Play Dislyte on PC and Mac Free

Although Dislyte is a Mobile Phone game, it is also possible to play it on your PC and Mac for Free. This will allow you to play the game much more passively to continue your growth in the background whilst you do other things. You will even be able to set up macros to do things for you in the game.

To get started with Playing Dislyte on your PC or Mac follow our guide below.

Can you Play Dislyte on a PC?

Yes, you can play Dislyte on a PC or Mac. Using Bluestacks you can play Dislyte directly on your computer. Keep reading this article for a full step by step guide to playing Dislyte on your PC or Mac.

Play Dislyte on PC or Mac for Free

These steps outline what you need to do in order to start playing Dislyte on your PC or Mac. It relies on using an Android Emulator called BlueStacks which means you can play any Android app right on your PC or Mac.

If you haven’t already done so, this step is very important. It allows you to log into your Dislyte account from other devices. To do this, click on your Avatar -> Settings -> Services -> Link Account. From here, link to your preferred account.

Link your Dislyte Account

Please note, for iOS users, you should link to your Facebook account. This is due to the emulator that will be used being an Android emulator. This will not let you play on an Apple-linked account. You can change this if required.

Install BlueStacks

Navigate to this Dislyte BlueStacks Page. Here, click on the Play Dislyte button. This will begin the installation process for BlueStacks.

Install Bluestacks to play Dislyte on your PC or Mac for Free

Open BlueStacks

Once BlueStacks has finished installing, it will open automatically and show an emulated Android desktop. Now click on the Play Store icon and log in with a Google account when prompted. This does not need to be the same as is linked to your Dislyte account.

Connect to BlueStacks

Install Dislyte

Now you have logged into BlueStacks, it is time to install Dislyte. Search for the game in the search bar and then hit the install button.

Install Dislyte through the PlayStore for Free on Bluestacks PC

Open Dislyte

Once Dislyte has finished installing you can simply hit the Play button to get the game started. Alternatively, navigate to the desktop screen again, by clicking the home icon, and you will see a desktop shortcut to start Dislyte.

Play Dislyte on PC for Free with Bluestacks

When you first open the application, you may be prompted to run a few updates. Complete these and then repeat the above process to open the game again.

Connect your Dislyte Account

If you connected to BlueStacks with the same Google account linked to your Dislyte account then your account should load up automatically.

However, if not, you will need to play through a very short tutorial before you can get into your account. Once the tutorial is completed click on your Avatar -> Settings -> Services -> Link Account -> Switch Accounts.

Switch your Dislyte Account

Once clicked you will be prompted to log in with a Google or Facebook account. Select whichever you linked your account with and log in. Your account will then load up.

Play Dislyte on PC and Mac Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of playing Dislyte on your PC is the ability to play much more passively. You will be able to get it going on your PC whilst you do other things and flick back to it now and again to get another battle going on auto.

Check out our Dislyte Tips and Tricks for Beginners along with all our other Dislyte Guides for more ways to improve your game.

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