Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss Guide

One of the most challenging confrontations in Raid Shadow Legends is without a doubt the Hydra Clan Boss. Finding specialized Champions with the appropriate buffs and debuffs to defeat this Clan Boss will put a strain on your account. Adding to the challenge is the fact that each Champion can only be used once per week on the Hydra Clan Boss.

As such, you will need to build 3 teams, with 6 champions each to score maximum rewards. Thus, the Hydra will test everything you know, from team building, and resource management to actual combat strategies. Keep reading to find out more about the Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss, some strategies you may utilize to beat it, and Champion recommendations for players of all levels.

What is the Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss - Main Screen

Opening at account level 45, the Hydra Clan Boss is a unique Boss which you can challenge with your Clan for great rewards. The Hydra is an extremely tough opponent that has 4 heads, each with its own HP, abilities, and Affinity.

Like the normal Demon Lord Clan Boss, you must be in a clan to participate and you will need to utilize Hydra Clan Boss Keys to access the fight. You must simply then do as much damage as possible before you are defeated. You are able to choose between 4 different difficulty levels with rewards then paid out based on the difficulty level and total damage done.

However, unlike the normal Clan Boss who resets daily, the Hydra Boss lasts for a whole week. You are only allowed to use three Hydra Clan Boss Keys throughout that time window, so you must choose your teams carefully in order to do maximum damage.

Adding even more difficulty, each team you use must have 6 Champions, but you can only use each Champion once during the event. This means you will need 3 completely different teams to use the 3 keys you are given weekly. When a new Hydra Clan Boss starts, your keys are refreshed back to a total of 3.

Hydra Clan Boss Battle Mechanics

When you face the Hydra, it will start with 4 heads, each with its own Affinity, strong points, and weaknesses that you will need to exploit. However, in total there are 6 possible heads the Hydra can have with the unused heads waiting to join the battle once you have defeated one of the other heads.

Each head’s Affinity and the type of Hydra Heads you will encounter alternates every month. As such, you have 4 weeks of fights with the same 4 heads in the first round, allowing you to come up with a strategy if you don’t succeed at first.

Each head is essentially a separate enemy with their own HP pool, when a head runs out of HP it gets decapitated. When this happens the Hydra’s neck gets exposed, in practice, this means you can attack the severed stump for extra DMG to the overall count. After a few turns, the head regrows, or it gets swapped out for one of the heads waiting on the bench.

As with the Clan Boss, the Hydra has different difficulty options, the total damage that must be dealt rises on each subsequent one, but so do the rewards! You are able to take 6 Champions with you into each battle but as mentioned above, you can only use each Champion once during the event.

When the battle starts, one of your Champions will be marked with a Mark of the Hydra debuff that has a 20-turn countdown. After 20 turns, that Champion will be devoured by the Head that moves next. You have 5 turns to free the Champion which was eaten by attacking the Head that devoured them with enough damage.

If you fail and a Champion is fully consumed, they cannot be revived or returned to the battle. Once a Champion has been devoured, or if a marked Champion dies, another Champion will be marked.

Hydra Buff and Debuffs

Each Hydra head possesses a buff or debuffs that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. It is therefore important to understand what you will come up against in this unique event. Below are the buffs and debuffs that can be used by each Hydra head.

  • Life Barrier – Placed by the Head of Decay it reinforces its HP with a Shield-like effect. If Life Barrier is not depleted within a set number of turns, the Head under this buff will be fully healed. If Life Barrier is depleted, the Head is Stunned for 1 turn.
  • Poison Cloud – Placed by the Head of Blight, it creates a Poison Cloud which protects it from hostile Poison damage. Additionally, every attack against a Hydra Head under this buff counts as a Weak Hit. HP Burn debuffs cancel the effects of Poison Cloud, allowing Poison debuffs to deal damage and attacks to hit normally.
  • Vengeance – Placed by the Head of Wrath, while it is active, all of its attacks deal 400% damage. Vengeance cannot be removed, stolen, or otherwise affected by Skills that manipulate buffs.
  • Pain Link – Placed by the Head of Suffering, it creates a link between itself and a target Champion. The target Champion receives 15% of all damage that the Head of Suffering receives. This damage is duplicated, not shifted – the Head of Suffering still takes full damage.
  • Decapitated – When you kill a Hydra Head, you cut it off, leaving behind an Exposed Neck with this debuff. An Exposed Neck cannot act for several turns, and takes 200% damage. The Decapitated debuff cannot be removed or otherwise affected by Skills that manipulate debuffs.
  • Serpent’s Will – When a new Hydra Head grows in place of an Exposed Neck, the Head gains this buff until the Head gets a turn. Serpent’s Will decreases all incoming damage by 75%. Serpent’s Will cannot be removed, stolen, or otherwise affected by Skills that manipulate buffs.

Best Champions for the Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss

Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss - Gameplay

As with other game modes in Raid Shadow Legends, buffs and debuffs are the KINGS of the late and endgame. You can have the greatest nukers known to man and still come up short to a team full of Support Champions.

The Best Champions for the Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss will depend on 2 things: the Affinity of the Hydra heads and what effects they bring to the team. You will firstly want Champions that are effective against the heads of the Hydra in terms of Affinity, and next, you will want those that have abilities with the effects outlined in the table below.

EffectGreat! (Top priority)GoodFine (Lowest Priority)
Increase SPD
Increase DEF
Perfect Veil
Ally Protection
Increase ATK
Increase RES
Continuous Heal
Increase ACC
Increase Crit Chance
Increase Crit Damage
DebuffDecrease DEF
Decrease ATK
Decrease SPD
Decrease ACC
HP Burn
Decrease Crit Rate
Decrease Crit Damage
Block Buff
OtherAoE Heal
AoE Revive
Cleanse Debuffs
Turn Meter Boost
Buff Removal
Debuff Extension
Buff Extension

The more of the “Great” buffs and debuffs that a Champion in your possession has, the higher his priority should be for you to upgrade them for the Hydra Clan Boss.

The most common way to build a team for Hydra is to pair up 2 Attackers with 4 Supports. You are looking for a Support with the buffs and debuffs outlined above. For your attackers, you ideally want someone who does great AoE damage, but at the same time, anyone who has survivability skills is also great!

Champions who have counter, chance to revive, shield, debuff Attacker passives, those types of offensive champions. After all, if they get one-shotted then what use is their almighty power for you? Check out our list of the 10 Best Rare Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss for more ideas on who to fill your Hydra roster with.

Best Teams for the Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clann Boss

Here are some example teams you can use for the Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends. Remember, don’t fixate on getting these specific Champions, simply work with what you have, according to our table of buffs.

So let’s look at an example team consisting of Royal Guard, Geomancer, Nekmo Thaar, Husk, Uugo and Duchess Lilitu. That is a team consisting of 4 Epic Champions (Guard, Geomancer, Husk, Uugo), and 2 Legendary Champions (Duchess and Nekmo). I think this is the absolute minimum of Legendary Champions you can get away with and still have a STRONG meta team for Hydra Clan Boss.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

  • Uugo (Epic Rarity – Support) – “Maelstrom Wrack” ability places Decrease DEF debuff on all the heads while also applying “Block Buff” debuff. And then “Uugo’s Brew” heals your entire party for 20% of Uugo’s max HP. If all allies are dead Uugo revives them instead.
  • Royal Guard (Epic Rarity – DPS) – Royal Guard has only one attack that targets all enemies but in turn, the damage scales off enemies’ max HP, and the Hydra has HP for days! His other attacks can Decrease DEF, Decrease SPD, and even drain the enemy turn meter.
  • Geomancer (Epic Rarity – DPS) – multiple multi-target attacks that can do a lot of different effects. From decreasing ACC, removing all buffs, and applying HP burn, to completely depleting one target’s turn meter and taking it for himself.
  • Husk (Epic Rarity – Tank) – provokes, stuns, and has an AoE attack that scales off enemy max HP. Pretty simple champion, but he will buy you a lot of time with the Hydra.
  • Nekmo Thaar (Legendary Rarity – Support) – AoE decrease attack; AoE leech and decrease SPD in one spell! Increase SPD and fill meter for his teammates.
  • Duchess Lilithu (Legendary Rarity – Support) – Shield for 2 champions in your team; Block Debuffs, Increase ATK, Perfect Veil for the entire team; Revive all allies with perfect veil, 70% HP, and a continuous heal

So there you have it, 3 Supports with great buffs and debuffs (at least 1 with some kind of revive), a Tank with provoke, and 2 DPS champions that debuff or attack calling off enemy max HP. That’s your recipe for success against the Hydra Clan Boss!

Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss Rewards

Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss - Rewards

Although the Raid Shadow Legends Hydra Clan Boss is a huge challenge, the rewards can be well worth the effort. If you use the tips found in this guide then you should be in a good position to maximize the rewards you can win.

In terms of the available rewards, you will be given a chest at the end of the event based on the amount of damage you did to the Hydra and also the difficulty of the Hydra that you challenged. If your clan hits a certain damage milestone then your rewards will be doubled. The Hydra difficulties and the corresponding damage required for each reward chest are outlined in the table below:

Novice1.66M – 4.44M
Adept4.44M – 6.66M5.1M – 13.6M
Warrior6.66M +13.6M – 20.4M7.35M – 19.6M
Knight20.4M +19.6M – 29.4M9.15M – 12.2M
Guardian29.4M +12.2M – 24.4M
Master24.4M – 36.6M
Grandmaster36.6M +

Rewards in the chest can include the following:

In particular, you should be targeting this event for the Champion fragments. This is a great way to get one of the Best Legendary Champions in the game for free. In addition, the Hydra Boss is the only way to obtain the Stone Skin and Protection Artifact Sets.

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