How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Commanders are crucial to everything you do in Rise of Kingdoms. From farming to PvP, you need them for pretty much everything you do in the game. As such, knowing how to get strong Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms can frequently make the difference between success and failure. Use this guide to get you on the right path to unlocking some great Commanders for your account.

What are the Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms?

How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Chares Martel

In Rise of Kingdoms, commanders are unique troops that have combat leadership and resource-gathering abilities. They play a significant role in the strategic gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms as well. Indeed, they contribute to the development of a wider range of meta, playstyles.

Each Commander is unique and will provide a wide range of varied agricultural, PvE, and PvP strategic possibilities. In general, Rise of Kingdom Commanders are crucial in determining whether you succeed or fail in a march, attack, defense, and a variety of other important activities. For more information on Commanders, check out our detailed Rise of Kingdoms Commanders Guide.

How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

The key to unlocking a new Commander is to collect multiple copies of their Commander Sculpture. Once you have managed to collect 10 copies of a Commander’s Sculptures then you can summon them. In some cases you can also get a Commander outright without having to collect their Sculptures. The best methods to get Commanders and their Sculptures are now summarized in the sections below.

Tavern Building

How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Tavern

Depending on its level you will periodically have the option to open chests for free. You can also acquire Silver and Golden keys to open the corresponding chests by either buying them or as rewards for various in-game activities.

This is a method of acquiring Commanders that unlocks the earliest in the game and is considered the “default”, since it’s not time-sensitive and always available to the player. Despite this, this might be one of the worst ways to hunt for Legendary Commanders, ESPECIALLY if you want a specific one as the RNG is not forgiving!

The Mightiest Governor Event (MGE)

How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - MGE

This is a re-occurring multi-stage event held over 6 days where the rewards include Legendary Sculptures for different Legendary Commanders. You earn points for various activities such as training troops or defeating barbarians. This competition is against other players in your Kingdom, so usually, the more seasoned players have an advantage here.

It is advisable to skip this event if you are a person who doesn’t spend money on Rise of Kingdoms. One part of this is the fact that more seasoned players are at an advantage in this event. But the other more important reason is that this event is often “fixed” to be won by specific people.

Because this event awards a lot of sculptures for the top spots, clans or even entire Kingdoms will enter agreements as to who deserves this the most. It does make sense, you want a person who is out on the field the most to have better Legendaries to compete with other Kingdoms, rather than some farmer swooping in for a Legendary Commander so he can use it to fight random Barbarians.

That being said, we are only talking about the very TOP spots in this case. No one is going to get angry at you for placing 25th, 20th, or sometimes even 15th in the competition. And these spots still award you Legendary Sculptures with much less effort. So save up your speedups for an MGE with a Commander that you would like to have.

The Wheel of Fortune Event

This event is great whether or not you are a F2P player or someone who likes to spend money on Rise of Kingdoms. Every couple of weeks this event rolls around with a different Commander as its main prize. You spend the premium currency, gems, to spin a wheel and “gamble” for Commander statues and other rewards.

Despite being a game of luck there are plenty of safety nets in place that guarantee you will get the Commander if you spend enough gems. Therefore it is best to save them for this event instead of spending them in the Tavern for example.

Card King Event

This is another great event where you spend gems to play a “match 2 of the same card” type of minigame for gold, Commanders, and speedups. I would say the Wheel of Fortune is better, but some Commanders might get featured here faster in your Kingdom. In such a case, it is advised to spend some gems since this event is also quite generous with rewards.

The in-game Shop

How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Shop

Probably the most boring but effective way to get Legendary Commanders is to open up your wallet. However, not all offers in the Rise of Kingdoms shop were made equal, as some are much better. For example, the “Daily Special offer” chests guarantee you Legendary Commander sculptures for every 3 chests you open. They pack quite the bang for your buck since they are very cheap.

Legendary Tavern Event (Season of Conquest only)

This is essentially just a better Tavern in pretty much every way. For every 10 chests you open, you are guaranteed a Legendary Commander or their sculptures, and after 200 chests you can just outright pick a reward you desire. These special chests can be opened with Sovereign Keys rewarded for Season of Conquest achievements or by spending gems.

VIP Status Above Level 10

From VIP level 10 onwards you start getting 1 Legendary Commander Sculpture in your daily chests, on top of the 1 Golden Key for the Tavern gacha. This might not seem like much, but it really adds up over time. Not to mention that at VIP 12 and 14, it scales up to 2 or 3 Legendary Sculptures a day.


How to Get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Expedition Store

You can also find statues in the medal exchange shop of the expedition. Expeditions are pretty easy to farm since it’s “single-player” content where you fight NPCs in increasingly difficult fights, and it’s not time-locked or anything like that.

However, at the same time, Expeditions are a very unreliable source of Commanders, especially Legendary ones. Although Aethel can be acquired here easily, after that you will need to pray to the RoK gods for good shop rerolls to collect 10 sculptures of the same Legendary Commander. Still, Aethel herself is great for starting out so it’s better than nothing.

Some Legendary Commanders Unlock Later

One thing to look out for is that some Commanders unlock later in the game! Oftentimes you can see Rise of Kingdoms YouTubers or other players using Commanders you have never seen before in the game. Indeed, some Legendary Commanders become available to you over time from the Wheel of Fortune, Mightiest Governor Event, etc.

Some of them are outright not available until much later in the game. This is due to a mechanic in the game where certain Commanders unlock when a Kingdom enters certain age, so don’t worry if you see someone unfamiliar. Eventually, with in-game knowledge and mastery, you will figure out where they all come from.

Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Now you know how to get Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, you will likely want to start focusing on getting some of the best Commanders that are available in the game. Check out the links below for some of the Best Commanders you can get depending on what you will use them for.

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