Evony General Ascending Guide

Evony General Ascending gives you the chance to make certain Evony Generals even stronger than before. This is a real game changer to the late-game meta of Evony. Many Generals that were not viable before now look like real powerhouses.

Included in this Evony General Ascending Guide are details on the resources required to ascend generals, how you get Blood of Ares, which generals you should ascend, and what improvements ascension will make to your generals.

What is Evony General Ascending

Evony General Ascending is the process of upgrading your generals using Blood of Ares and General Fragments. Once you meet the requirements, using these items will ascend your Evony General beyond the 5-star upgrade.

Each General can be ascended a further 5 stars up to a new maximum of 10 stars. Each of the ascended star levels has 5 stages. Each stage grants the General further improvements as they are ascended.

Evony General Ascending Improvements

As mentioned in the previous section, each level of ascension has 5 stages to it. Each of these must be completed before you can move onto the next ascension level.

The final stage of each ascension level is the most important. Once completed, these are the stages that unlock the addition buff to the General’s special skill.

Evony General Ascending Special Skill

Further to this, at each stage prior, they will receive a stat boost. Each ascension level follows the same pattern and this is outlined below:

  • Stage 1: Leadership
  • Stage 2: Attack
  • Stage 3: Defense
  • Stage 4: Politics
  • Stage 5: Special Skill

What Evony Generals can be Ascended

Ascendable Generals in Evony

When the Evony General Ascension feature was first launched, only a few Generals could be ascended. However, that has now all changed with all new Generals able to be ascended and with old Generals regularly being updated to have this feature added.

It is safe to assume, that Evony aims to allow us to ascend all generals at some point. However, to be sure that a General can be ascended, there is an easy way to check.

First just simply navigate to the Tavern building and select recruit. From here select the Portrait button to view all generals that are available in the game. Here, if a General has a red border then they can be ascended.

Evony General Ascending Requirements

Ascending Elektra in Evony

Once you know if your General has the ability to be ascended, there are a few more requirements that must be met before you can ascend them. These requirements are detailed in the list below:

  • General must be at least level 22.
  • General must be at 5 stars.
  • You must have the required number of Blood of Ares.
  • You must have the required number of General Fragments.

For more details on upgrading your Generals Star Level, check out our full Evony General Guide. Please also note, that the General Fragments must be the same as the Evony General that you are planning to ascend.

As you progress through the ascension levels, the Blood of Ares and General Fragment requirements will begin to increase significantly. The total amount required for each of these, at the different ascension levels and stages, is outlined in the below table.

LevelStageBlood of AresFragments

How to get Blood of Ares in Evony

Evony Blood of Ares Ascending

The Blood of Ares item is vital for ascension. At first look, it can seem that you will never have enough of these to meaningfully ascend your Generals. However, there are actually many ways to accumulate these in-game for active players. The best ways are highlighted below:

  • Server War Rewards.
  • 145 daily activity points for 1 Blood of Ares.
  • Killing level 11 or above Boss Monsters and level 3 or above Event Monsters for a maximum of 3 Blood of Ares every day.
  • Exploring Relics for a maximum of 2 Blood of Ares every day.
  • Gathering at level 13 resource spots for a maximum of 1 Blood of Ares every day.
  • Other regular events in game.

If you are making use of all the above every day then you will start to accumulate a good number of Blood of Ares items very quickly. You can also of course buy packs for more if you wish.

How to get General Fragments in Evony

Evony General Fragments for Ascension

Aside from the Blood of Ares item, the other key ingredient needed for ascension in Evony is General Fragments. These must also be a fragment of the general that you wish to ascend.

The quickest way to gain fragments is by Perfectly Dismissing duplicate generals that you have. This will cost 10k Gems to do but will reward you with 30 fragments of that General.

Evony General Perfectly Dismiss for Fragments and Ascension

Of course, getting duplicate generals is quite difficult and you will need to rely on luck when buying packs, spinning the wheel of fortune, or when trawling the Tavern. In addition to this, there are regular events you can take part in to gain a specific general. However, these will require a lot of effort to obtain for those that are not spending a lot.

Aside from the above, you can also get individual general fragments in a few ways. This includes from Relics, the Great General Chest, and regular events in the game.

Which Evony Generals should you Ascend

If you are a big spender in Evony, then it is likely best just to ascend the best Generals that you have as you either have or easily accumulate the General Fragments available for each General. Check out our other Evony Guides for information on the best Generals in each role.

However, if you are not a Whale when it comes to spending in Evony, then the answer is not always as simple as this. In these cases, it is most likely that you are better off ascending generals that are available for free.

The reason for this is quite simple. The choke point when ascending is Evony General Fragments which are quite difficult to come across for most Generals.

Therefore, if you choose to instead focus on those Generals which can be obtained for free, then you should be able to ascend them to the highest level over time. These Generals include those found in Relics and those found in the Tavern.

Some players may not like the sound of this but it is the best option for those not spending a lot on the game. A Gold Historic Tavern or Relic General ascended to the highest level will be better than a premium general who is only ascended one stage. Indeed, many of the Generals found in the Relic and Tavern are still great options for any player regardless of ascension.

Should you use Ascended Generals as Assistants

You should not use your Ascended Generals as Evony Assistant Generals. This is because your march does not receive any of the General’s ascended skill buffs. Instead, you should use your Ascended General as the main General and a non ascended General as the Assistant General.

For more information on Assistant Generals, check out our Evony Assistant General Guide.

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