Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Guide

In Raid Shadow Legends, the most difficult endgame activities are Faction Wars, which demand an absurdly high amount of 6 stars and a ton of great Artifacts. While you may advance a considerable amount with a high leveled Champion, clearing the final stages will demand a specialized team armed to the teeth with end-game gear.

Even though it may seem simple, team chemistry is far more important than having strong individual champions. Entire teams of legendaries can fail where epics and rares prosper. It’s more important to have the appropriate tools for the task than it is to have the biggest numbers. Keep reading this Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Guide for all you need to know to go far in this game mode.

What are the Faction Wars in Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Map

The Faction Wars are one of the harder game modes found in Raid Shadow Legends. Indeed, you are restricted in the Champions you can use in each specific Faction War which can make it a real struggle to even put a full team together if you do not have a deep roster of Champions.

Indeed, there is a separate Faction War for each Faction in the game. For those not aware, each Champion is associated with a certain Faction. Therefore, you can only use a Champion in a certain Faction War if they are from the associated Faction. Each Faction War has a total of 21 Stages.

Each day there is a total of 2 Faction War Crypts open with these rotating every day at 00:00 UTC. To take part, it costs you a certain number of Crypt Keys. As soon as Faction War Crypt opens in Raid Shadow Legends, you are given 12 Crypt Keys to use within it for the duration that it remains open.

Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Rewards

Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Rewards

In Raid Shadow Legends, the Faction Wars also offer a great resource for farming Glyphs and Materials. Both of these items are required for forging powerful Artifacts for your Champions. The higher the stage you beat, the greater the quality of the drops will be.

In addition to dropping Glypgs and Materials, there are further rewards available for gaining Stars when completing a Stage. 3 stars can be earned for each Stage in every single Faction War Crypt. The number you get will depend on how well you did on the stage. You will get 3 Stars for finishing the stage with a full team of Champions still remaining.

Rewards are distributed for hitting a certain number of stars at different milestones. For example, for a total of 30 stars in the Raid Shadow Legends Factions Wars, you are given a prize of 30 stamina. However, the most sought-after is the 882-star reward which gets you the Legendary Support Champion, Lydia the Deathsiren.

Best Artifact Sets for Faction Wars

Best Artifacts for Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars

Crowd control, stun, frost, and taunt sets are fantastic. Taunt frequently goes unnoticed but it really props you up for success. Just… obviously do not put them on healers or your main source of damage.

Although Relentless gear is wonderful if you want to cycle back to a certain secondary ability more frequently, think about investing in a Reflex set. People overlook the fact that it can be easily farmed and has a greater hit chance if you are just utilizing one cooldown skill. Additionally, by not actually taking additional turns, your benefits last longer.

Only champions that do a lot of damage will benefit from life steal (and leech) sets. It’s not likely that you’ll obtain significant Warmaster hits, even on bosses, hence it’s weaker on support champs. But given how slowly the monsters move, Regeneration is really rather good in Faction Wars if you also get gear with a lot of speed stats.

Shield sets are regarded as being excellent in Faction Wars. Sadly this is completely untrue and a sort of “urban myth” propagated by players. You can never proc them for more than one turn before they run out due to the sluggish pace of the mobs. You’re much better off wearing practically anything else because once it wears off, it offers no benefits for the rest of the combat.

Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Tips

Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars Gameplay
  • Damage is not as significant as some may believe (and by extension neither is defense or resistance). If you have adequate sustain, you can easily outlast most levels because enemies have little to no healing. Generally speaking, abilities like heal, revive, increase defense, decrease attack, block debuffs, etc. are much more valuable. Additionally, develop the habit of increasing the HP of champions you want the AI to ignore, such as healers and revivers by equipping appropriate sets.
  • The importance of crowd control is also enormous. Later on, talents like provoke are more beneficial because they have consistent proc chances, but any form of Crowd Control is welcome. For the later stages, it is important to increase the speed of your lead CC champion to 200+ so that you can reliably apply his debuffs.
  • 4-piece sets may be game-changing, but only if you don’t lose stats in the process. It’s not worth equipping them if you have to make too many sacrifices to fit in a Stun or Relentless set. Keep in mind that a Set’s effects don’t use accuracy to be activated, they are guaranteed.
  • The boss levels have mechanics like disregarding your defense stats, hp exchange, regen, and so on. Although the gear needed for Faction Wars isn’t as high as some people think, you will still need to have the right gear for several boss stages in order to defeat them.
  • Wave control is greatly improved by champions with AoE stun/provoke basic attacks, although they are not required for the majority of factions. They just help, like, A LOT.
  • Building excellent defensive stats and high HP on champions that you don’t want to be targeted is much more effective than trying to nuke your way through everything as you progress. Again this is because the AI is simply less likely to target them with single-target attacks.
  • Although Masteries are helpful, they are not necessary for anybody. If a boss level causes you difficulties and you feel like you need to squeeze in more turns, take the Evil Eye. Warmaster may be useful in DPS race situations as well.
  • I think shield sets are excellent for Faction Wars; they’re not as useful on boss stages, but they can really help you earn those 3 stars on stages with harder waves.
  • The amount of six stars you need to prepare should be reduced by learning what five or four stars can do their job better and when. By being wise about your team building you can absolutely do this as a F2P or low spender. Just remember that no matter what you need to have play time up the wazoo to have a chance with the later stages of this challenge.

Closing Remarks

Don’t be shy about reusing sets between different Faction Wars dungeons if you’re options are limited. Whatever will drag you across the finish line is fair game. In the same vein, be ready to regear your champions if necessary. Sometimes you just have to go through several sets of gear before you discovered one that worked for the enemy you are up against with that particular combo of champions.

There are some more sets worth mentioning, like Accuracy or Perception. But these are much more specific cases rather than all-rounders that you can slap on anyone all willy-nilly. And on that note, you can expect a guide to some of the more problematic Faction Wars bosses in the future will specific team setups and recommended sets.

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