Dislyte Desolate Lands Guide

The Dislyte Desolate Lands update brought some massive changes to the game. Not only introducing new Espers and a new event but also more music for the DJ Contest and an entirely new game mode with accompanying missions to guide progress!

However, the most interesting is of course the addition of the new Dislyte Desolate Lands game mode. To help players get to grips with all the aspects of Desolate Lands, we have brought you this guide which will help you maximize the rewards you can gain.

Desolate Lands Entry Requirements

Desolate Lands is only open to Squad Lvl 50+ users and therefore if you are a new player you may have to level a bit more before you can take part. In addition to this, you must have 6 available Espers to challenge the bosses.

Desolate Lands falls under the Trials game mode and can be found in the appropriate menu. To see information on all the other Trials available in Dislyte, check out our Dislyte Trials Guide.

Desolate Lands Bosses

Desolate Lands currently contains 4 bosses, though only three of them are available to fight at the present moment:

  • Shadowgale
  • Shadowstream
  • Shadowfire
  • Shademother

Shadowgale, Shadowstream, and Shadowfire are single-player challenges that you can currently attempt. Shademother is currently unavailable to be challenged but looks like it will be multiplayer.

Desolate Lands Boss Elements

Each of these bosses is tied to a particular element. This also means that they all have particular challenges and require different tactics to tackle them. The elements for each boss are as follows:

  • Shadowgale – Wind
  • Shadowstream – Flow
  • Shadowfire – Inferno
Dislyte Desolate Lands Bosses

Here, you can see the bosses and their elements through their associated colors. The Shademother doesn’t seem to have a particular element, which might be a clue as to what it will end up being!

Challenging the Desolate Lands Bosses

When challenging these bosses, you can choose up to 6 Espers. You must assign them to either the front or back row depending on whether or not you want them to bear the brunt of the damage.

This is a unique setup for Dislyte, and it allows your most important Supports and healing Espers to have an additional layer of protection when participating in Desolate Lands.

Along with this, you can select which of your Espers’ Captain Ability is activated regardless of their row. Of course, each attempt costs stamina however during certain events this cost can be reduced.

Desolate Lands Rewards

The rewards you get from challenging Desolate Lands Bosses is based on the total damage you’ve inflicted on them. The higher your rating, the better the rewards.

Players are rewarded with Boost Stones for their participation. You can view how many you will receive based on your ranking by navigating to the Rewards Tab within the challenge menu for each boss.

Dislyte Desolate Lands Rewards

Here’s an example of the rewards associated with each rank. These battles truly aren’t easy, though, so you’ll likely start off with nothing higher than a C.

Boost Stones are used for boosting Relics of any level. This increases a Secondary Attribute of a given Relic by a certain amount. However, they can only be used with Relic Sets and Attributes that they’re compatible with. Better Relics will give your Espers much more power and see you leveling them even faster.

To see which Relic Sets and Boost Stones are compatible, you can look at the challenge menu for each boss. This allows you to select a Boss to farm for Boost Stones based on the Relic Sets you’re trying to improve. It’s important to note that these boosts won’t stack, however, and the higher boost will simply remain.

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