How to get Free Nexus Crystals in Dislyte

Nexus Crystals represent the premium currency of Dislyte. They can be used for all kinds of things such as buying Gold Records in the Echo and buying more stamina. Of course, as premium would suggest, if you want a vast amount of them then you will need to spend money. Despite this, there are some easy ways to get Nexus Crystals in Dislyte for Free.

Being able to get these Nexus Crystals for will help you greatly in progressing your Espers if you want to keep your spending down. In this Dislyte Guide we outline all the best ways that you can do this. We will also discuss some of the best things to spend your Nexus Crystals on.

What are Nexus Crystals in Dislyte?

Nexus Crystals are the premium currency in Dislyte that can be used on all sorts of things such as buying additional stamina, buying Gold Records to spin for new Espers in the Echo, and . Spending money is a guaranteed way to get this currency and will be a huge boon to accelerating your account. However, there are also free ways to accumulate Nexus Crystals which we will go over in the next section.

Free Ways to get Nexus Crystals in Dislyte

To keep your spending down, making use of the free methods of obtaining Nexus Crystals is highly recommended. Most of these are actually very easy to do and if you do them all every day you will quickly build up a good supply. Keep reading below for all the best methods.


Dislyte Events for Free Nexus Crystals

Every couple of weeks, the developers of Dislyte release unique events into the game. Taking active involvement in each of these is a great source of many items with the rewards generals being quite generous. Indeed, you will likely see many Nexus Crystals up for grabs in every event.


Each day, there are a number of quests that can be completed in return for points. Every 20 points you accumulate, up to a maximum of 100, will get you a reward for a total of 5 rewards. Getting all of these each day will get you 150 Nexus Crystals.

Sentinel Hunt

Dislyte Sentinel Hunt for Free Nexus Crystals

The Sentinel Hunt is a Club activity that sees you send out 3 waves of Espers to take on a massive boss. It opens up every 3 days and you are and you gain rewards based on how much damage you can do on it over your 3 best attempts. Hitting the maximum scores will see you get 120 Nexus Crystals.

Club Tasks

Dislyte Club Tasks for Free Nexus Crystals

Each week, your Club will have tasks to complete that will reward it with points. Once you get the Club Points total up to the maximum of 5,000, you will be rewarded, along with some other items, a small amount of Nexus Crystals. Tasks include 3 daily individual tasks and one club weekly task.


Every day you are given 3 Mission Letters which can be redeemed to accept Bounties. You can hold a total of 6 Mission Letters at any one time. Each Bounty you accept can reward you with many different things such as Stamina, Abilimon, and Nexus Crystals once you have completed them.

This is another great source of easy Nexus Crystals. In addition, there are also Gold Record and Nexus Crystal Rewards for completing a certain amount of Bounties each week. Rewards are paid out once you have completed 4, 8, and 12 Bounties respectively.


Expeditions are a special Trial in Dislyte that sees you sending off some Espers to complete a task over a certain time period. To complete them it will cost you Stamina and Expedition Warrants of which you can have up to a maximum of 4 and will get an additional 3 every day.

Typical Expeditions will see your Espers taking on Ritual or Sonic Miracles on their own in return for Equipment and Waves. However, there are also Daily Special Events that can be done for rarer resources such as Nexus Crystals and Point War Admission Certificates. Always make sure you go for the Nexus Crystals when they appear here!


Dislyte Esper Tactics Exam for Free Nexus Crystals

Upgrading your Espers is another way to accumulate small amounts of Nexus Crystals. For each one you unlock, there is a simple Tactics Exam that you can complete for a reward of 50 Nexus Crystals.

In addition, under each Esper’s Profile section, you will find a Careers tab. Here there are 3 levels of rewards that can be unlocked as you upgrade that Esper. Once the Esper reaches Level 20 you will get 10 Nexus Crystals, when they reach Level 30 you will get 20 Nexus Crystals, and once they reach Ascension Phase 4 you will get 30 Nexus Crystals. You have to claim these individually so don’t forget to get them!

Achievements & Courses

Dislyte Achievements for Free Nexus Crystals

Within the Missions menu, you will find 2 tabs called Courses and Achievements. These are specific targets that you can try and meet in return for some rewards including Gold Records and Nexus Crystals. Some are easily achieved simply by playing the game. However, others will require you to build specific teams of Espers in order to complete them.

Dislyte Codes

Like most games in the genre, there are also unique codes that can be redeemed in return for special rewards such as Nexus Crystals. For Android users, these codes are redeemed by going to Settings -> Services -> Gift Code. However, for iOS users, you must redeem the codes here.

Below is a list of all the most recent Dislyte Codes. Alternatively, you can follow the official Dislyte Twitter where they announce all their new codes. They are typically released about once a month and are only active for a short amount of time.

  • GirlPower (expires 8 April 2023)
  • 2023Valentine (expires 13 March 2023)
  • PlayDislyte (no expiry)

What to Spend Nexus Crystals on in Dislyte

Once you have accumulated a good supply of Nexus Crystals, you may wonder what it is best to spend them on. This will likely depend on what stage of the game you are at and what you are actively trying to improve. Below, we outline the most important things that you should focus on with your Nexus Crystals.

Gold Records

Spend your Nexus Crystals on Gold Records in Dislyte

In Dislyte, you can buy Gold Records for 200 Nexus Crystals and you can never go wrong with spending them on this. Indeed, buying Gold Records will allow you to spin in the Echo more often. This will thereby unlock more Espers for your account, and the more you do it the more likely you are to get one of the best.

Additionally, as you continue to the Echo, you will start to get duplicates. This allows you to use the Resonance function for your Espers to make them even stronger. You can learn more about this mechanic in our Dislyte Esper Guide.


Spend your Nexus Crystals on Stamina in Dislyte

The next best thing to spend your Nexus Crystals on is Stamina. Whenever you start grinding for a certain material in one of the many game modes you will quickly see yourself running out of stamina. It costs 60 Nexus Crystals to purchase an additional 90 Stamina each time.

You can buy Stamina a maximum of 10 times a day. This will not only help with your material grinding but also help with upgrading your Account Level much more quickly. Check out our Dislyte Beginner Tips for more helpful information like this.


As you progress in the game you will likely get low on Gold as you regularly upgrade your Equipment to try and get the optimal Secondary Attributes. It will cost you 50 Nexus Crystals to gain 50,000 Gold. It is however typically not recommended to spend your Nexus Crystals on Gold as there are more efficient ways of accumulating this resource.

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