King’s Choice Tips for Beginners

Just getting into King’s Choice? Then you’ve come to the right place! With these King’s Choice Tips for Beginners, you are sure to make the best start possible for your Kingdom. No more annoyed loyal subjects, as you work your way up the ranks!

Join an Active Alliance

King's Choice Tips for Beginners - Join a Top Alliance

First up in this list of King’s Choice Tips for Beginners is to join an alliance, but not just any alliance, it should absolutely be very active! Ideally, you want to be joining one of the top 5 alliances to maximize your rewards. For example, events will often have a reward based on where your alliance is ranked, and the top alliances are likely to rank very high for the best rewards!

Of course, you may be worried that you don’t know enough about the game to get into one of these alliances. However, especially at the start of a new server, most alliances just want players who are active and eager to learn. Just message the leader personally and more often than not you will be accepted and your allies will always be willing to teach you more about the game.

Focus on just a few Knights

This is probably the most important Tip for Beginners in King’s Choice and that is to ensure that you are only focusing on a few Knights at the start. Ideally, you will have four main Knights with each dedicated to one of the following attributes:

  • Strength
  • Intellect
  • Leadership
  • Charisma

The one you choose for each should be determined by the quality of their Talents under each category. This ensures that you are boosting the attributes of those that are likely to gain the most. Try to choose at least 3-star Knights but do be careful not to plunge too many resources into even these as you will quickly pick up even better Knights.

Don’t Neglect your Lovers

King's Choice Tips for Beginners - Don't Neglect your Lovers

Lovers and Knights go hand in hand and developing the right Lovers will see your Knights receive additional attribute buffs. As such, it is important to check your Knights for who their Lover is and then develop these Lovers if they are associated with one of your top Knights. There is no point in wasting your Lover resources on Lovers who only benefit Knights you do not use.

Make sure your Knights are Studying Hard

A key part of improving your Knights is through their Talents and Skills. To upgrade these you need to acquire the relevant points. These can be gained in a number of ways, such as in the Arena, however, by far the easiest is via University.

Sending a Knight here will see them studying for 3 hours, at the end of which they will gain talent and Skill points. You will start with a limited number of University positions but these can be increased by using Gold and this is in fact quite a good use of this resource. Try to make sure you always have the University slots filled with Knights actively studying.

Don’t Waste Your Talent Edicts

King's Choice Tips for Beginners - Don't Waste Talent Edicts

As should be clear by now in these King’s Choice Tips for Beginners, managing your resources carefully to optimize your Knight progress is key. As part of this. Talent Edicts are perhaps one of the most precious items you need to increase Knight power and attributes. Unfortunately, these are pretty rare and in addition the higher the star level of a talent, the less likely they are to work.

For example, a 6-star Talent only has a 16% chance of being leveled up by a relevant edict. As such, it is extremely important to ensure you are not wasting these. Only ever use a Talent Edict that matches the Knight’s best attributes, and only ever use them on Knights you actually plan on using!

Be a Hoarder

Most players will be tempted to use up all their items and Silver as soon as they get any. This is perhaps the right thing to do in the first week of gameplay as you are just trying to progress in the Outpost, however, there is a better strategy to use after a week or so of playing.

Indeed, there are regular ranking events that see you gain points for doing certain things in the game. These are often things like improving your Lovers, improving the Talents of Knights, etc. Therefore, it can be smart to save up these resources for these Events so you can use them all at once for maximum points and maximum rewards!

One for the Dolphins

King's Choice Tips for Beginners - Buy the Weekly Card

If you are a small time spender then this is one for you. For just $0.99 you can buy 7 Day Weekly Card which, as well as granting some VIP Points, offers some great benefits. In particular, it allows you to make Delegations which in turn complete tasks for you while you are not playing the game.

This is great as it means you do not need to log in as often to complete things such as reassigning Knights to the University or handling affairs for Prestige. In all, you are able to Delegate all of the following to be done on your behalf whilst AFK:

  • Auto Collect Silver, Grain, Soldiers.
  • Auto handle affairs.
  • Auto greet lovers.
  • Auto raise heirs.
  • Auto study at the University.
  • Auto patrol.

Early Game Outpost

Progressing in the Outpost is a crucial part of the early game as it unlocks new features, grants you Prestige which can level your account and gain you more Knights, can reward you with Talent Edicts, and is also a useful source of Silver for leveling up your Knights. Make sure you are going as far in this game mode as often as you can to ensure you are not left behind.

Don’t be afraid to Kick

King's Choice Tips for Beginners - Don't be afraid to kick

There are a few game modes in King’s Choice that only have a limited number of spaces for players: Banquet Hall and Negotiation. The Banquet Hall is a great source of Edicts and Prestige whilst Negotations can grant your account new permanent buffs. Therefore, you need to be quick to ensure you are not missing out on these possible rewards.

However, there is hope if you are struggling to find a space, and that is with the Kick function. This basically involves you a space that is already occupied and selecting the Kick button. If your Nobility Privilege, Account Level, or Prestige is higher than that of the other player then you will win and take their position. Do be warned though that some alliances have rules not to do this so as not to upset other alliances.

Events, Events, Events

Last but not least in these King’s Choice Tips for Beginners is to ensure you are taking part in absolutely every event going. There are new ones almost every day with each offering great rewards for just playing. This is a great way to keep your account progressing without having to send a penny!

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