Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, making the best use of your Commanders is key to coming out on top. Each Commander is a specialist at a few different things, such as being an Archer, Cavalry, Leadership, or Infantry Commander. We have already looked at the overall Best Legendary Commanders and Best Epic Commanders however here we go a bit further and look at the Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Why you Need Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Cavalry Commanders are the most effective at leading Cavalry Units in Rise of Kingdoms. They usually possess many talents and abilities that enhance their effectiveness in battle. In particular, they are known for their high speed and mobility.

As such, they are great for quick smash-and-grab battles in the open field while offering excellent mobility, and a decent enough defense. With all this considered, Cavalry Units are regarded as the most offensive-oriented unit in the game. Overall, Cavalry Troops are strong against Archer Troops but weak against Infantry Troops.

What Makes a Good Rise of Kingdoms Cavalry Commander

Rise of Kingdoms Cavalry Unit

Cavalry Troops are known for their speed and ability to outmaneuver enemies in battle, and in particular in the open field. A good Cavalry Commander should be able to enhance this mobility further and perhaps also debuff the mobility of the enemy. In addition, topping up their attack is very useful to help tear through the enemy at a quicker pace.

However, due to their comparatively poorer defensive stats, you do not want to come up against Infantry Troops with your Cavalry as you will always come up short in a contest of endurance. Due to this, Cavalry are not usually used for the defense of cities and objectives. As such, a boost to defensive stats can also be useful.

Best Equipment for Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

The grind to a full set of legendary gear is a long one, so at first, it is important to work your way up to a full set of epic items focusing on attack damage. Once you’re there, start thinking about legendaries as these are the best items you can get for your Cavalry Commanders. Below is what we consider as the most important to least important Legendary Equipment:

  • Heavy Armor of the Hellish Wasteland – This Cavalry set chest piece gives your Cavalry +11% health which works wonders to increase their survivability.
  • Boots of the Hellish Wasteland – Another piece from the same set, +7.5% health for your Cavalry, which is great. On top of this, you can gain a set bonus of an additional +3% health for your units.
  • Pride of the Khan – Provides you with an amazing +15% Cavalry defense, which is 4% more than the set helmet. The downside is that this is a KvK helmet which is not easy to acquire.
  • Ash of the Dawn – Armor for your leg slot which gives +12% to your Cavalry health in one item which is truly amazing.
  • Navar’s Control – the gloves of this particular set. They provide +8% Cavalry health but be aware that they are barely a step up from some epic gauntlets like “Iset’s Sufferance”.
  • Rifle of the Hellish Wasteland – It gives an amazing +20% to cavalry attack. This is quite useful, but definitely the last item you should track down. The epic set weapon is a great replacement until you collect enough resources for the Legendary version.
  • Horn of Fury – An accessory that gives you a chance to generate more fury in battle, generally all-around great for most Commanders, and Cavalry Commanders are no exception.
  • Ring of Doom – This accessory plain and simple gives you a chance to boost your damage every time you attack. I don’t think I have to further explain why you would want this on an offensive Cavalry Commander.

Makes sure to check out our detailed Rise of Kingdoms Commanders Guide for more information on how to get the most out of your Commanders.

Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Now you know what makes a good Cavalry Commander and how to make the most of them, let’s get straight onto the list of the Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. If you can get your hands on any of these Commanders you will be in a good place!

5. Takeda Shingen

Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Takeda Shingen

Takeda is a fantastic backup Commander and is also capable of holding out on his own. He is well-known for his frequent buffs and debuffs, which makes him a strong pairing for other Cavalry Commanders such as Attila or Nevsky.

Takeda on his own is still amazing in Open-field battles and Rallying. He is definitely among the greatest Cavalry Commanders in the game and gets along well with any Commander. Great investment in the long run.

4. Saladin

Saladin is a great Cavalry Commander thanks to his debuff effects that impact the enemy’s healing and defense. Additionally, his active talent deals a lot of direct damage and slows the target’s mobility, which makes him a great chaser.

Saladin is known for being a strong Commander in the Open-field, Rally, and Canyon battles. He possesses the abilities and talents to be a great commander in PVP conflict, making him a great choice when looking for a Cavalry Commander to invest in. He is also one of the Best Support Commanders in the game.

3. Attila

He has excellent combat skills in both Rally and Open-field. Attila is a commander that entirely focuses on the offensive by giving his Cavalry units great boosts while reducing the power of his adversaries with debuffs.

Due to his physical damage and the advantages listed above, he has a great influence on the wide field, but his whip is the ideal weapon for swiftly capturing and destroying any PVP stronghold. He is also one of the Best Attack Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

2. Joan Of Arc Prime

Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Joan Of Arc Prime

Joan of Arc Prime, much like her Epic counterpart, is a Cavalry Commander with great support skills that grant buffs to herself, her troops, and other Commanders. Whether it’s the open field, rallies, or the Canyon content, you REALLY want Joan Prime to have your back.

However, her Support oriented kit does make her a bad pick for defending cities and objectives though. Despite this, she does still make our list of the overall Best Legendary Commanders and Best Support Commanders in the entire game! Also, pair her up with Alexander Nevsky for one of the Best Cavalry Legendary Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Alexander Nevsky

Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms - Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky is a great Cavalry Commander. He can be used for both PVP and PVE content, and both offense and defense, but he’s usually MUCH better at offense and he is also extremely fast. He is great at almost any content you might end up using him for. He dominates the open field, he is EXCELLENT at rallying virtually anything, and he is equally a menace in the Canyon PVP.

Although he doesn’t have an AoE attack, he doesn’t need it because his damage skill deals insane single-target damage. One of his downsides is that he cannot heal units, which is not really a problem in the long run. As you might expect, he also makes our lists of the Best Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, the Best Skill Commanders, and the Best Legendary Commander Pairings when working with Joan of Arc Prime.

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