10 Best Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

As with all the Best 4X MMO Mobile Games, there are always certain leaders that prove hugely important to how successful you are in the game. Rise of Kingdoms is no different with their use of Commanders who you will unlock and upgrade to lead your armies to victory. Here we take a look at the 10 Best Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to give you an idea of who you should try to get.

The game features 4 rarities of Commanders: Advanced, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. The majority of them fall into Epic and Legendary categories, so the Advanced and Elite Commanders are not really talked about much. However, these Epics and Legendaries were not made equal. Some Epics are better than Legendaries, and conversely, some Legendaries are far stronger than any Epic will ever be!

Best Legendary Commanders in RoK

Since there are so many different areas in which commanders might specialize, it can be difficult to identify the Best Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Instead, we will focus on those who are proficient in the bulk of the game’s features.

This article will discuss the Best Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and explain why you should stick with them for the entire game. They are a serious upgrade on our list of the Best Rise of Kingdom Epic Commanders.

10. Guan Yu

It cannot be overstated how STRONG every single Commander on this list truly is. Every single pick from these 10 is the meta, the peak, the top. So putting Guan Yu in the 10th place means he’s not as flexible or strong as the 9 other picks, but he’s still one of the 10 BEST Commanders you can have in the game out of the dozens available and easily one of the Best Skill Commanders and Best Infantry Commanders.

The best thing about Guan Yu is his Open Field and Caynons gameplay, uplifted by his amazing “Saint of War” skill which deals AoE damage, but more importantly, he silences those targets for 3 seconds. This renders enemy Commanders unable to use their skills. Silencing 3 Commanders for 3 seconds gives you TONS of advantage in battle.

Other than that Guan is great at rallying objects and cities. The only real thing he’s “bad” at is defending cities and objects from attacks. Team up with Scipio Africanus for a godlike Legendary Commander Pairing that excels with Infantry Troops.

9. K’inich Janaab’ Pakal

Best Legendary Rise of Kingdom Commanders - K’inich Janaab’ Pakal

Pakal is a really weird Commander. He is an infantry Commander, he’s very strong, strong enough to be on this list for sure. And he is strong in the open field. But it’s a very specific type of strength in the open field.

When someone is considered top tier for the open field it usually means “this Commander has excellent AoE damage (sometimes with special effects like Guan).” But Pakal has none of that, he just makes his units SUPER tanky and impossible to kill.

This makes him not so good in large-scale battles with many Commanders, but excellent in duels or tanking damage when another Commander is circling the enemy from the back. His true strength though is rallying objects and cities and this is what makes him one of the Best Rise of Kingdoms Infantry Commanders.

8. Nebuchadnezzar II

The first Archer Commander on the list Nebuchadnezzar II, or “Nebu” for short is a menace out in the open field. Great AoE damage for big skirmishes, and is equally effective in rallying objectives and cities. When teamed up with Artemisia I, they make one of the Best Legendary Pairings in the game.

He’s also really great at Canyon, but you usually only want one Archer Commander for Canyon, and sadly for Nebu, certain someones from this list fare a little bit better there than him. Despite this, he is still one of the Best Skill Commanders, Best Attack Commanders, and Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

7. Joan Of Arc Prime

Best Legendary Rise of Kingdom Commanders - Joan of Arc Prime

Joan of Arc Prime, much like her Epic counterpart is a Cavalry Commander with great support skills that grant buffs to herself, her Troops, and other Commanders. Whether it’s the open field, rallies, or the canyon content, you REALLY want Joan Prime to have your back.

Her kind of “supportive” nature does make her a bad pick for defending almost everything though, so be careful and find someone better to man your city walls. Despite this, she is still one of the Best Rise of Kingdoms Cavalry Commanders you can get and makes a great Legendary Pairing with Alexander Nevsky.

6. Boudica Prime

The Legendary variant of Boudica, or Boudica Prime, is one of the Best Archer Commanders and Best Skill Commanders in the game. Boudica is a conqueror of the open field. However, some people might claim this is not true, why? Well, Boudica is a glass cannon (like most Archer Commanders). It is REALLY easy to get killed when using her without proper equipment and strategy etc. So she is not very beginner friendly.

Boudica’s expertise skill grants her a very high chance to cleanse debuffs placed on her, the most important of which is silence. While at the same time also granting even more damage to her Archer Troops. Boudica Prime is also a “Prime” candidate for rallies and the Canyon content. Pairing her up with Yi Seong-Gye for one of the Best Archer Legendary Commander Pairings will scare any opponent.

5. Artemisia I

Best Legendary Rise of Kingdom Commanders - Artemisia I

One of the Best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, Artemisia is a powerhouse when it comes to garrisoning cities. Similarly, she is great at open-field, Canyon, and objective defense. You can even use her in rallies if you want, but be aware that there are probably better-suited candidates for that on this list. Teamed up with Nebuchadnezzar II and they are a scarily Good Legendary Pairing.

4. Sargon the Great

Sargon is another titan of open-field skirmishes. An Infantry Legendary Commander that provides incredible buffs for his Troops, and decimates his opponents. Sargon is sadly, however, not the fastest Commander in the game, and, therefore, your enemy can easily disengage and run away.

However, that rarely happens in the actual game. Indeed, he is one of the Best Skill Commanders in the game, and when teamed up with Cheok Jun-gyeong they make one of the Best Legendary Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms.

3. Tariq ibn Ziyad

Best Legendary Rise of Kingdom Commanders - Tariq Ibn Ziyad

Tariq is probably one of the greatest Commanders in the game right now for rallying cities and objects. If Tariq is at your city gates all you can do is pray for some miracle, because his damage when rallying is outstanding. It should be no surprise then that he easily makes our lists of the Best Infantry Commanders and Best Attack Commanders in the game.

2. Scipio Africanus

Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus Africanus (the legendary Scipio) is an Infantry Commander in Rise of Kingdoms with great versatility. This is probably THE best open field Commander in the entire game, even better than Nevsky who occupies first place overall. As such, he easily makes our list of the Best Infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and Best Legendary Pairings when teamed up with Guan Yu.

Scipio is also one of the best Commanders for city defense, objective defense, and the canyons content. You could even use him to rally if you really wanted. He’s definitely not as good at rallies as some other Commanders on this list, but he can still manage, which is crazy good. Overall Scipio might be even more versatile than Nevsky.

1. Alexander Nevsky

Best Legendary Rise of Kingdom Commanders - Alexander Nevsky

Probably the single best Commander in the game. Alexander Nevsky is a Cavalry Commander that can be used for both offense and defense, but he’s usually MUCH better at offense and he is also extremely fast. It is no surprise then that he also makes our lists of the Best Cavalry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, Best Skill Commanders, and Best Legendary Commander Pairings when working with Joan f Arc Prime.

He is great at almost any content you put him in. He dominates the open field, he is EXCELLENT at rallying virtually anything, and he is equally a menace in the Canyon content of Rise of Kingdoms. Although he doesn’t have an AoE attack, he doesn’t need it because his damage skill deals insane damage.

The only thing where he struggles compared to some other Legendary Commanders is defending cities. He’s marginally better at defending objectives, but still, those two categories are where others have better toolkits (if only very slightly). He also cannot heal units, which is not really a problem.

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