Dislyte Glossary

We find that a lot of mobile games you play quickly overwhelm you with different game modes. When playing Dislyte, you’re likely to be flooded with features, and there are constantly new events and Espers to keep you on your toes. As such, we’ve created this Dislyte Glossary detailing how each of the central mechanics works.

This Dislyte Glossary will cover all the main features and will be a living document that is updated as new play modes are introduced to the game. This should new players to get to grips with the basics and start mastering the game with ease!


Dislyte Bounties

These are missions you can take on using Mission Letters. You will be given 3 Mission Letters a day, up to a maximum of 6. The Bounty Board can be refreshed for free once every 12 hours or with Nexus Crystals. However, I would only advise doing this if the only Bounties you can take on give you gold since that’s a waste of a Mission Letter.

Bounties can either be ‘Union Missions’, which are various tasks ranging from defeating a certain amount of specific enemies to playing the DJ Contest, or ‘Solos’, where you see a section of an Esper’s story.

There are some aspects to the Bounty menu that the game doesn’t explain outright. For instance, you can use the ‘Mixer’ above the list of Bounties to choose which Esper Solo you wish to see next. You can also interact with Boomboom instead of Discboom to select different music to play in the bar and city!


Dislyte Clubs Holobattle

Although Clubs can be created with 500 Nexus Crystals if you want to make one with your friends, it’s more efficient progression-wise to join an active one. This is because most events are cooperative, and other members’ progress will help you to get better rewards.

This is one of my favorite parts of the game, and I really recommend trying to find a good, active one. Club events and activities grant vital resources, including Club Points to purchase items and Club XP to increase its level.

There are many aspects to Clubs, as you’ll be able to see by simply looking in the tab. You can read our Dislyte Clubs Guide for all the details you need to know. One of the most important things to note about Clubs, however, is that you’ll need to wait 24 hours to join a new Club after leaving one.

DJ Contest

Next up in this Dislyte Glossary is the DJ Contest. This is a rhythm game you can play to get daily rewards, mostly gold but also fragments that can be used to make Elemental Records.

There’s not a tremendous amount of merit in doing it, but the music is great and it can be fun! As such, I’d recommend doing it just to keep it fresh – this is a game, after all!


Dislyte Echo Ahmed

Dislyte has a pretty straightforward gacha system, and you can check the rates by pressing the ‘i’ button. You’ll mainly be using the Record Player, either to use Gold Records or specific Elemental Record Fragments. There is also the Record Stand, which allows you to use Esper Ripples to spin and gain that Esper, assuming you have enough. You can only get certain Espers this way, so make sure you remember!

Divine Sequencer

This is a special Shop that you will start to accumulate currency for once you have maxed out the Resonance for your Espers. Indeed, once an Esper’s Resonance has been maxed and you gain a further duplicate, you will gain the currency needed for this shop in exchange for the duplicate. This can be used to buy Ripples, Starimon, Abilimon, and more!

Point War

Dislyte Point War

This is a PvP mode you access by using Admission Certificates. You get 1 of these every 2 hours up to a maximum of 20. As you beat more people, start a streak and rise up the ranks, you’ll earn Supply Vouchers.

By setting your own defense and beating others, you’ll be able to buy things with your Vouchers and rise up the tiers until the very highest, 18. Speed is the most important part of this, as these battles often go by in one round.

For a full guide on this game mode, check out our Dislyte Point War Guide. Included is information on all the rewards available and some recommended best Espers to use in the Point War.


Pretty self-explanatory, the story mode gives a lot of very good rewards, both through each chapter’s loot and the missions tied to it. There are three levels to progress through, Easy, Hard, and Purgatory. On top of this, there are often bounties tied to fighting certain enemies in the story mode, so make sure you don’t neglect it!


Dislyte Trials Menu

One of the most important features of the game is Trials. They are incredibly important for advancing your Espers and making sure they’re good enough to make your way through the story.

There are many Trials in the game and there is a lot of information on each one. Check out our Dislyte Trials Guide for full details on all the different ones available.

War Room

In this part of the Dislyte Glossary, we take a look at the War Room mechanic. In this section of the bar, there are two types of fusion, Esper Fusion, and Equipment Fusion.

Esper Fusion requires one specified main Esper and three secondary Espers of different elemental classes. All of these Espers must match the ascension requirement, and upon being selected these Espers can be used to create the featured Esper. It is a good idea to focus on this as the available Espers to be fused changes every few months and you won’t want to miss out!

Equipment Fusion, however, uses materials found in the Cube Miracle or as rewards to fuse Equipment. This is only really worth it to get Level 60 Equipment as, ideally, you should equip your Espers with the best possible items. As such, I’d recommend fusing your materials together into Elite materials, and then using those to get the Level 60 Equipment you find yourself in need of!

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