Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide

Considering playing RAID: Shadow Legends? Maybe you’re not sure how to begin because the game has been available for a while and others might have too much of a head start over you. Do not worry! Whether you are an old-timer who dropped it before or a newcomer, this Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide will make it simple to start playing this fantastic gacha turn-based RPG.

Make sure to read this Beginner’s Guide top to bottom if you want a decent start and a handful of extremely important tips for Raid Shadow Legends. Whether you are a veteran player or are completely new to the game, this guide will reveal some things about the game you did not know.

Raid Shadow Legends – Who’s The Best Starter Hero?

Raid Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide - Choose your first Champion

Following a short prologue to the game, we are given the option to select our starter champion. It’s essential to make it count since you cannot change your mind later. You will be stuck with the chosen hero, and he or she will probably be your finest asset for a substantial amount of the game until you manage to win a good Legendary or Rare from the gacha.

However, this guide is written to not focus on “getting lucky”, but on using what you get instead. The following are the four free champions to choose from at the start of the game in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Raid Starter Champion – Kael

A formidable Dark Elf that is capable of casting strong spells to destroy his enemies. Due to his powerful poison debuffs, Kael excels in melting monsters later on. When you develop him enough, he also possesses powerful AoE skills that make him a suitable choice for farming Campaign Stages.

Raid Starter Champion – Elhain

Elhain is a fierce bow-wielding elf. She is among the finest options for your first champion in Raid: Shadow Legends. Her amazing AoE abilities are second to none (as far as 3-star champions are considered). Elhain doesn’t have any debuffs to fall back on, therefore she lacks the additional oomph.

However, she will have no problem clearing fodder in order to farm stages. She greatly enhances your early progression because of this, and she holds up into the late game.

Raid Starter Champion – Athel

Athel has the potential to develop into one of the best champions out of these starting 4. Despite lacking the punch of the previous two champions, Athel is fantastic due to her buffs and debuffs. Although she doesn’t lay down that much damage herself, she still makes farming a lightning-quick breeze. Because if there’s someone left standing your remaining characters will destroy them thanks to Athel’s influence over the battlefield.

Raid Starter Champion – Galek

Raid Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide - Gameplay

This muscular young orc is one of the best champions for single-target DPS, making him excellent for boss fights but not so great for farming and clearing stages. His high damage output and better speed, which gives him more turns as the battle goes on, are duly noted though.

Galek isn’t particularly great at farming, so he’s one of the less appealing options. He is great at the early PVP Arena though! Which, still doesn’t help you with farming, which is the entire early game of Raid: Shadow Legends…

Which one Should You Choose?

The greatest RAID: Shadow Legends beginning champions are either Elhain or Aethel because of the disparities in their skill sets, more so than in their stats. Currently, we prefer Elhain over other characters simply because she is more flexible and can easily clear levels with her great AoE.

Athel could end up being superior in the long term thanks to her “support” abilities. But the goal of your beginning champion should be making farming a breeze. And Elhain does that much better than Aethel.

Focus on the Campaign Early

Raid Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide - Campaign Map

Next up in this Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide we will focus on the Campaign. The campaign is the only game option you have access to at first and thus most of your initial RAID experience will be spent advancing the Campaign. This is so that you may gather a ton of valuable gear sets and resources from these levels, such as Silver and XP.

RAID: Shadow Legends Campaign Explained

As this is the first game mode you will experience in Raid Shadow Legends it is important to cover the important aspects of it in this Beginner’s Guide. The Campaign in this gacha game is divided into 12 chapters, with 7 stages in each. Each stage drops a specific Artifact and each chapter is themed after a specific Artifact Set. It goes like this:

ChapterStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7
1Life WeaponLife HelmLife ShieldLife GlovesLife ChestLife BootsRandom Gear – Life
2Offense WeaponOffense HelmOffense ShieldOffense GlovesOffense ChestOffense BootsRandom Gear – Offense
3Defense WeaponDefense HelmDefense ShieldDefense GlovesDefense ChestDefense BootsRandom Gear – Defense
4Critical WeaponCritical HelmCritical ShieldCritical GlovesCritical ChestCritical BootsRandom Gear – Critical
5Accuracy WeaponAccuracy HelmAccuracy ShieldAccuracy GlovesAccuracy ChestAccuracy BootsRandom Gear – Accuracy
6Speed WeaponSpeed HelmSpeed ShieldSpeed GlovesSpeed ChestSpeed BootsRandom Gear – Speed
7Resist WeaponResist HelmResist ShieldResist GlovesResist ChestResist BootsRandom Gear – Resist
8Lifesteal WeaponLifesteal HelmLifesteal ShieldLifesteal GlovesLifesteal ChestLifesteal BootsRandom Gear – Lifesteal
9Destroy WeaponDestroy HelmDestroy ShieldDestroy GlovesDestroy ChestDestroy BootsRandom Gear – Destroy
10Retaliation WeaponRetaliation HelmRetaliation ShieldRetaliation GlovesRetaliation ChestRetaliation BootsRandom Gear – Retaliation
11Fury WeaponFury HelmFury ShieldFury GlovesFury ChestFury BootsRandom Gear – Fury
12Curing WeaponCuring HelmCuring ShieldCuring GlovesCuring ChestCuring BootsRandom Gear – Curing

Along with leveling up your characters, finding quality Artifacts to farm is essential for Champion advancement. By boosting your stats and, more crucially, by activating passives when many components of the same set are worn, a decent set of armor and weapons may help you farm more effectively.

Without even addressing the fact that the Campaign is the perfect location to level up your Champions, to either maximize their potential or to level up the ones you’ll be utilizing as “food” for your higher-tier heroes, the Campaign is clearly a vital game mode to play early on.

Try to match offensive sets to offense-oriented champions, defense sets for tanks, etc. Regardless of your long-term goals, you should always try to “speedrun” the Campaign, as this will give you access to more gear, level your account, and unlock other “game modes”. 

Where to Farm Artifacts

Speaking of artifacts, you’ll get access to dungeons fairly early into your adventure. The key distinction between dungeons and the Campaign is that better gear may be obtained through dungeon farming, along with a range of other resources. However, you need to prepare well before taking on these levels since the bosses in these dungeons are tougher than the ones in the Campaign. Therefore, which one is best to focus on?

Farming Artifacts in Dungeons

Raid Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide - Dungeon Map

Dungeons are challenging to farm because of the greater energy cost as well as the harder bosses. Nevertheless, they frequently feature events such as Super Raids, which let you raid much more efficiently by doubling the energy required and doubling the usual rewards.

There are several stages in each dungeon, much like in the Campaign. Each stage can drop any piece of gear from a huge pool of different sets, each with a distinct star-level range. As opposed to specified pieces of gear dropping on each level of the Campaign.

The items with 6 stars are undoubtedly the greatest in their specific categories, but they are quite difficult to farm. Since you receive a random piece of gear, from a random set, of random rarity, for quite a bit of your stamina.

Farming Artifacts in the Campaign

Farming the Campaign, though, is considerably simpler: Even on Brutal difficulty, the levels need less energy to try, and since the gear is linked to the chapters and the stages, you always know what item you’ll acquire. The gear from the Campaign is also… fine. Giving you a strong basis on which to develop your farming team. The switch to 6 stars dungeon equipment will be made super late into your career, so do not worry about equipment dungeons for now.

So, Where to Focus Farming?

What’s the verdict? In RAID: Shadow Legends, dungeons provide you with the best equipment, bar none. However, they are also very energy inefficient, especially because you never know what you’ll obtain after finishing each step. Campaigns, on the other hand, are simpler; they consume less energy, and their stages are guaranteed to provide certain drops. Additionally, finishing the Campaign stages will also grant you bonus experience points and Silver.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner’s Checklist

Raid Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide - Missions

After learning which beginning champion to choose and where to farm gear, we want to wrap off this Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide by outlining some of the most important steps that any new player should follow.

  • Complete the Campaign. Reach the highest stage you can and when you run into a wall, go to the latest stage you could beat and farm it until your characters have reached their current maximum level.
  • We advise farming the Lifesteal Set in the Campaign if you’re having problems farming or moving forward because it will make your champions tankier via health regain. Use this set until your AoE strikes can effectively one-shot waves of opponents. At that point, change out of your Lifesteal Set for another set that favors ATK.
  • Upgrade, rank, and level your beginning champion then take him to the hardest stage he can solo. Fill his posse with weaklings to level them up. You can then sacrifice them in the tavern to quickly level your main cast. This is especially important after you ascend them, which increases their star rating but resets their level to 1.
  • Always remember to complete your daily, weekly, and monthly quests to advance more quickly and earn worthwhile prizes for your efforts. This is among the best ways to earn gems, the premium currency of the game.
  • Remember to focus on upgrading one champion at a time. One strong link in your chain of champions is all it takes to breeze through levels or farm resources and money in the Campaign. Sooner or later you will run out of ways to upgrade your Champion without an insane resource commitment, and at that point switch to the second-in-command, then the third, etc.
  • In the same spirit, avoid investing your resources into an inferior character at random because doing so will significantly impede your advancement. Just concentrate on improving your finest characters. This applies to both your beginning champion and any other worthwhile champion you obtain from the gacha. Consult resources online to find out who is worth investing in, such as our Raid Guides 😉
  • If you’re still early in the game and you invested in a terrible character, don’t be scared to reroll your account!
  • Save as much of your premium currency as you can. You can buy energy for farming dungeons such as the Minotaur’s Labyrinth using said gems. And you will need a lot of energy for that later on.
  • On the topic of Minotaur’s Labirynth, you will need to farm it to unlock your Champion’s masteries. 100 basic scrolls, 600 advanced scrolls, and 950 divine scrolls are needed to max out each one. Patience is advised though, this is one of the biggest grinds that RAID: Shadow Legends has to offer.
  • Another gem-worthy venture is the Gem Mine. This structure can be unlocked for 500 gems and then upgraded. Each upgrade provides you with 5 gems each day, it will take 100 days before you see a return on your investment. Then it’s a straight profit. Invest into this if you see yourself playing RAID for a long time in the future.
  • Obtaining your first five-man squadron of 3-star champions with all of its masteries maxed is the first long-term objective in RAID: Shadow Legends. You will then have to play the gacha for 4 and 5 stars to replace your team one by one. You can almost farm every other part of the game with this squadron, providing you unlimited freedom to play whatever you choose.

Now you have finished this Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide, you should have everything you need to get off on the right foot with these tips, techniques, and hints.

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