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In this guide, we’ll be discussing Dislyte Clubs, one of the most important parts of the game. This is essentially Dislyte’s version of alliances, allowing you to connect with other players and work together for numerous benefits.

Benefits from Dislyte Clubs include a Club Shop for special items, rare task rewards, help from more experienced players, and many more. Joining a Dislyte Club can really help you to level your Espers much faster. Keep reading for all you need to know.

Joining a Dislyte Club

Though Clubs can be created with 500 Nexus Crystals, it’s more efficient to join an active one. Club events and activities will grant vital resources such as Club Points and Nexus Crystals, so finding one to join as soon as you can is your best bet.

Indeed, Club Points are a great source of Gold Records and Esper Ripples. The Ripples in particular will be vital for you in obtaining some powerful Espers completely for free. These Espers rotate every few months so make sure you take advantage of them whilst they are in the Club Shop!

Dislyte Club Shop

The higher a Club’s level is, the more rewards everyone receives. It’s important to note, however, that you will need to wait 24 hours to join a new Club after leaving one, so be careful when choosing to move on to greener pastures.

Dislyte Clubs Help

Dislyte Club Help

You can post 1 Inferno, Flow, or Wind Wish Card daily, which can’t be changed until 4 Wish Stickers have been used to fulfill it by yourself and the rest of your Club. Once it is fulfilled, you can claim Record Fragments of the corresponding Esper you have chosen. This is a great way to slowly work towards that Legendary Esper you really want.

Though it won’t seem to do much at first, these build up fast! If you ever feel you don’t have enough Wish Stickers, you can always purchase them with Friendship Points, so make sure you add the people in your Club and you’re always earning as many as you possibly can!

Dislyte Clubs Holobattle

10-25 Club members who are Lvl 30 or higher can participate in Dislyte Club Holobattles. To participate, you must first set two teams of defensive formations containing up to 3 Espers before joining matchmaking.

Due to this, it’s important to make sure that you have at least 6 viable Espers, even if this is the only Dislyte feature that requires that many to be used at once. Once the battle stage starts, formations can no longer be edited and Clubs will be matched with suitable opponents.

Three 48-hour matches will take place each week, with each granting 3 Holobattle Certificates to spend. It’s important to note, however, that fallen Espers can’t be used again in the same match, and a player can’t attack the same enemy repeatedly.

When the Club wins a match, participants who have earned points through attacking will obtain rewards based on their Holo Cup Score rankings, and if it loses, no rewards will be issued. Once all 3 matches have finished, weekly results will be calculated and participants will obtain their Club ranking rewards!

Dislyte Club Sentinel Hunt

Dislyte Club Sentinel Hunt - Dark Star Lord

The Sentinel Hunt is a special Club event that once every 3 days and lasts for 3 days. In this event, you are tasked with doing as much damage as possible to a defending Boss Monster called a Divine Servant. At the start of each new Sentinel Hunt, you are given 5 Ultrasonic Tickets. It costs 1 Ultrasonic Ticket to challenge the Divine Servant each time.

You attack the Divine Servant with 3 individual teams of 5 Espers. These teams cannot use any of the same Esper more than once. As soon as one team is defeated, the next will go into battle until all 3 teams have been beaten. You are then given a score for this attempt based on your total damage by the 3 teams.

Your total score is determined by the sum of your best 3 attempts. Rewards are paid out based on this total score and can include Club Points, Gold, and Nexus Crystals. Check out our full Dislyte Sentinel Hunt Guide for more information on this Club Event.

Dislyte Clubs Tasks

Dislyte Club Tasks

Dislyte Clubs give 3 daily tasks which can be completed to obtain Club Points, Club XP, Activeness, and other rewards. Additionally, there is 1 special weekly Club task that all members work together to complete.

Along with these rewards, Club members who reach a certain threshold of Activeness each week will be entitled to another reward! You can view the top 3 active members over the last 7 days on a leaderboard, so make sure to keep an eye on who’s ahead of you.

Now go Join a Dislyte Club!

As long as you’re able to master these aspects, you should be able to contribute to your Club and reap the rewards that they have to offer in no time! If there are any features you still don’t quite understand, it should hopefully be intuitive enough that you get the hang of it over time.

If not, make sure to press the ‘i’ button in the corner of the menu you’re confused about, and hopefully, you’ll find an answer there. Feel free to add me on Dislyte yourself (UID: 23897141) and ask any questions. Also, check out our Dislyte Tips for more information to get you started.

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