Dislyte Esper Guide (Builds and How to Get)

Espers in Dislyte are at the very core of the game. They will assist you in everything you do and at the same time, you will begin to learn more about the Dislyte story and each Esper’s individual origins! As such, it is of course important to keep improving them. Read this Dislyte Esper Guide for all you need to know about getting the most out of your Espers.

In this Dislyte Esper Guide, we will cover how to get Espers, learn how to understand what each Esper should be used for, and gain information on improving your Espers.

What is an Esper in Dislyte

An Esper refers to a unit in Dislyte, the characters you collect as you progress through the game. These are the Characters you use to do everything in the game, such as battling it out in difficult Trials such as the Desolate Lands.

They are all separated into members of the Esper Union, Shadow Degree, and Wanderers. In addition, they’re all based on different mythological beings (Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Norse). This means that an Esper will often have two names, one of the Dislyte character itself and one from their mythological origins.

While playing Dislyte you’ll be constantly improving these Espers to aid you in progressing through the game. This Dislyte Esper Guide will help you in that process.

How to Get Espers in Dislyte

As already mentioned, having strong Espers is vital to progress in the game. You can of course improve those you have with better Equipment or by leveling them up fast. However, it will be very important to have a strong roster of characters to help you in the wide range of challenges you will face in Dislyte.

As with all games in this genre, there are multiple ways to increase the number of characters you have. Indeed, there are options for both free players and spenders. Below we will cover the main methods of getting more Espers in Dislyte. Also, check out our list of the Best Free Espers for more details on each of the Espers you can get through these methods.

Dislyte Story Espers

You will get some Espers automatically at the beginning of Dislyte. For instance, characters that are relevant to the early story, such as Brynn, Drew, and Q, will automatically be added to your roster. While these Espers aren’t fantastic for later on in your Dislyte experience, they’re not a bad start and there are definitely ways to make them viable, as we’ll be delving into more later on in this article.

Dislyte Echo

The Dislyte Echo mechanic is the main ‘gacha’ element of the game. Through this, you can get different Espers of varying types, elements, and rarities.

In the Dislyte Echo, you can use your Gold Records and Nexus Crystals to spin for new Espers. You can check the drop rates by pressing the “i” icon to see how likely you are to get different Espers.

It is often a good idea to wait for Echo events before making use of your Gold Records and Nexus Crystals. These events will often improve the drop rate of Espers and therefore improve your likelihood of getting your desired Esper.

Dislyte Esper Echo

Here’s what the Echo screen looks like at the moment – it’s important to note that there’s no event going on at the moment, hence Discboom being there instead.

Dislyte Esper Ripples

Another method of gaining Espers in Dislyte is by making use of Ripples. These allow specific Dislyte Espers to be created at the Record Stand. Ripples can be obtained through several different methods such as from Ripple Dimensions, Tournmanet Shop, Cube Shop, Club Shop, and the Divine Sequencer.

These are all easy ways to pick up some great Espers and can be done completely for free just by playing the game. However, it should be noted that the Espers available through these methods rotate every few months and you should therefore not waste any time picking them up whilst they are available.

Dislyte Esper Fusion

Along with this, there are also more special Espers that can only be acquired through Esper Fusion. Again those available from this method rotate every few months and you should therefore ensure you get these as soon as possible. You will also want to fuse duplicates in order to maximize their Resonance.

Although a bit of a grind, it doesn’t take luck to get these Espers, just perseverance and a lot of materials. These Espers can easily become some of your most powerful and if you focus on them from the very beginning, your original Dislyte experience can be a lot smoother than you’d think.

Dislyte Esper Basics

There are several different types of Esper with different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to know the ins and out of these to be able to construct effective Dislyte teams that work well together. You can technically just put together a team containing your objectively best Espers. However, without a good balance of DPS, support, and other factors, they likely won’t be able to work to their full potential. 

Dislye Esper Roles

Each Esper in Dislyte will fill a different role in your team. Having the right balance here can be vital in seeing you achieve your objectives. The main Esper Roles are summarized below:

  • Fighter – abilities prioritize doing as much damage as possible, sometimes through damaging debuffs.
  • Support – abilities prioritize healing and buffing the party, especially in regards to immunity, invincibility, and AP/HP regeneration.
  • Controller – abilities prioritize debuffing and disabling Espers, stunning them and otherwise stopping them from taking turns.
  • Defender – abilities increase defense, put up shields, retaliate and taunt to stop enemies from attacking other Espers.
Dislyte Esper Roles

Here’s one of my favorite Espers, Narmer. As you can see, (1) shows an Esper’s element (in this case, Inferno), and (2) shows an Esper’s role (in this case, Fighter). Make sure you look here when you’re trying to figure out how an Esper can be used!

Dislyte Esper Elements

All Espers in Dislyte have a different element assigned to them. These are summarized in the list below:

  • Inferno
  • Flow
  • Wind
  • Shimmer

Each of these elements has its own designated Divine Waves. These are the resources required to ascend your Espers, and Records in order to get random Espers with their specified element.

As you can see below, certain elements have advantages over others, with the exception of Shimmer, similar to the weapon triangle in Fire Emblem, or type advantages in Pokemon. You may want to alter your team’s elemental makeup to gain the upper hand!

Dislyte Esper Elements

When you go to play certain game modes such as Story, you’ll be shown the elemental advantages chart. Though Shimmer is the exception, sitting outside of this, it’s important to keep note of and use if you’re struggling with a particular fight!

Dislyte Esper Rarity

Another important aspect to Espers is their rarity. The higher their rarity, the more difficult they are to get and, usually, the better they are. There are currently 3 levels of rarity and each of these rarity levels will directly correlate with the Esper’s star level when they are freshly pulled.

  • Rare = 3*
  • Epic = 4*
  • Legendary = 5*

Dislyte Esper Star Level

The Esper’s star level will also directly impact their max level. This is outlined below:

  • 3* = Level 30
  • 4* = Level 40
  • 5* = Level 50
  • 6* = Level 60

Therefore, to increase your Espers level to the maximum level of 60 you must also increase their star level. This is done in a process known as promotion and is covered further in the next section.

Esper Promotion

To promote an Esper, you must combine them with a certain number of Starimon of the same star level. In addition to this, the Esper you wish to promote in Dislyte must also already be at their max level. The number of Starimon required, in addition to the Esper you are promoting, to upgrade to each star level is summarized below:

  • 4* = 3 x 3* Starimon
  • 5* = 4 x 4* Starimon
  • 6* = 5 x 5* Starimon

Please note, that the Starimon you use in the Dislyte promotion process will disappear from your inventory. Therefore, only promote those you really want to, especially at the higher levels as 5* Starimon can be hard to come by.

Dislyte Esper Abilities

Dislyte Esper Ability Upgrade

Each Esper has three abilities that fill a certain role, these are:

  • A main attack that has no cooldown.
  • Another ability with a cooldown or a passive ability.
  • An ultimate attack that comes with a special cutscene/animation.

These will usually be the deciding factor as to an Esper’s utility, considering the fact that they are quite literally what the Espers do. Therefore, it’s very important to look at them when deciding what improvements an Esper might benefit from.

These abilities can be improved by using Abilimon. Like Espers, Abilimons come in 3 different rarities:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

To upgrade an Esper’s ability, you must use an Abilimon that has the same rarity level as an Esper. While I would hold onto your Epic and Legendary Abilimon until you’re certain you want to use them to build a specific Esper, Rare ones are frankly so common and easy to come by that I wouldn’t worry too much about using them!

Esper Captain Abilities

Alongside their regular abilities that can be upgraded and used in battle, many Espers also have Captain Abilities. These are passive stat boosts sometimes tied to specific game modes which apply to everyone else in the team, provided they’re placed in the Captain position in your lineup. 

The Captain Ability you choose for a team is incredibly important to your overall build. For instance, using an Esper like Ollie or Melanie as captain for a large speed boost during Point War where the team with the Fastest Espers usually wins.

Dislyte Esper Ollie Captain Ability

Make sure you set this right before doing anything with your team, as a 25% increase in any stat can be the difference between success and failure!

Esper Resonance

In Dislyte, each Esper can also have improvements made to their Resonance. To upgrade an Esper’s Resonance, you must use up a duplicate Esper. When you do this you unlock a Divine Gate within the Espers Resonance which brings a unique buff to the Esper. There are a total of 6 Divine Gates to be unlocked via Resonance and the buffs can include the following and much more:

  • Final Damage +10%
  • Each SPD grants extra damage per hit. Extra Damage: 0.33% ATK.
  • Base ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +15%
  • Consumes 5% Max HP and deals True Damage. True Damage: 100% of consumed HP.
  • Base ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +20%
  • Immunity extended to 3 turns. (Ascension Phase 3 must be completed first.)

Each of the buffs gained from Resonance will be unique to the Esper and their specific abilities. This adds a lot of complexity to each Esper and can see certain ones becoming real specialists in certain game modes. As such, Resonance can add huge power to your Espers and it should be a big focus to obtain duplicates where they become available such as through the Shops, Ripple Dimensions, or Fusion.

Dislyte Esper Ascension

All Espers have 6 Phases of Ascension which can be unlocked. Each Phase of Ascension will improve the Esper in some way. The first and last two Ascension Phases focus on upgrading specific stats. In addition, Phases 1 and 2 will also give the Esper’s base stats a small boost. However, Phase 3 is the most important as it upgrades one of the Espers’ Abilities. Your Esper must be at a certain level before they can be Ascended to each Phase:

  • Phase 1 – must be at least level 1.
  • Phase 2 – must be at least level 10.
  • Phase 3 – must be at least level 20.
  • Phase 4 – must be at least level 30.
  • Phase 5 – must be at least level 40.
  • Phase 6 – must be at least level 50.

In addition to the minimum level requirements, you must also use a certain amount of Divine Waves that are the same element as the Esper. Not only do Divine Waves come in different elements, but they also come in different rarities:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Elite

The higher the Ascension Phase you are trying to unlock, the more you will require in terms of Divine Waves. It is therefore very important to start farming them. This is easy enough as they are gained by defeating the bosses found in the Sonic Miracle. Depending on which difficulty of the bosses you take down, you have the chance to receive different rarities.

Dislyte Esper Sonic Miracle Infernis

The Sonic Miracle stages used to farm Divine Waves aren’t too difficult to defeat. In addition, Dislyte gives away many Opt-Packs that can be exchanged for even more Divine Waves. As such, you likely won’t have any worries accumulating enough to ascend your Espers.

The Divine Wave Elements that are available alternate every day, except for Sunday on which day all of them are available. Therefore, make sure you get your timing right when you’re hunting for a specific Divine Wave in Dislyte.

Dislyte Esper Builds

Once you have a particularly useful Esper that fulfills the role you’d like it to and has useful skills, abilities, and high enough stats, there are several ways to then ‘build’ that Esper. This is the method of improving this Esper to fulfill a particular task.

While they will have a certain role as mentioned previously, you can then specialize them for different game modes or team dynamics, mostly with the use of different Dislyte Equipment sets!

There are more generic ways of improving Espers that aren’t tied to particular roles. For example by using the Advancement tab to level them up, using Abilimon to improve their abilities, using Resonance, and by using Ascension to increase their stats and abilities to at least Phase 3 for the ability boost this provides.

Creating a Dislyte Esper Team

Your Dislyte team composition largely depends on what you’re putting this team together for and the enemies you’ll be facing. Having the roles of your Espers vary is definitely a good start, to ensure that several bases are covered. Below is a basic guide on what an Esper Team should look like for different game modes.

  • Story: 3 Fighter Espers and 2 Support Espers.
  • Point War: 3 Fighter Espers, 1 Support Esper, and 1 Controller Esper, with an even greater emphasis on speed.
  • Spatial Tower: 2 AOE Fighter Espers and 3 Support Espers (though this varies a lot for each floor).
  • Cube Miracle: 3 Fighter Espers and 2 Support Espers with an emphasis on speed.
  • Kronos: 3 Fighter Espers, 1 Healer, and then either another Support or a Controller.
  • Apep: 2 Fighters, 1 Healer, 1 Diseased Debuffer, and then either another Diseased Debuffer or Dispeller.
  • Fafnir: 2 Fighters, 2 Healers who can preferably do some buffing and dispelling as well, and 1 Buffer/Debuffer Support that has some multi-stage attacks.
  • Shadowgale: 3-4 Support/Controller Espers in front, DPS Fighter Espers in the back (buffing and getting the elemental advantage is ideal).
  • Shadowstream: 3 Support/Controller Espers in front, DPS Fighter Espers with elemental advantage in back.
  • Shadowfire: 2 Support/Tank Espers in front, AOE Espers in the back (particularly Flow-attuned).

Following these guidelines with building a team from scratch should be a good baseline to figure out what needs improving. Simply putting together a team of Espers you like, and know relatively well, finding out what they’re best at, and locating the weakest links will get you on your way to creating a competent layout.

Check out our Dislyte Guides for each specific game mode for more details on the event and how to beat it.

Do you Need the Best Espers

When you’re playing gacha games wherein you’re attempting to get the optimal team, you can often get absorbed in tier lists and number crunching, but you don’t necessarily need to do so. There may also be situations wherein you want to improve and use certain Espers for story reasons or aesthetics when they aren’t perhaps the most ideal or competent in battle – this is fine!

At the end of the day, Dislyte is a game, not solely a competition, and if you want to use the Espers you enjoy, that’s far more important than optimization. If you want to have fun with the game, nobody is stopping you.

There are ways to make Espers more competent or figure out how to use them to their full potential, and one of the big key elements of this is their elemental attunement and the advantage harnessing it can provide.

Dislyte Esper Tips

Of course, you don’t always want to analyze each Esper individually to decide if you should develop them or indeed how you should develop them. Follow these quick Dislyte Esper Tips to speed up the process.

Esper Strategy Tab

Make sure to look at the Profile and Strategy tabs of your Espers. Here, there are several different menus to look through though these two are the most useful.

The Strategy tab can provide some basic information about how your Esper functions, but it also shows you the most popular Equipment used and can sometimes provide tutorials!

Dislyte Esper Strategy Tab

Here’s a view of the Equipment side of the Strategy guide, the most useful part for beginners. I’d recommend checking out each tab mentioned in this guide individually, as they obviously vary immensely between Espers!

Esper Performance Tab

The Performance tab is the most useful one regardless of how much you’ve progressed through Dislyte. It gives you guidance on not only the Equipment Sets that your friends use for the Esper in question but also the successful teams that they’ve been used in.

Reading this will give you some quick inspiration for team composition. This can be particularly useful in those situations where you love an Esper but they don’t seem to be very well-liked or used – hopefully you can get guidance on how to make them shine!

Dislyte Esper Stories

Regardless of how useful an Esper is in battle, one thing that makes all of them pretty significant is that they all have personalities, backgrounds, and connections with one another. Though Dislyte’s main story includes very few Espers, there are several ways in which you can learn more about each of them and their connection to the wider story.

Dislyte Events

Whenever a new Esper is released there is typically an engaging Event released with it. These are unique to the Esper and introduce you to their background, friendships, and personality. In addition to this they are usually a great source of rewards too!

Esper Profiles

Other than the main story, the only other ways you’ll be getting an Esper’s story is through their Profile and Careers tabs. These provide written information about each of their individual stories.

You can also access Esper Solos through the Bounties menu which gives more individual stories. By choosing the Esper Solo you want to see next, within the Mixer above the list of Bounties, you can prompt it, giving you a glimpse into that character’s life and personality.

Dislyte Esper Solos

Here’s the Mixer where you can choose which Esper Solo you want to see. While this can be particularly useful if you want to see a continuation to a story you’ve already started, I’d recommend leaving this on random and seeing who you get!

Completion of these Solos unlocks each Esper’s diary. This usually details something that the Esper has written down about the events of their Solo. This can be found in their Profile along with a picture album of them that will also be unlocked as you progress.

Further Esper Information

Though these methods of finding stories within the game are the primary ones, there is more information buried in the Dislyte Atlas feature. While the primary function of this menu is to review previously viewed stories and look at a gallery of all unlocked Espers, there is another tab labeled Esper Community. This is a list of stories unlocked by acquiring all relevant Espers.

Once you’ve collected them all, not only can you get a small reward but you’ll also receive a short story about those characters. Though these aren’t very plot relevant, they are still quite entertaining and well worth seeking out if you’re interested in learning more about the relationships your Espers share.


Hopefully, this guide will help you to develop your Espers for combat and build them into the best they can possibly be. In addition, while I do enjoy Dislyte’s gameplay a lot (as you can likely tell), I think the character designs and theming are truly where it shines, and for that reason, I think it’s important to also not disregard those aspects.

In the future, Dislyte may link more of its Espers into the main plot and perhaps elaborate on the central conflict, but until then hopefully, these smaller stories will tide you over (of course, along with the new game modes and other fun gameplay elements now that you know how best to progress through them!).

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