10 Best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

As with all the Best 4X MMO Mobile Games, there are always certain leaders that prove hugely important to how successful you are in the game. Rise of Kingdoms is no different with their use of Commanders who you will unlock and upgrade to lead your armies to victory. Here we take a look at the 10 Best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to give you an idea of who you should try to get.

The game features 4 rarities of Commanders: Advanced, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. The majority of them fall into Epic and Legendary categories, so the Advanced and Elite Commanders are not really talked about much. However, these Epics and Legendaries were not made equal. Some Epics are better than Legendaries, and conversely, some Legendaries are far stronger than any Epic will ever be!

Best Epic Commanders in RoK

The Best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are tricky to point out since there are so many things Commanders can specialize in, so we will simply pick the ones who are strong in the majority of the game’s content. This guide will go over the 10 very Best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and explain why you should stick with them until you land one of the Best Legendary Commanders.

10. Pelagius

Pelagius, the starting commander of Spain, is very flexible and among the Best Cavalry Commanders in the game. His versatility cannot be overstated. He provides healing, hits hard, and generates a great deal of Rage. He can also easily serve as a Garrison Commander for your city.

However, as is often the case with a jack of all trades, he is a master of none of them. Indeed, you will find a much better Commander for every single one of those things. As such, Pelagius is really only there as a role filler while you wait to Get a Commander who is better at that specific task.

Due to his active talents’ ability to do a significant amount of damage, Pelagius can also be molded into quite the capable nuker. Just, once again, don’t expect him to be THE best nuker.

9. Keira

Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Commanders - Keira

Keira can be obtained for free during the Ceroli Crisis Event that comes around every couple of weeks. Her services come highly recommended for F2P gamers. She is good for engaging in open-field combat and taking part in several PVE events because of her adaptability.

One of the biggest downsides of this Commander is that her talents cannot be upgraded with Universal Sculptures, therefore you are forced to go through the Ceroli Crisis Event to obtain and upgrade her. Despite this, is an extremely versatile commander with excellent AoE damage skills.

However, it should be noted that a lot of her buffs only proc in PVE and therefore she’s not nearly as powerful in combat against other players. She also doesn’t have a lot of HP and resistance and she cannot heal which makes her somewhat fragile.

8. Osman I

Osman I is one of the Best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms that has the highest damage output per skill. He has a large troop capacity and is adept at commanding all kinds of Troops. When teamed up with Eulji Mundeok, they also make one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms.

His active talent, The Empire Awakens, immediately affects his opponent and deals significant damage to them. His passive ability, Radiance of Bursa, causes his forces to gain a significant attack buff after attacking a city for more than 30 seconds. This Commander also has tremendous troop capacity thanks to Sultan’s Glory, which increases his army’s capacity by 10%, making him a fantastic Open-Field Commander.

7. Belisarius

Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Commanders - Belisarius

Belisarius specializes in commanding Cavalry and is regarded as one of the fastest Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. He is an excellent choice for Open-field fights. His active ability, Deception, is amazing since it causes significant damage to his opponents while also applying a powerful debuff that reduces Attack and Defense.

He also has an excellent PVE talent, Irresistible, which increases damage against neutral units. Bucellarii gives Cavalry under his command increased defense, while Oblique Tactics lowers the opponent’s defense. This comprehensive kit all makes Belisarius great in early to mid PVP and PVE in an open field, but he’s a one-trick pony that is rather bad at defending structures and laying siege.

6. Baibars

Baibars is quite an underrated Cavalry Commander. The initial talent of Baibars makes him a powerful leader, as up to five targets can be attacked for a significant amount of damage. In Rise of Kingdoms, Baibars is also one of the few Cavalry Commanders that are capable of inflicting AoE damage. Though not on our list of the Best Cavalry Commanders, due to being an Epic, he is still a great option!

Baibars is not a leader you would use for a direct conflict. In most 1v1 matches, he will lose. He is designed for large-scale prolonged battles where he can easily strike five targets, such as KvK, AOO, and Sunset Canyon. Baibars can be acquired for free if you select Arabia as your beginning civilization. Team him up with Sun Tzu to have one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings in the game.

5. Bjorn Ironside

Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Commanders - Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside can aid you in early-game conquests. He is recognized as one of the Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Infantry Commanders. Without a doubt, he is extremely handy and has the ability to seriously harm the enemy forces. Indeed, he is very powerful in open-field fights. As an Epic, he doesn’t quite make the cut as one of the Best Infantry Commanders in the whole game, but he is still a brilliant option!

He excels in any rally type, supported by his abilities and skills, with AoE damage and great buffs and debuffs. However, as with all Commanders, Bjorn does come with some downsides. He cannot heal his units, and he is very slow. If the enemy decides to run or chase after you, there is very little you can do about it with Bjorn. However, when paired with Eulji Mundeok they make one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings in the game!

4. Hermann

In Rise of Kingdoms, there aren’t many Epic Archer Commanders, but Hermann is one of them. Hermann has the ability to silence enemy Commanders for 2 seconds and lower their wrath by 100 points. He is so strong that he can beat some Legendary Commanders in one-on-one combat. Indeed, he makes one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings when teamed up with Imhotep.

Hermann is a master in PVE and PVP combat. His sole downside is that he is easy to put down, like pretty much any Archer Commander in Rise of Kingdoms since the Archer Unit is a glass cannon, it hits hard but gets hit equally as hard. As an Epic Commander, he doesn’t quite make our list of the Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, but he is still a great option!

3. Imhotep

Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Commanders - Imhotep

Imhotep is another Archer Commander who was featured with the Egypt Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. His talent tree emphasizes the abilities of his Archer Units, garrisoning, and support roles.

He is a Commander who will not significantly increase the damage that his troops deal, but he will significantly reduce the damage of his opponents via debuffs. There are Better Archer Commanders available, but as Epics go, he is really quite good! Indeed, when working with Hermann, they make one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings in the game.

2. Joan of Arc

Joan is a great Commander thanks to her versatility, and effectiveness in Gathering, Events, and PVP. We even consider her one of the Best Gathering Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and a member of one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings when working with Diaochan. Furthermore, she can command any troop type to victory. However, she, unfortunately, suffers from being pretty slow, much like Bjorn.

Another weakness that Joan of Arc suffers is the pure weakness of MOST Epic Commanders, in the sense that she is weaker than most Legendary Commanders. And since Joan’s sole strength is open field and events, she can quickly become obsolete as enemies roll out Legendaries into the open field.

1. Sun Tzu

Best Rise of Kingdoms Epic Commanders - Sun Tzu

For PVP engagements on the field, or a garrison, Sun Tzu is among the Best Commanders in the game. He has great nuking potential with a lot of damage buffs and additives. He’s hard to kill and generates rage extremely fast. He honestly has very few downsides. Team him up with Baibars to have one of the Best Epic Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms.

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