Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List

In Dislyte, the Controller of your team will be the Esper who fills the role of enemy team disruption. They will be focused on preventing the enemy team from using their abilities and slowing them down. In this Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List, we rank all the Controller Espers in the game to help you choose some of the best ones to work on for your teams.

To help you in choosing the Best Dislyte Controller Esper for your team, we will first cover the basics of Controllers – what makes a good Controller and some typical ways to build them. After this, we will get to the most important part, the Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List!

What is a Controller Esper in Dislyte

In Dislyte, there are 4 different roles that an Esper can be tagged with: Fighter, Defender, Controller, or Support. Each of these roles plays a different part in your team. The Controller is the disruptor of your team and will be relied upon to mess with the enemy team’s abilities and prevent them from acting.

What Makes a Good Controller Esper in Dislyte

Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List - Lucas (Apollo)

In Dislyte, a strong Controller will have a high SPD stat to ensure they can act early and get their disruption abilities before the enemy has a chance to counter. In addition, a decent HP and DEF can be helpful in keeping them alive.

They will typically have abilities that can debuff the enemy to prevent them from acting, for example with Stun and Freeze. In addition, they will also often use AP manipulation to slow the enemy or speed up their own team to put them ahead in the turn order. Read our Esper Guide for more details on the components that make up an Esper and what game modes they may be suited to.

How to Build a Controller Esper in Dislyte

As mentioned above, the Best Controller Espers will have high SPD. In some cases, for example with Sander, you will see their damage also scaling off of their SPD which can also make them good damage dealers with the right build. Therefore, it is normally a good start to use a SPD build for Controllers. However, this will vary from Esper to Esper.

With this in mind, an excellent 4-piece Equipment Set to consider is Wind which increases Esper SPD by 25%. In addition, you’ll often want ACC in your build to ensure your disruption debuffs land on their target.

Of course, this can vary from Esper to Esper depending on their specific stats and abilities. Reading our Esper Guide and Equipment Guide will help you pick builds for your Espers and you can also follow the links in the Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List below for specific Esper builds that we recommend.

Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List

Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List - Sander (Set)

Below you can find our full Dislyte Esper Controller Tier List. There are 5 Ranks in this Tier list – S, A, B, C, and F. Rank S shows the Best Dislyte Controller Espers and Rank F shows the worst.

As is natural, you may not agree with all the rankings and it is important to play with those Controller Espers that you personally like best! Indeed, this list is based on performance across all game modes and there are certain Espers who are specialists in a specific game mode and therefore may still rank quite low here. Check out our other Dislyte Guides for information on the Best Espers for different game modes.

Dislyte Controller Tier List – Rank S

Dislyte Controller Tier List – Rank A

Dislyte Controller Tier List – Rank B

Dislyte Controller Tier List – Rank C

Dislyte Controller Tier List – Rank F

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that you should not be disheartened if you do not have the Best Controller Espers on this list yet. Indeed, many of these options are very viable and can be extremely effective when built well. In addition, even if you have them but you like to use someone else, then you should! After all, this is a game that should be fun!

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