Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, making the best use of your Commanders is key to coming out on top. Each Commander is a specialist at a few different things, such as being an Archer, Cavalry, Defense, Leadership, or Infantry Commander. We have already looked at the overall Best Legendary Commanders and Best Epic Commanders however here we go a bit further and look at the Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Why you Need Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Archer Commanders are the most effective at leading Archer Units in Rise of Kingdoms. They usually possess many talents and abilities that enhance their effectiveness in battle. They are typically known for their great AoE and Skill damage. As such, Archers are great for dealing high damage and distributing debuffs to the enemy in Rise of Kingdom.

With this in mind, they are great against tankier units such as Ground Troops. However, they do have a significant weakness in that they are quite fragile leaving them open to attacks from Cavalry Troops.

Overall, they are fantastic for quick smash-and-grab battles in the open field, but they come with a weak spot of being extremely fragile. If they do not overpower their enemy quickly they will die equally fast. Following this logic, great Archer Commanders enhance their damage even further or debuff the enemy so their troops do not die as fast.

What Makes a Good Rise of Kingdoms Archer Commander

Archer Units and their Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

A good Archer Commander must enhance the primary attribute of Archer Troops, their attack power. You do not want your units to enter a war of attrition as Archers will always come up short in these situations. The plan is to get in there, deal your huge damage, and then get out again.

These commanders are equally excellent at PVP and PVE, especially the open field battles and they are extremely useful in Canyon content. However, Archers are usually not the best pick for the defense of cities and objectives, especially if they are out in the open.

Archers also have a bad habit of being replaceable, it’s incredibly easy to utilize Cavalry or Infantry instead. In addition, they are often quite unpopular among players due to their vulnerability to Cavalry.

Best Equipment for Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

The grind to a full set of legendary gear is a long one, so at first, it is important to work your way up to a full set of epic items focusing on attack damage. Once you’re there, start thinking about legendaries as these are the best items you can get for your Archer Commanders. Below is what we consider as the most important to least important Legendary Equipment:

  • The Hydra’s Blast – It gives an amazing +25% to archer attack. This is awesome and a big help since maximizing damage is what you want for your archers. However, this KvK weapon is quite hard to acquire, still, if you want a good Archer Commander, I recommend prioritizing it.
  • Horn of Fury – An accessory that gives you the chance to generate more fury in battle, generally an all-around great piece of equipment for most Archer Commanders.
  • Ring of Doom – This accessory plain and simple gives you a chance to boost your damage every time you attack. I don’t think I have to further explain why you would want to prioritize this on an Archer Commander.
  • Dragon’s Breath Plate – This chest piece gives your Archers +11% health which works wonders to increase their survivability.
  • Dragon’s Breath Vambraces – Another part of the standard archer set, increases the Archer’s attack stat.
  • Dragon’s Breath Helm – Another +14% to your Archer’s attack which is really nice.
  •  Dragon’s Breath Tassets – Yet another +11% to your Archer’s attack.
  • Dragon’s Breath Boots – Probably the least important, with +7.5% defense for your Archers, which is not that great.

Makes sure to check out our detailed Rise of Kingdoms Commanders Guide for more information on how to get the most out of your Commanders.

Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Now you know what makes a good Archer Commander and how to make the most of them, let’s get straight onto the list of the Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. If you can get your hands on any of these Commanders you will be in a good place!

5. Henry V

Henry V - Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Henry V is quite a strong Archer Commander, quite a strong legendary overall, but you should think twice before investing heavily into him, since he is somewhat replaceable, especially by other Commanders on this list.

Henry makes Archers under his command quite tanky. His active skill has a great damage factor, while also providing skill damage reduction for his troops when it is used. He provides good attack, defense, and march speed modifiers for Archers (in one buff!) and he can do retaliatory damage when targeted. He’s solid, just replaceable since other Archer Commanders have that something extra, or just better numbers.

4. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is yet another titan of PVP battles, especially in the open field. His amazing active reduces enemy HP while also dealing solid damage. He boosts the damage, health, and damage reduction of Archers under his command.

The only thing Gilgamesh REALLY struggles with is march speed, since he does not boost it at all, he can be caught out in the field pretty easily. Gilgamesh is also terrible at defending cities and objectives. He’s a conqueror, much better at taking things rather than defending them.

3. Boudica (Prime)

Boudica (Prime) - Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

The legendary version of Boudica is great for open fields, the Canyon content, and rallying both cities and objectives. All thanks to her amazing buffs for Archer march speed, damage, and defense. Put her in a team with Yi Seong-Gye for an awesome Legendary Pairing that is extremely good with Archer Troops.

Boudica can even heal her troops in some circumstances, and more importantly, has a huge chance to dispel negative effects. She is also one of the overall Best Legendary Commanders and Best Skill Commanders in the entire game!

2. Nebuchadnezzar II

Nebuchadnezzar II, or “Nebu” for short is a menace out in the open field. Great AoE damage for big skirmishes, and is equally effective in rallying objectives and cities. He’s also really great in the Canyon. Additionally, he is one of the Best Skill Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, and when teamed up with Artemisia I, they make one of the Best Legendary Pairings in the game.

Nebu can deal retaliatory damage that also debuffs the enemy march speed and he can massively boost his own Archer’s defense and march speed. In addition, he has damage buffs and an enemy rage generation debuff, Nebu is a great all-in-one package. He is also one of the overall Best Legendary Commanders and Best Attack Commanders in the entire Rise of Kingdoms game!

1. Artemisia I

Artemisia I - Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

One of the best archer-oriented Commanders in the game, Artemisia is a powerhouse when it comes to garrisoning cities. Similarly, she is great at open-field, Canyon, and objective defense.

You can even use her in rallies if you want, but be aware that there are probably better-suited candidates for that on this list. She is also one of the overall Best Legendary Commanders in the entire game and one of the Best Legendary Pairings when teamed up with Nebuchadnezzar II!

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