Dislyte Esper Guides: Zhong Nan (Zhong Kui)

Dislyte Esper Guides: Zhong Nan (Zhong Kui)

Originating from Zhong Kui, the King of Ghosts from Chinese mythology, Zhong Nan is an Epic Controller Esper of the Shimmer Element. He excels at using his speed to hit enemies with Silence before they have a chance to act and as such is a major disrupter of the enemy team’s plans!

Zhong Nan Details

  • Max Level Stats
  • ATK:
  • HP:
  • DEF:
  • SPD:
  • C. RATE: 10%
  • C. DMG: 150%
  • ACC: 0%
  • RESIST: 20%
  • General Information
  • Role: Controller
  • Element: Shimmer
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Affiliation: Wanderer
  • Origins: Chinese
  • Deity: Zhong Kui
  • Captain Ability: Yes
  • Availability: Echo

Is Zhong Nan a Good Esper in Dislyte?

Zhong Nan is a Controller Esper who is an absolute machine at neutralizing the enemies’ capability to get their best abilities out. As such, he relies on a high SPD build to get his third ability, Heavenly Justice, out early which Silences the whole enemy team for 2 turns, preventing them from using anything but their basic abilities.

Thankfully his base SPD stat is already pretty good and you can add another +10 SPD easily through Ascension. Following this, you can add a further +18 SPD from his Divine Gate 2 Resonance which activates when he has an ability on cooldown. Adding this all up quickly makes him one of the Fastest Espers in Dislyte.

On top of all this, he gets another chance to Silence the enemy with his first ability, Sweeping Strike, which attacks one enemy and has a chance to Silence them for 2 turns and if they are already silenced then has a chance to increase their cooldowns by 1 turn. Lastly, his second ability, Abjure Evil, will dispel all buffs from the enemy target.

Due to Silence being the main draw of Zhong Nan, he is mainly used in PvP, with his utility outside of this a bit more limited. If you are able to Silence the enemy Controller before they act, you instantly become the favorite to win the match. As a Shimmer Esper, he can be a little hard to get duplicates of for Resonance which may make it hard for you to get the most out of him.

Zhong Nan Abilities

In battle, an Esper will utilize their abilities in order to deal damage to the enemy and support their team. All Dislyte Esper Abilities start at Level 1 and can be increased further depending on the ability. Each additional level will improve the ability in a certain way. For more details on improving an Esper’s abilities, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on all of Zhong Nan’s abilities can be seen below.

Sweeping Strike

  • Level 1: Attacks 1 enemy. Damage: 100% ATK. 50% chance of inflicting Silence for 1 turn.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 110%.
  • Level 3: Trigger Chance increased to 60%.
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 120%
  • Level 5: Trigger Chance increased to 70%.

Abjure Evil

  • Level 1: Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Damage per hit: 85% ATK. Each hit grants Zhong Nan +20% AP. The 1st hit dispels all buffs on the target.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 90%.
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 95%.
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 100%.
  • Level 5: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn.

Heavenly Justice

  • Level 1: Attacks all enemies 2 times. Damage per hit: 45% ATK. Each hit inflicts Silence for 2 turns. If an enemy is already afflicted with Silence, all their Ability Cooldowns +1 turn.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 50%.
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 55%.
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 60%.
  • Level 5: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn.

Zhong Nan Captain Ability

Increases ally ACC in Point War by 40%.

Zhong Nan Ascension

All Espers in Dislyte can be further ascended to improve their stats starting from level 1. They can then be ascended again at levels 10/20/30/40/50 up to a total of 6 Ascensions. For more details on Ascending your Espers, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on the boost gained by Zhong Nan at each level of Esper Ascension can be seen below.

  • Phase 1: DEF +70
  • Phase 2: HP +950
  • Phase 3: Upgraded Heavenly Justice
  • Phase 4: HP +10%
  • Phase 5: ACC +15%
  • Phase 6: SPD +10

Zhong Nan Resonance

Each Esper can conduct up to 6 Resonances. Each Resonance unlocks Divine Gates that boost an Esper’s powers through higher stats or stronger abilities. You can learn more about this feature in our Dislyte Esper Guide. See below for this Esper’s Resonance buffs.

Divine GateDescription
OverloadHeavenly Justice: Final Damage +10%.
Hasty ActionIf there is an ability on cooldown, SPD +18.
BlessingBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +15%.
Defensive IntrusionWhen attacking, 18% chance of ignoring RESIST.
AuraBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +20%.
MorphAbjure Evil: Dispelling is effective for every hit.

Zhong Nan Equipment

Zhong Nan’s utility depends on him being one of the first Espers to attack in order to get his Silence debuff out and neutralize the enemy right from the start. It is also important that these debuffs actually hit. Therefore, you should look to apply the following sets:

  • Wind: SPD +25%
  • Recurve: ACC +25%

Lastly, Zhong Nan’s Equipment characteristics should prioritize HP BONUS, ACC, and SPD.

For more details on finding and determining the best Equipment for your Espers, check out our Dislyte Equipment Guide.

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