Dislyte Trials Guide

In this guide, we’ll be discussing Dislyte Trials, a collection of game modes that supply some of the most important resources in Dislyte. While story progress should be your main priority, this is likely where you’ll go if it slows.

As the game modes vary a lot in regards to who you’ll be fighting, it’s very important that you get down the basics of each so that you can start building specialized teams and figuring out what works best!

Dislyte Trials

Here’s the Trials menu. It’s important to note that you won’t necessarily have everything unlocked immediately, but that’s nothing to worry about! Keep reading below and will give you all the essential details on each of these Dislyte Trials.

Cube Miracle

Cube Miracle opens every 2 days. It’s a labyrinth where you fight teams of other Espers on three floors to gain Esper XP, Cube Points, and Cube Stones. These can be spent on a variety of different items and Relic Fusion Materials, among other things and so they’re very valuable to take advantage of! There are several different difficulties of fights you can choose between, and the harder they are the more you’ll be rewarded.

Not only can you recruit other Espers to help you through, but you must also buff your team with Runes in order to succeed. You can have up to 6 at a time, and upgrade them on specific tiles.

Each instance of Cube Miracle is permadeath, so be careful! This is one of my favorite Trials, but this system isn’t new to Dislyte – if you’ve played other idle games, you probably have experience with similar that you can apply here.

Dislyte Trial - Cube Miracle

This is the end of the labyrinth, one step away from the final boss. This is likely where you’ll slip up if you’re unprepared!


Every day, you get 3 Expedition Warrants which you can use to send Espers out on Special Events or to work on cleared Ritual/Sonic Miracle sections. Doing this will see you gain rewards without having to do anything.

These teams have to meet the required number of members, and you can increase your earnings if all explorers meet Elemental Class/Level requirements. Eventually, you’ll be able to use ‘Auto-Suggest’ to have Espers slotted in automatically, but there are no worries if you can’t fill it out fully – it’s only a small increase!

While this isn’t one of the trials in Dislyte that requires a lot of active involvement, it’s pretty important to make sure that you start it off whenever you can to get a supply of materials in that you don’t even have to work for!

Dislyte Trial - Expedition

Here’s the Expedition menu. As you can see, your Expedition Warrants cap at 4, so make sure you use them up every day!

Infinite Miracle

The Infinite Miracle is made up of two parts:

  • Spatial Tower
  • Temporal Tower

The Spatial Tower is made up of 100 floors, each with a reward. Each floor can only be challenged once, and you cannot have friends’ Espers assisting you.

Completing the event will open up the Temporal Tower, along with getting you a 5* Esper, Apollo! These fights can be particularly difficult, but incredibly rewarding. Indeed, the Infinite Miracle is a vital part of my process for Leveling Espers Fast.

The Temporal Tower is fairly similar in that it features many levels (50), each with a reward. However, it resets on the 1st of each month, thus requiring the Tower to be challenged from the very bottom again at the start of each month.

Once more, friends’ Espers can’t assist you. While this is one of the trials you won’t unlock for a while, luckily for you we’ll be creating some guides to help you get through the Spatial Tower so that you can play with everything Dislyte has to offer!

Ripple Dimension

These will open randomly as you play the game and last for 60 minutes. A 3* Dimension will grant up to 5 Esper Ripples and a 4* Dimension grants up to 8, provided you fight the teams within them as many times as possible.

After 15 minutes, they’re announced to the whole chat. However, they will be announced to your friends and Clubmates as soon as they’re opened. As such, it’s good to have an active list of friends and to be in a Dislyte Club!

These Esper Ripples you receive can be exchanged for their specified Espers in the Echo menu. Though this won’t usually matter much for 3* Espers, it’s the only way Dhalia and Ye Suhua can be obtained, so it’s still important to focus on since these can be vital units to have!

Dislyte Trial - Ripple Dimension

This is what the Ripple Dimension menu looks like! Hopefully, you’ll get access to better ones than this.

Ritual Miracle

The Ritual Miracle consists of 3 bosses (likely more in future updates!) that each allows you to farm different Relics for your Espers upon defeat. The current bosses consist of:

  • Kronos
  • Apep
  • Fafnir

Each of these bosses has different Elemental Types and abilities that require different team compositions to tackle. We’ll hopefully have guides up for each of these bosses in the future to help you build the best possible team, but you’ll likely be able to tackle them by just checking the game’s hints and seeing what works best in the meantime.

They all have different difficulty levels that award you with better Relics, so it’s very important to keep challenging them as they get harder and harder, but you’ll likely be able to beat each boss by just improving your best Espers and focusing on eliminating the Espers who don’t seem to fare well or help much!

Dislyte Trial - Ritual Miracle

Here’s Kronos, the easiest Ritual Miracle boss. As you can see, there’s a list of Relics you can get from each of the bosses, so make sure you’re farming for the right sets!

Sonic Miracle

The Sonic Miracle consists of 4 bosses which each correspond to the different Elements within the game. Each of these bosses will be open on different days of the week. They are currently:

  • Infernis (Inferno) – Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Windstriker (Wind) – Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Flowrunner (Flow) – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Shimmerer (Shimmer) – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Defeating these bosses gets you Divine Waves, which allow you to ascend Espers of that element. As such, they’re vital to focus on and farm in order to optimize your Espers.

Each boss has 8 difficulty levels, but they’re not too difficult and you don’t necessarily need specialized teams for them. You can beat these by simply progressing in the game and improving your Espers when necessary. However, these tips may help you:

  • Infernis – deals more damage as its HP is reduced, so you should try to defeat it as quickly as possible.
  • Windstriker – can poison your Espers and will deal more damage to them, so you should try to have a healer Esper, or one who is able to clear debuffs.
  • Flowrunner – can heal when dealing damage, so you should try to inflict ‘Diseased’ to block its healing.
  • Shimmerer – has a shield that buffs its ATK, so you should try to focus on dispelling that and dealing as much damage to it as possible to clear the shield before it can regenerate.
Dislyte Trial - Sonic Miracle

Here’s Flowrunner! The difficulty levels are far lower for Sonic Miracle compared to Ritual Miracle, so I wouldn’t worry about building a specialized team unless you want to master each level faster than average.

Desolate Lands

This Dislyte Trial sees you taking on different bosses. The objective is to deal the most damage you can against them which will see you rewarded with Boost Stones depending on the damage ranking you achieve. There are currently 4 bosses in this Trial as outlined below:

  • Shadowgale
  • Shadowstream
  • Shadowfire
  • Shademother

Each of these bosses has a different element that will affect the strategy you implement against them. Check out our full Dislyte Desolate Lands Guide for more details.

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