Dislyte Point War Guide and Best Espers

As with most mobile games, developing characters is mostly for a competitive PVP goal – in Dislyte’s case, Point War! While you don’t have to engage with this aspect of the game, it’s a good way to gauge progress and can provide incredibly useful rewards. As such, having good Esper Team Builds made specifically for Dislyte Point War is ideal in order to optimize rewards and thus be able to advance further.

In this Dislyte Point War Guide we will outline exactly what the Point War is and what rewards can you can expect from taking part. We will also outline some of the Best Dislyte Esper Teams for Point War which should assist you in progressing up the tiers.

What is Point War in Dislyte

Dislyte Point War

As already mentioned, Point War is the main PvP game mode found in Dislyte. It sees you taking a team of Espers into battle against another player. Each time you win a battle you earn some points, whilst losing a battle will see you lose some points. You will also receive a small reward of Supply Vouchers for each victory which can be redeemed in the Point War shop for rare items.

Each season of Point War lasts for one week, with rewards distributed at the end of the season based on your final standing. Starting at Tier 1, you are able to slowly work your way up the tiers as you win battles. The higher your tier, the better the end-of-season rewards will be.

Dislyte Point War Tiers

As mentioned above, each season of Point War lasts for one week. During this time, you are able to work your way up the tiers as you win battles. The higher your tier level, the more difficult the opponents and the better the rewards.

There are 18 tiers in total, although the difficulty jumps around tiers 11-13. Tiers under 11 are protected, so you can’t be knocked down a tier by losing, and the 16th tier and above are ranked on a Points Leaderboard to decide who ascends. The below table outlines the requirements to ascend to each tier.

176,400Top 400
186,400Top 100

Taking Part in the Point War

It costs one Admission Certificate in order to challenge another player in the Point War. The opponents you can challenge in the Point War will depend on your current tier. Each time you challenge another team of Espers, it will cost you one Admission Certificate. You can hold a maximum of 20 of these at any one time with them replenishing by 1 ticket every 2 hours.

Along with challenging opponents, you can set up a Defensive Esper Team to appear to others, with defensive victories also providing rewards. Fighting foes in this way will also earn you Supply Vouchers which can be used to redeem things in the Tournament Shop.

Dislyte Point War Defense

Dislyte Point War Rewards

At the end of each season, you’ll receive an award of Nexus Crystals and Supply Vouchers based on your current tier, provided you participated. You will also get a further reward each time you win a battle within the tier. These rewards can get to incredibly high levels and it is, therefore, vital to have one of the best Dislyte Point War Teams you can. The reward payouts are outlined below:

18 Supply Vouchers50 Nexus Crystals
300 Supply Vouchers
28 Supply Vouchers60 Nexus Crystals
320 Supply Vouchers
38 Supply Vouchers80 Nexus Crystals
340 Supply Vouchers
410 Supply Vouchers100 Nexus Crystals
360 Supply Vouchers
510 Supply Vouchers140 Nexus Crystals
380 Supply Vouchers
610 Supply Vouchers180 Nexus Crystals
400 Supply Vouchers
712 Supply Vouchers220 Nexus Crystals
420 Supply Vouchers
812 Supply Vouchers260 Nexus Crystals
440 Supply Vouchers
912 Supply Vouchers300 Nexus Crystals
460 Supply Vouchers
1014 Supply Vouchers350 Nexus Crystals
480 Supply Vouchers
1114 Supply Vouchers400 Nexus Crystals
500 Supply Vouchers
1214 Supply Vouchers450 Nexus Crystals
520 Supply Vouchers
1316 Supply Vouchers500 Nexus Crystals
540 Supply Vouchers
1416 Supply Vouchers600 Nexus Crystals
560 Supply Vouchers
1516 Supply Vouchers700 Nexus Crystals
580 Supply Vouchers
1618 Supply Vouchers800 Nexus Crystals
600 Supply Vouchers
1718 Supply Vouchers900 Nexus Crystals
620 Supply Vouchers
1818 Supply Vouchers1,000 Nexus Crystals
640 Supply Vouchers

In addition to this, there are weekly rewards given as you win a certain number of matches. These are unlocked after every 5 wins up to a maximum of 35 wins.

Building a Dislyte Team for Point War

The basic Esper Team layout that I would suggest for Point War involves one or two dedicated DPS Fighter Espers, with the remaining members being a mix of Support and Controller Espers. Defenders such as Donar and Ren Si can also be useful and shouldn’t be ignored, but a Point War team thrives on speed and these Espers are normally slow. As such, I’ll be discussing Espers that primarily focus on speed and disabling.

While some guides give specific good Esper Team layouts, I don’t think this is very helpful. These team builds rely on synergy, so unless you have all of them already built in the best way for this task, it won’t do you much good. As such, with my basic team layout in mind, I’ll be recommending which Espers would fit these roles best.

From here, you can see which of these you have and figure out which would work together to create your own Esper Team, while also learning which traits lend themselves well to Point War. Reading this, along with our Individual Esper Guides, Equipment Guide, and Esper Guide will give you the knowledge you need to build the Best Dislyte Team for Point War with the Espers you have available.

DPS Espers for Point War

Best DPS Espers for Dislyte Point War

These are the Espers you will rely on to do the bulk of your damage. Getting this right can see you wiping out the enemy team in just a few hits. Keep reading below for our pick of the Best DPS Espers to use in your Point War Team. For more information on everything that makes an Esper good, check out our dedicated Dislyte Esper Guide.


Narmer is one of the best DPS Espers in the game, a powerful Inferno Fighter, known as a ‘nuker’ for his ability to do an incredible amount of damage in one attack. Through his ordinary attack being able to provide him with an ATK Up boost and his passive allowing him to stack Burning Sun, a buff that increases the power of his best attack, he can deal a huge amount of damage with one Emblazoned Strike.

This huge hit of damage is, however, balanced by how long it takes to build up to this attack. It can take some time to hit the maximum cap of 8, and Point War is often finished within a few rounds. This is where the idea of Espers having synergy comes in, however.

As well as gaining stacks at the start of this turn, Narmer also gains one for each buff applied to him. As such, he works well with Support Espers who can buff him many times early on in the fight.

Check out our Narmer Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


Ollie is another fantastic DPS Esper, but his main benefits don’t actually come from the damage he does. One of the main boons that makes him useful for Point War, in particular, is that he provides a 25% SPD boost when he’s Captain of the team. SPD is the most important stat when it comes to Point War. there are very few rounds and you want to attack first and hardest.

Despite this, he has an arguably more important ability, and in saying this I’m referring to his ability to resurrect his allies. Not only can his most powerful ability provide Invincibility to himself, but his passive is able to recover allies who receive a fatal blow, giving them both Invincibility and Recovery. This allows them to heal, possibly even back to full health if you also have a healing Support Esper on your side.

This ability is incredibly useful for making sure no synergy is lost in your team. However, the cooldown is extremely long to balance it and so it’ll likely only happen once per match. Having other Espers equipped with Ocean can lower this cooldown, but it isn’t really worth it. As such, I’d do my best to remember that this safety net only works once.

Check out our Ollie Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


Raven is one of the most powerful Espers when it comes to a mix of Support and DPS. She is a Fighter and has incredible AoE offensive capabilities. In addition, she’s also very useful when it comes to dispelling, something vital in Point War when it comes to teams that rely on buffs.

Not only can she dispel enemy buffs but she can also apply a DEF Down debuff, which allows her powerful damage and the damage of her allies to only be improved. Due to this, while she deals a lot of damage to the entire enemy force herself, she also pairs well with other Fighter Espers. She’s a great mix with multiple utilities and only serves to make everyone else even better as she destroys the enemy force.

Check out our Raven Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.

Support Espers for Point War

Best Support Espers for Dislyte Point War

These are the Espers you need to keep your team healthy and buffed to their maximum potential. Getting this right will make your team very durable and hard to beat. Keep reading below for our pick of the Best Support Espers to use in your Point War Team. For more information on everything that makes an Esper good, check out our dedicated Dislyte Esper Guide.


Clara is arguably one of the best Support Espers in Dislyte or at least one of the Best Healers! Due to her passive ability, her healing clears several debuffs from allies and grants Immunity if none are present, protecting them from many Support and Controller Espers on the opposite team. On top of this, the amount that she heals is immense and any overflow healing is converted into a shield, meaning that it’s never wasted.

While being one of the best Supports in Dislyte obviously makes her a useful asset in Point War, she also has great AP manipulation and is able to heal even while attacking, making her a powerful asset in making sure her allies are still standing. As long as you have her on your team, your healing is fully covered, leaving the rest of your slots for damage, control, and buffing/debuffing.

Check out our Clara Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


While Gabrielle has incredibly useful buffing and debuffing abilities that allow her to support her opponents, these aren’t actually the features that make her so useful for Point War. The first is that she can provide Immunity to her allies on her first turn, provided she’s fast enough to go before any opponent Controllers. This completely protects your allies from their disabling attacks and allows you a solid first turn.

The next ties into this quite well, and it’s the fact that her primary attack is boosted by her SPD. As has been previously mentioned here, SPD is the most important stat to boost for any Point War Espers, and so you’ll likely have SPD boosts somewhere in your Best Dislyte Point War Team. This means that she’ll do more damage the faster she goes, and the faster she goes the more likely she’ll be able to protect the team.

Check out our Gabrielle Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


Unas is a particularly fast Support Esper, usually able to get in there first if built well. Due to both a high base speed and an ability to up the AP of the entire team, he is normally able to guarantee that your team goes first. Due to this, he has a lot of synergy with many on this list, particularly the Controllers.

On top of this, his SPD is very easily improved. Enemy Espers taking their turns only makes him faster, and along with the fact that his damage is fairly decent compared to other Espers like this, he can provide tons of support and empower the team faster than opponents can harm them.


Sally is a great Support Esper whose focus is not only on some of the best healing in Dislyte but also on the ability to equalize health, almost like a better Alexa. She’s able to help allied Espers with low health get back into the game, while also reducing the amount of damage they receive, clearing them of debuffs before they’re too damaged as a result and even empowering their attacks – in this way, she’s a Jack of All Trades.

Making most game modes easy for her allies, her great healing is best paired with teams that are already quite defensive, so I’d definitely employ her if you’re planning to use some slower, more defensive Espers. Regardless, she’s very useful for protecting her allies, and should definitely be built for any team, even if not Point War in particular.

Check out our Sally Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


Sienna is a particularly useful Support Esper when it comes to buffs. Not only can she increase ATK, SPD, and AP which are all incredibly useful for Point War, but she is also able to reset the enemy team’s AP all the way to 0% AND Stun them. This effectively takes them out of combat for a good while. She provides great windows for damage to be dealt, whilst also increasing the amount of damage.

As she’s unable to heal or dispel buffs and her AP manipulation could be better, she’s best paired with Espers who can do these sorts of things such as Triki, Tiye, and Raven. Who you pair her with, of course, depends on who you have, but she’s great at providing a good foundation for the rest of your team to build on.

Check out our Sienna Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.

Controller Espers for Point War

Best Controller Espers for Dislyte Point War

These are the Espers you need in your team to reduce the ability of the enemy to get attacks off on you. Getting this right will neuter even the most powerful opposition. Keep reading below for our pick of the Best Controller Espers to use in your Point War Team. For more information on everything that makes an Esper good, check out our dedicated Dislyte Esper Guide.


Lucas is an exceptional Controller that you might find particularly helpful as a part of this list because he’s able to be acquired for free as a reward for finishing the Spatial Tower.

He’s able to take a large percentage of opponents’ AP in one attack, and through his AOE attacks, he can stun opponents. Aided by the fact that he gains AP for each stunned opponent, this makes him very quick and incredibly able to essentially stun lock opponents.

On top of this, he’s able to dispel buffs and attacks several times, whether it be by using AOE attacks or his regular ability, which hits 3 times. As such, he’s also able to deal some damage once he’s stunned opponents, and will likely keep them in this state for the actual DPS Espers to make their move.

Check out our Lucas Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.

Long Mian

Long Mian is a Controller Esper you’ll see a lot in Point War, and it isn’t hard to see why. He’s only a 4*, meaning that he’s significantly easier to get than most other Espers on this list, and his disabling power is immense. Not only can he inflict SPD Down with his standard attack, but he can also reduce AP, an ability that is doubled for debuffed opponents, and he’s also able to inflict Freeze with his most powerful attack.

These abilities mean that he can stop opponents in their tracks and as long as he gets in there first, they’ll be too harmed by the first round to climb their way back up. The AP reduction is a great help, and Freezing can impact the entire team. On top of this, he also has a Captain ability that increases SPD – this isn’t as much of a buff as 5* Espers, only 20%, but if you don’t have anything else this is still a useful boon!

Check out our Long Mian Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


Tiye is a Controller Esper with a strong focus on AP manipulation. Though there are definitely others who combine their manipulation with other abilities to perform devastating effects, Tiye’s is arguably the most powerful. Indeed, she can take a significant amount of AP from every single enemy Esper and spread it evenly amongst her allies, pushing them ahead and leaving enemies sapped.

While this AP manipulation already makes her ideal for Point War, her Captain ability is also geared towards increasing allies’ SPD, making her even more fitting to fill this role. While she doesn’t immobilize opponents through debuffs like Stunning and Freezing, AP manipulation can’t be cleared so she’s arguably better in this regard.

Check out our Tiye Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.


Triki is a powerful Controller Esper with a primary focus on debuffs. He’s able to transfer debuffs to his opponents while Stunning them in the process, dispelling buffs, decreasing hit rate, and increasing the duration of already inflicted debuffs. While the stunning aspects and the ability to keep all opponents debuffed in some way do lend themselves well to Point War, they aren’t the biggest reasons to use him.

The main reason why Triki is so useful is his passive, Gambit. With this, Triki can’t miss, and he gains boons from enemies trying to clear their debuffs – their HP is reduced, they lose all of their buffs and they are petrified, meaning that not only can they not act but their ability cooldowns can’t decrease either. This is a great direct counter to debuff clearing Support Espers, which there are many of in Point War.

Check out our Triki Guide for more details on why we think they are one of the Best Point War Dislyte Espers.

Now Build your Best Dislyte Point War Team

There are many Espers useful for Point War, and not all of them are mentioned here. I’m very aware of the fact that a lot of these Espers are incredibly difficult to get, and this can definitely cause issues for you. At the end of the day who you use and build depends on who you have and your personal preferences. These are the best of the best, but enjoyment is far more important than optimization.

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