Dislyte Relic Guide

When you’re trying to improve your Espers or make a new acquisition more valuable, one of the most important things to improve is the Relics they have equipped. In this Dislyte Relic Guide, we will take you through everything you need to get your hands on some powerful Relics.

In this Dislyte Relic Guide, we will cover the basics of Relics, how to get started picking Relics for your Espers, how to farm Relics, and how to improve your Relics even further.

Dislyte Relic Sets

There are many Relic Sets, all of which can be obtained through different means. Owning a full Relic Set is highly desirable as it will give you a Relic Set Bonus.

Different Relic Sets will give you different buffs. The Relic Set you want will depend on each individual Esper and what game mode you are taking part in.

The below list outlines some ways in which you can start trying to pick up a full Relic Set.

The Relic Set you want to obtain for each Esper will largely depend on their strengths and what you want to use them for. This guide won’t detail any specific builds, but it will give some guidance on how best to use Relics.

Picking Dislyte Relics for your Esper

When you go to equip Relics onto an Esper, it will inform you of the two most popular sets used for that Esper. This can be a good guide to get you started with some options.

However, if that is not enough you can also check the Strategy tab of on each Esper’s profile for a little more information and even some more personal opinions from other players.

Dislyte Esper Relic Strategy Guide

Here’s what the Strategy Tab recommends for Ollie! While the most popular set isn’t necessarily the best one, it’s likely that other players have done their research on what works best, so it’s a good guide!

However, this doesn’t give you any information about finding the best possible Relics or improving them. Don’t worry though, we will cover all this in the next sections!

Dislyte Ritual Miracle Relics

As has been mentioned, the Ritual Miracle is the best and most obvious way of hunting Relics. Although this is obvious enough, we must also decide which Relics are best to hunt for.

There are three bosses, all tied to different Relic sets, and it’s important to know which Dislyte bosses you should be targeting and how best to take them down. Here we summarize some specific battle strategies you can use to get a rough idea of what it will take and what Relics you can be rewarded with.


Dislyte Ritual Miracle Relics - Kronos

An Inferno boss who deals the most damage to targets with low health. This means that the best way to challenge it is to make sure your team is fully healed and supported!

Keep reading below for details on all the different Dislyte Relics that can be obtained from Kronos and what effect they will have on your Espers.

War Machine

These relics provide a 30% increase in ATK, so while they aren’t specialized for any game mode, they can be particularly effective on any Fighter Espers.

Wind Walker

These relics provide a 25% increase in SPD, which is particularly useful for game modes where the fight is usually finished in a few turns by letting you get the upper hand, such as Point War.

Astral Witchcraft

These relics increase the SPD of Espers who have been disabled by 50, which is useful for situations when you know you’ll be facing disabling Espers. However, they aren’t too multi-purpose.

Master Grove

These relics give a 25% increase to HP, which is useful for Espers with lower than average HP, or who tend to fall often. It’s not too specialized for any game modes, similar to the War Machine set.


These relics give a 25% increase to DEF, particularly useful for Defender Espers whose defense is already pretty high, or those who can use Taunt.

Apollo’s Bow

These relics give a 25% increase to ACC – while this isn’t particularly specific, ultimately missing fewer times means dealing more damage. Indeed, dealing more damage is always good. Nonetheless, something more specialized may be better for certain Espers.


Dislyte Ritual Miracle Relics - Apep

A Wind boss who is capable of inflicting stacking Poison debuffs, along with dealing the most damage to poisoned Espers. As such, it’s vital to make sure you can use Immunity where possible and dispel any harmful effects!

Keep reading below for details on all the different Dislyte Relics that can be obtained from Apep and what effect they will have on your Espers.


These relics grant 35% Lifesteal, which is incredibly useful for Fighter Espers. These Espers deal a lot of damage and therefore are able to recover a lot of health with these Relics. This is my favorite Relic set for most Fighters in Dislyte, but they do have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Abiding Panacea

These relics increase Healing Efficacy by 30%, which is also extremely helpful for Support Espers with healing capabilities like Chang Pu and Asenath but entirely useless for Espers who can’t.

Ocean Waves

These relics grant a 35% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 at the start of an Esper’s turn. This is particularly useful for game modes with longer battles or Espers with extremely long cooldowns, such as Ollie’s passive.

Sword Avatara

These relics grant a 25% chance of Counterattack upon taking damage. This is particularly useful for Espers who can take a lot of damage, such as Defenders or Fighters with self-healing abilities.


These relics grant a Shield equal to 15% of their maximum HP to all allies, not just to the Esper with them. Therefore, it is pretty important to always have this set on someone in your team. When selecting the Esper for this Relic Set, make sure it’s someone who can cope without the other Relic sets they could have equipped instead.

Fiery Incandescence

These relics grant a 20% increase in C. RATE, something particularly useful for Fighters with attacks that hit several times in a row. This makes them more likely to land a critical hit which will ultimately result in a lot more damage.


Dislyte Ritual Miracle Relics - Fafnir

A Flow boss that can shield itself and hide from damage. In addition, the Tablets on either side of it buff it after death. As such, it’s incredibly important to use single-attack abilities where you can! This is considered the hardest boss of the three, so be careful!

Keep reading below for details on all the different Dislyte Relics that can be obtained from Fafnir and what effect they will have on your Espers.

Tyranny of Zeus

These relics cause Esper’s damage dealt to have a 20% chance of stunning the target. This is particularly useful for game modes like Point War where an Esper not being able to do anything in a turn can completely ruin the opposition’s chances.

Snow Dowager

These relics are essentially the same as Tyranny of Zeus relics, but freeze opponents instead of stunning them.

Hammer of Thor

These relics increase C. DMG by 40%, particularly useful for Espers who can increase their crit rate or who have gimmicks surrounding it – not any specific game mode, though.

The Enchanter

These relics grant a 30% chance of extending any Poison or Bleed debuffs by a turn, which is obviously most useful for Espers whose dealt damage mostly comes from these debuffs, such as Anesidora.

Immensus Peak

These relics grant a 25% increase to RESIST, which is useful if you know an Esper you’re using has low resistance and will need it to be higher for this fight. Conversely, however, it may just be better to use a different Esper with a good Relic set.

The Light Above

These relics allow Espers to begin their fight with Immunity that lasts for one turn. This is particularly useful in fighting enemies like Apep who rely on inflicting debuffs.

Selecting the Best Dislyte Relics

Although knowing all about the different Relic Sets, and how to get them, it is also important to understand which Relics are best to equip and upgrade and which can be discarded. There are five significant factors to consider in when making this choice:

  • Characteristics or Ability bonuses on the Relic.
  • How these characteristics have been boosted or could be boosted.
  • The level of the Relics.
  • The quality of the Relics.
  • The rarity of the Relics.

We will now go into each of these 5 factors in more detail to help you choose the Relics to keep for your Dislyte Espers.


While each Relic set has its own related ability as discussed above, making different sets better for different functions, the stat boosts they give through their primary and secondary characteristics can vary greatly and Dislyte doesn’t really confer which is best.

As such, it’s important to focus on getting Relics with the stats the Esper will benefit most from. For instance, a primary ATK stat is best for a Fighter, while a Support would benefit more from a DEF or HP BONUS.


Once you’ve found a great Relic that you want to improve more, you can then boost these characteristics through Boost Stones. These are acquired through beating the Desolate Lands bosses, which rewards you with stones that are tied to a specific Relic set and ability.

Provided the Dislyte Relic is of that set and has that ability to be improved, you can boost it. This makes it and the Esper equipping it far more viable. I would recommend doing your best not to waste your Boost Stones and only use them when you are certain you want to use that Relic.

Dislyte Relic Boost

Here’s the Relic Boost menu! Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a few more Boost Stones than I have.


Similarly, you can level Relics up with gold to improve them. However, I wouldn’t recommend leveling them up to their maximum unless they’re the best possible Relic for that slot. It can take a lot of gold, and so if this Relic is replaced, it’ll end up a huge waste which isn’t ideal for any materials in a game like Dislyte.

As you reach certain level milestones, a Relic will unlock more secondary characteristics or improve already existing ones, and so it’s good to level up your Relics before equipping if you want to see who they would fit best.


With some Relics, however, you won’t need to level them up to see their full potential. Quality refers to the small dots in the top left – four is the best there can be, making a Relic Flawless.

The higher quality a Relic has, the more secondary characteristics it starts with, and this means that these characteristics are improved when you hit level milestones rather than having new ones be unlocked for the first time, thus resulting in a better Relic.

As such, you should try to ensure that your Relics have the best possible quality.


Finally, the rarity of relics simply refers to their color or star count. Generally, the rarer a relic is, the better they are. Red is the best and should always be prioritized as soon as you can get them, but this will take a lot of work and effort.

To recap, the best Relic should be the rarest, should have Flawless quality, should have the ideal Primary characteristic for who it’s equipped to, should be leveled up to the maximum, and should have each characteristic boosted with the best possible Boost Stone.

Going Forward with your Dislyte Relics

Hopefully, this Dislyte Relic Guide will help you to weed out the good Relics you’ve earned from the bad! This information should be enough for you to develop some pretty solid builds. If you need any more help, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you! Have fun building your Espers!

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