Raid Shadow Legends Silver Farming Guide

In Raid Shadow Legends, silver is the most plentiful resource that you will come across. However, it is also required for almost everything, such as Summoning Champions, Ranking Champions, and upgrading Artifacts. As such, although you may consider you have a lot, you will always quickly run out. It is therefore very important to find some reliable ways of Farming Silver in Raid Shadow Legends.

Why do you Need Silver in Raid Shadow Legends?

Why you need silver in Raid Shadow Legends- Artifact Upgrading

As outlined above, almost any activity you undertake to improve your Champions will cost Silver. In particular, upgrading Artifacts will net you the biggest silver loss. Indeed, it can cost you millions to max out the level on just a single Artifact. In addition to this, you will also need it for:

  • Improving Your Artifacts
  • Changing a Champion’s Equipped Artifacts
  • Using The Forge To Make Artifacts
  • Summoning or Fusing New Champions
  • Buying more Storage For Your Champions
  • Upgrading a Champions’ rank and level
  • Mixing Ascension potions and using them

By this point, it should be pretty clear why then that Farming Silver in Raid Shadow Legends is so important! If you have no Silver, you won’t be able to undertake any of these improvements thus leaving your Champions severely underpowered and unable to compete at the higher levels of the game.

Do you need to Farm Silver in Raid Shadow Legends?

Silver is the most difficult resource to maintain during your entire time with Raid Shadow Legends, especially if you are a low-spender or Free to Play player. It is ALWAYS in demand because of the exorbitant prices associated with upgrading and changing champion Artifacts.

Therefore, it is hugely important to always ensure that you are working on getting more Silver. Knowing some of the best Silver Farming methods in Raid Shadow Legends will be key in helping you to achieve this in the most efficient way possible. In the next section, we will cover some of the best methods.

How To Farm Silver Efficiently In Raid Shadow Legends

Silver may be obtained throughout the game in a variety of methods, however, some are quicker and more energy-efficient than others. We will cover some of the best methods below.

Spider’s Den

Raid Shadow Legends - Farming Silver in the Spider's Den

In Raid Shadow Legends, farming the Spider’s Den and selling the items the Spider Boss drops is the quickest and most effective way to obtain silver. The higher the stage you can complete in the Spider’s Den, the more silver you’ll receive as a reward and the more silver you can sell the dropped accessories for.

Although all Dungeons drop items that can be sold, the Spider’s Den is known for dropping the most valuable of these. The higher the level you go in the Spider’s Den the greater the value of the dropped items you will loot.

Building a farming team specializing in farming in this Dungeon is advised in order to maximize the number of resources you can farm with your energy. When building said team, focus on champions who strike the entire enemy team frequently.

However, there will come a point deep into the Spider’s Den where the energy cost begins to outweigh the silver gain. Some calculations suggest that Stage 20 has the best silver per energy spent ratio. Going any higher than that results in diminishing returns on your energy spent. So only go above Stage 20 if you want to try your luck at getting artifacts for your team. Otherwise don’t bother.

Technically, however, if you don’t have a strong team to take on the spider boss, farming the Spider’s Den might not be the fastest way for you to farm silver. In this case, the next options may be better for you in the earlier stages of the game.

Other Dungeons

Farming the Dragon’s Lair and Fire Knight’s Castle, are two more excellent silver farming options in the game. Again, the Spider Dungeon is the best option without a doubt. But Dragon and Fire Knight are more “standard” dungeons, that do not require such a specialized team.


Raid Shadow Legends - Farming Silver in the Campaign

If you want to farm XP in addition to silver then we recommend the Campaign. Chapter 12 on the Brutal difficulty is your best option for efficiency. Silver will be awarded both directly and in the form of shield drops that you can sell later.

One brave soul on the game’s forums ran some numbers through a calculator and concluded that farming the campaign chapter 12 on brutal yielded around 1000 silver per energy point spent. While Spider’s Den Stage 20 netted him around 3500 silver per energy point spent. Huge difference between the two.

Check out our full Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Guide for more details on using this game mode to progress your account.

Farming Silver Early Game in Raid

It is unlikely that you will be able to efficiently farm any of the dungeons mentioned above early on in the game, therefore doing so won’t be the quickest way for you to obtain silver. Depending on how early in the game you are, you should consider some alternatives to the alternatives.

You definitely won’t be able to farm any Campaign Stage on Brutal if you haven’t played the game for long. Instead, you should simply focus on the quests and beginners’ missions, which are both placed at the bottom of the screen.

Many of these missions and quests pay you a respectable sum of silver for little effort or time. As a lovely addition to the silver rewards, many of these missions and objectives urge you to execute actions that advance your game progress.

If you get stuck or need silver, simply replay the last stage of the Campaign that you were able to beat. This should still net you a nice sum of silver in addition to XP which will ensure the overall progress of your account.

We advise trying to run the same stage or dungeon 5–10 times, making sure to do the same number of runs on each stage or dungeon, and then figuring out what works best for you. Just make some loose notes and observations. The techniques listed and described in the previous section of this guide can be used once you’ve advanced to a later stage of the game.

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