Raid Shadow Legends Affinity Guide

Affinity is a crucial concept in Raid Shadow Legends. Understanding it allows you to progress much further in both PvE and PvP events. Read this Raid Shadow Legends Affinity Guide for all you need to know.

What is Raid Shadow Legends Affinity

Every Champion in your roster, and enemy you face in Raid Shadow Legends, has an affinity. There are 4 affinities in total and each is represented by a symbol. These are seen in the table below:


Identifying your Champion’s Affinity

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Affinity

The easiest way to identify the Affinity of your Champions is by navigating to the Champions menu. In the bottom left of the Champions icon picture, you will see the symbol for their affinity. You will also be able to see this symbol when selecting your team for battles.

Affinity Effect

Raid Shadow Legends Affinity Effect

The Affinity of your Champion and the Affinity of enemies will have an effect on how much damage you give and take. Affinities are stronger and weaker than certain other Affinities. This is summarized below:

  • Magic has an advantage over Spirit
  • Spirit has an advantage over Force
  • Force has an advantage over Magic
  • Void is neutral with no advantage or disadvantage
  • Affinities are also neutral against their own Affinity

The full impact of having the advantage/disadvantage against another Affinity is seen in the following table:

Disadvantage-20% Damage
+35% Weak hit chance
-15% Critical Rate
Weak hits do -30% damage
Weak hits cannot activate skill-based debuffs
Neutral0% Strong hit chance
0% Weak hit chance
Advantage+15% Critical Rate
+30% Strong hit chance
Stong hits do +30% damage

Using Affinity to your Advantage

With the advantages and disadvantages that Affinity can give you, it is important to set your team up correctly. Whenever entering a battle, you will be able to see the enemy team you are coming up against. Therefore, you should select Champions from your roster that has an Affinity advantage over the enemy team. This can really help you go deeper in Dungeons and go on a winning streak in the Arena.

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