) The Mathom House will refresh, granting players one free draw of the most basic chest being offered. Once you have claimed your free chest you will have the option to spend 200 Gems for a second discounted chest. A great Beginner Tip is to try and take advantage of this offer every day as it is considered great value.

If you are completing the Daily Challenges, and are relatively active, then raking in 200 Gems a day should be no trouble. If you can sustain the second chest purchase for the majority of a Season then you should be able to start building up some decent Commanders relatively quickly.

Which Mathom House Chest Should you Open?

LotR: Rise to War Mathom House Chest

This is a good question as at any given time there are likely multiple chests available to choose from. First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure you are opening chests that pertain to your preferred Faction. Upon selecting a chest for the first time you’ll be prompted to first select Good or Evil, then make a Wishlist.

The Wishlist gives you at least a 50% chance to obtain the Wishlist items when obtaining a reward of the corresponding rarity. It’s worth noting that for the basic chest, you can alter your Wishlist at any time so once you have reached your goal with one Commander don’t forget to swap it to your next target.

However, some chests promote specific Commanders so be sure that whatever Commander being featured is in alignment with either Good or Evil, according to what you are playing.

What’s in a Mathom House Chest?

LotR: Rise to War Mathom House Chest Contents

Once you have chosen a chest you can select the icon with a magnifying glass over a chest. You will then see a screen of all available loot within the chest, broken down by any Drop Rate alterations, Commander Respect items, Equipment, and Mathom Vouchers. At the top next to the name of the Chest is a “?” icon.

Selecting this will take you one step further, showing you the actual Drop Rates of everything inside the chest. These typically won’t vary, but it’s worth taking a peek at when a new chest comes out and familiarizing yourself with the odds you’re agreeing to.

Mathom House Persistence Pays Off

Each chest will have a tracker that will reward you for pulling multiple times from the same chest. The reward varies from chest to chest and can be seen directly above the buttons you select to buy the chest.

For example, opening 5 Accursed Artefact chests in total will guarantee you an Exquisite item, whereas opening 10 Lethal Invasion chests grants you an additional Crebain Feather x3 (limit 30). Even if you don’t want the items you are being guaranteed they can be useful to collect for dismantling to get Mathom Vouchers.

This is worth noting as it can help guide you to spend Medals on chests that target specific Commanders you’re looking to recruit. Additionally, it’s good to keep in mind that chests are only available for a limited time, so maybe don’t invest Medals in a chest that disappears soon if you can’t guarantee you’ll hit the next extra reward benchmark.

What are Adventurer’s Medals in LotR: Rise to War?

Adventurer’s Medals are an alternate form of Medal that can be spent in the Mathom House. They are usually attainable during special Season events but, like Mathom Medals, can be purchased at any time for 400 Gems a piece. Some chests will require Adventurer’s Medals and some will require Mathom Medals, they are not interchangeable so make sure you get the Medal that corresponds to the chest you want to open.

What are Mathom Vouchers in LotR: Rise to War?

LotR: Rise to War Mathom House Exchange

Mathom Vouchers can be obtained by opening chests or by Dismantling unwanted Respect items from the item menu. Within the Mathom House, at the bottom of the screen, there is a scroll icon that says “Exchange.” Selecting this will open the Mathom Exchange menu.

The top tab will have Mythril chunks available for Gems and some Equipment available for Mathom Vouchers. The lower tab will have Respect items available for Mathom Vouchers. This is a great way to guarantee you get the Respect items you want.

Exquisite items cost 50 Vouchers a piece and Flawless items cost 150, both can be bought 10 at a time. Don’t like what you see? The Exchange refreshes every day at 12:00 AM UTC. Alternatively, you get one free refresh a day and can purchase an additional one for 400 Gems.

Need more Vouchers? No problem! Go to the Respect item menu and dismantle any items you don’t want in exchange for vouchers. I advise only dismantling unwanted Exquisite and Flawless items, as Fine items don’t return a significant amount of Vouchers.

Spend, Spend, Spend

As the only place to spend Mathom Medals and one of the few places to get the Equipment and Respect items needed to strengthen your Commanders, it’s very important that you get comfortable with navigating, understanding, and utilizing the LotR: Rise to War Mathom House. Whether you’re a Free-to-Play player or the Moby Dick of whales, every Medal counts!

Want to dip your toe in spending? Then consider going for a Season Pass as that will give the best bang for your buck in the way of Mathom Medals. Additionally, at the start of each Season, there’s a special deal for 10 Mathom Medals, not a bad way to kick things off.

However, even without spending a dime, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of all the Mathom Peddler has to offer by utilizing the info above. Best of luck on your pulls, now go open some chests!

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