Rise of Kingdoms Teleport Guide

As mentioned in our Rise of Kingdoms Tips and Tricks for Beginner’s Guide, teleporting is hugely important. It must be done to change your RoK Kingdom, move closer to battle, and be nearer your alliance. This article features a complete Rise of Kingdoms Teleport Guide.

Rise of Kingdoms Teleport Guide

Keep reading below for all the information you need to know about teleporting in Rise of Kingdoms. The types of teleporting you can do, how to get teleports, and when you may want to do it.

Types of RoK Teleports

There are three types of teleports in Rise of Kingdoms, and each type has a different effect.

  • Random Teleport – teleport to a random place in your Kingdom
  • Territorial Teleport – teleport to a chosen place in your Alliance Territory
  • Targeted Teleport – teleport to a chosen place anywhere in the Kingdom

How to get Teleports in Rise of Kingdoms

All shops in Rise of Kingdoms offer teleports. However, supplies are limited, so it is good to know a few other methods to gain teleports. Below are the known sources of teleports in Rise of Kingdoms.

  • Shop
  • VIP Shop
  • Mysterious Merchant
  • Era Breakthrough Event

It is a very good idea to save RoK Teleports when you get them. In particular, Targeted Teleports are vital for RoK KvKs.

How to Teleport in Rise of Kingdoms

This method differs depending on the teleport you are using.

  • Random Teleport – select the Teleport from your items to use
  • Territorial Teleport – select a space in your Alliance Territory and click Teleport
  • Targeted Teleport – select a space anywhere in the Kingdom and click Teleport

Teleport to a New Kingdom

When you first start a new game in Rise of Kingdoms, you are placed in a new Kingdom. However, it is very easy to change to a different one of your choice.

RoK Beginner’s Teleport

The game rewards you with a Beginner’s Teleport when you first begin the game. However, you must use it within ten days of starting your account, or it will vanish from your inventory. Your city level must also be under level 8, and your account level under level 9 in order to use it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to moving to a different kingdom.

  • Recall all troops.
  • Leave your current Alliance.
  • Tap on the globe on the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select the desired kingdom and Tap on the “Teleport” button.

The game will automatically restart to complete the process.

RoK Passport Pages

You can change Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms at any time by using Passport Pages once you are over City Hall Level 16. The number of Passport Pages required is determined by how powerful you will rank in your new Kingdom.

You can buy passport pages from the Alliance Store for 600,000 Alliance Credits. Additionally, Rise of Kingdoms Passport Pages can be obtained when buying packs for money. On top of this, the below requirements must also be fulfilled in order to change Kingdom.

  • Your power is below the target Kingdom’s Immigration Power Cap
  • The target Kingdom is greater than 120 days old
  • You have the required amount of RoK Passport Pages
  • You are not in an Alliance
  • You have no marches out of your city
  • The target Kingdom is not in an active Kingdom vs. Kingdom War

When to use Rise of Kingdoms Teleport

Teleports are a precious commodity so you should be careful not to waste them. Below are some useful things to do with your RoK Teleports.

  • Perfect for PvP. Teleport in next to your enemies, attack them, and teleport out again before they even know what happened.
  • Get close to your alliance. You need to be near your alliance to get the full benefits. Make sure you are always within the territory for research buffs and rallying Barbarians.
  • Move your RoK Farm Accounts. You want your Farm Accounts nearby so you can transport resources over to your Main Account easily.

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