Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Guide

Creating a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account (also known as RoK Mini Accounts) is vital to progressing quickly. You gain a huge resource boost to your development with little cost or effort. Learn everything you need to know about setting up an RoK Farm Account below.

Overview of Rise of Kingdoms Farm Accounts

Before getting into the details of how to make and use a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account, it is worth just taking a quick look at what exactly they are and why you may (or may not) want one. For more general tips, check out our best Rise of Kingdoms Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

What is an RoK Mini/Farm Account

Basically speaking, a Farm Account/RoK Mini Account is considered as your sub-account. There are a couple of ways to create an RoK Farm Account, which will be explained in a later section.

The purpose of a Farm Account is to serve your Main RoK Account with anything it can, gifts from events, resources, etc.

Benefits of a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account

  • A resources supplier for your Main Account.
  • Kill supporter for your Main Account, especially during MGE.
  • Useful when keeping track of a person with an 8-hour rally.
  • Some events give decent gifts, which you can pass from your farm to yourself.
  • In KvK, Farm Accounts are used to help grinding honor points for the Kingdom.
  • They play an important role in tactical strategy during Kingdom Wars.

Cons of an RoK Farm Account

  • They can be time consuming to build up before they become useful.
  • The more accounts you have, the more multitasking you will need to do.
  • You must always keep an eye on it to ensure it is not robbed by another player.

So should you create an RoK Farm Account?

Though there are drawbacks, Farm Accounts are worth the time and effort in the long run. Rise of Kingdoms is a very long-term game, where you need time and resources/ items to maximize the performance of your main account.

How to Create a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account

Now to the important part, how to actually make one of these RoK Farm Accounts. Follow the instructions below to get started.

Link your Account

Before you do anything, it is a good idea to link your account to Google or Facebook. To this, go to Settings and select the Account option.

Link your Rise of Kingdoms Account

From here you can quickly select the Facebook or Google account you want to link to. This will ensure you do not lose your account. Additionally, the game does not let you go past City Hall level 10 if your account is not linked.

Create a Single Farm Account

For players who just want one farm account, the easiest option is to just create a new character in the same account as your main Character. To do this, go to Settings and then select the Character Management option.

Create a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account

Each account is able to create 2 Characters in the same Kingdom. Of course, one of these will be your Main Account, whilst the other one will be your Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account.

Creating Multiple Farm Accounts

If one Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account is not enough for you, there are tricks to create several more. The best ways are by using one of the following methods.

  • You can use different Google/Facebook Accounts to create new RoK Accounts in the same Kingdom as your Main Account.
  • When your Main Account is in the Lost Kingdom KvK, you can create another Character in your Home Kingdom to bring it back up to the maximum number of 2.
  • The final way is for the spenders. You can create a Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account in same group of 8 Kingdoms. After this, you can migrate this account to your Main Account with a passport ($5 bundle or 600k Individual credits/ silver coin).
RoK Character Management

As shown, there are multiple methods to create Farm Accounts. You can pick the most suitable option for you so that you can optimize your gameplay!

Building Requirements for RoK Farm Accounts

Depending on your needs and the situation, you can flexibly upgrade your Farm Account City Hall to a specific level first. However, the aim will be to eventually get it to City Hall Level 22. This offers multiple benefits, but most importantly your number of marches will increase to 5.

RoK City Hall Information

The table below shows at what City Hall Level you will unlock each additional march.

Hall LevelMarchesAge

Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Tips

Follow these Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Tips to ensure you get your RoK Farm Account set up in an optimal way. This will ensure you start to see the benefits very quickly.

RoK Farm Account Civilization

Starting with China will help you grow your City Hall Level much quicker due to the China building speed buff.

Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Civilization China

Once this has been achieved, you should switch to an RoK Civilization with resource production/gathering speed buffs. Take a look at our Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Guide for further details on this.

The list below provides a summary of the gathering buff for each relevant RoK Civilization.

  • Rome – 10% Food Gathering Buff.
  • France – 10% Wood Gathering Buff.
  • Byzantium – 10% Stone Gathering Buff.
  • Spain – 20% Resource Production Buff
  • Japan – 5% Food, Wood, Stone and Gold Gathering Buff.

When choosing an appropriate RoK Civilization, you should focus on the need of your Main Accounts focused RoK Troop Type. Let’s take an example:

You are focusing on RoK Infantry Troops with Rome in your main account. It already has a 10% food gathering speed buff, so what you need is wood (one of the two main resource costs for infantry); so, you should choose France for your farm account!

Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Civilization France

In Rise of Kingdoms, players often use more than one account to be their farm. For this case, it is optimal to have each account farming one type of resource.

In terms of gold, if you are building a farm for gold farming, it is good to pick Japan with its 5% gathering speed buff to all resource types!

RoK Farm Account Buildings

For your own profit and efficiency, you should upgrade your Farm Account’s Trading Post as far as you can. The higher its level, the lower the tax rate it will incur when transporting resources to your main account. It is unlocked at City Hall Level 10.

Storage is the next building you should focus on. It will protect your farm resources if another player tries to plunder your account.

RoK Storehouse Building

Hospital is optional because it is one of the most expensive buildings in Rise of Kingdoms. However, having a capacity of around 150k -200k would help you to keep your troops alive if you are attacked. You need these troops alive to go out and gather for you.

It is also a good idea to get your VIP level up to 6. This will unlock the 2nd building slot for you which will help develop your Farm Account much quicker.

RoK VIP Level

RoK Farm Account Research

Do not focus on military technology. Instead, maximize the economic tree. You should also research Mathematics and Engineering but after this, all focus should be on farming speed

Rise of Kingdoms Economic Research for RoK Farm Account

Only come back to the military research if it is essential for events or you want to unlock RoK T4 Troops.

Rise of Kingdom Farm Account Commanders

There are several RoK Commanders that are best used for Farm Accounts. Below is a quick summary of these Commanders and their relevant skills. Check out our Rise of Kingdoms Commander Guide for more details on making the most of your Commanders and our list of the Best Gathering Commanders for more details on each of the below.

Seondeok2nd Skill
+20% Gather Speed
+30% Gold Gather Speed
+30% Load
+10% Gathered Resources
Cleopatra VII2nd Skill
+20% Gather Speed
+30% Stone Gather Speed
3rd Skill
+50% Load
Resource Pack Bonus
Ishida Mitsunari2nd Skill
+20% Wood Gather Speed
+20% Stone Gather Speed
+30% Food Gather Speed
3rd Skill
+50% Load
Matilda2nd Skill
+20% Wood Gather Speed
+20% Food Gather Speed
+25% Stone Gather Speed
+10% Gathered Resources
Queen Tamar of Georgia2nd Skill
+20% Gather Speed
+25% Wood Gather Speed
Joan of Arc2nd Skill
+25% Gather Speed
+25% Load
Sárka2nd Skill
+18% Gather Speed
3rd Skill
+30% Load
Constance2nd Skill
+15% Food Gather Speed
+15% Stone Gather Speed
+20% Wood Gather Speed
3rd Skill
+30% Load
+10% Resource Gathered
Gaius Marius2nd Skill
+15% Wood Gather Speed
+15% Stone Gather Speed
+20% Food Gather Speed
3rd Skill
+30% Load
Centurion3rd Skill
+10% Gather Speed
+10% Load

Collecting Resources from RoK Farm Accounts

Transporting resources from your Farm Account to your Main Account is the most common method. To optimize this, make sure your Trading Post is at its highest possible level. This will reduce the tax cost you incur.

Whilst your Trading PostPost is below level 7, it is not worth using the transport method due to the high tax. Instead, you should attack your Farm Account to plunder the resources. With a 30% resources lost rate, it will be faster for you.

When burning, you should pull all your troops out of the Farm Account so that neither of your accounts suffers troop losses.

Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Playstyle

When using your Farm Accounts, the following are some key things you should do:

  • Complete Daily Quests for some gems. Save these to buy Peace Shields, RoK Teleport Items, etc.
  • Always use 50% Gathering speed buff item, it is crucial to optimize farming speed.
  • Use all your spare AP on barbarians/barbarian forts for resource items.
  • Use a Peacekeeper Commander so that you can gain more resource packages from their talent tree.
  • Save and spend AP when events such as Lohar Trial or Strategic Events are running. These are great when combined with Peacekeeper Commanders.
  • Upgrade your Farm Account Commander to level 37 as fast as possible. This ensures they can max out the gathering talent tree.
  • Last but not least, white equipment often has bonus on gathering speed, which is cheap and efficient to equip with.

Please note, To optimize timing when managing multiple accounts, you can set an alarm or use Bluestacks to play on your PC with multiple instances to take care of your accounts.

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