Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall Guide

Unlocking the Great Hall in Raid allows you to start upgrading the stats of your Champions even more. Keep reading this Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall Guide for all the details.

What is the Raid Great Hall

The Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall is a building where you are able to improve your Champions based on their Affinity. This is done by redeeming tokens that you have won in the PvP Arena in exchange for stat bonuses. The Great Hall will unlock once you reach level 6. Read our Raid Shadow Legends Affinity Guide for all you need to know about Champion Affinity.

Where is the Raid Great Hall

The Great Hall is very easy to locate. It is found in your Bastion and at the top of the screen. Simply clicking on it will give you access to the building.

What Stats can be Improved in the Great Hall

Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall Bonuses

In the Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall, you can buy bonuses for 6 stats for each of the 4 affinities. These stats are as follows:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Critical Damage
  • Resistance
  • Accuracy

Raid Great Hall Bonus Summary

Each stat can have its bonus upgraded up to level 10. The bonus for each additional level can be seen below:


Raid Great Hall Bonus Upgrade Cost Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall Bonus Upgrade Cost

The upgrade cost for each level is the same across all 6 stats. Each upgrade costs Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals that have been won in the PvP Arena. This is summarized below:


Medals also have an exchange rate and can be used interchangeably. For example, level 4 costs 400 Silver medals. However, you can use 200 Gold medals instead. Additionally, you can use more than one type of medal in the upgrade.

For example, at level 1 you could use 40 Bronze medals and 10 Silver medals to activate the bonus. However, you cannot use a lower-tier medal in an upgrade that requires a higher-tier medal to unlock. The medal exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1 Silver Medal = 2 Bronze Medals
  • 1 Gold Medal = 4 Bronze Medals
  • 1 Gold Medal = 2 Silver Medals

Guide to getting Raid Shadow Legends Medals for the Great Hall

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Tiers Medal Rewards

Medals are obtained by competing in the PvP Arena. Each time you win a battle in the Arena you will receive a medal as a reward. The medal received will depend on your Arena tier. This is summarised below in this Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall Guide:

Bronze I1
Bronze II1
Bronze III2
Bronze IV2
Silver I1
Silver II2
Silver III2
Silver IV3
Gold I2
Gold II2
Gold III3
Gold IV4

Tips for Upgrading in the Great Hall

  • Identify which Affinity your best Champions have. Concentrate on upgrading these affinities in the Great Hall.
  • Farm the Arena as much as you can. You will need a lot of medals.
  • Move up the Arena tiers. Accumulating Silver and Gold medals will help you upgrade through the lower tiers quickly. Many players like to stay in the Bronze tier for easy medals, however, due to their low value, it will actually be harder for you to make upgrades.
  • Plan your upgrades depending on the Artifact Sets your Champion wears. If you already have a Defense set bonus, you may want to concentrate on another stat bonus in the Great Hall. Read our Raid Artifacts Guide for all you need to know about Artifact Sets.
  • Accuracy is important to upgrade. Buffs and debuffs give you huge advantages in battles. A higher Accuracy will allow you to land more of these. Additionally, with Accuracy at level 10, you would need to wear 2 sets of Accuracy Artifacts to gain the same buff.
  • The above also applied to Resistance. This helps stop enemies from removing your buffs and debuffs. It also helps stop them from putting debuffs on your Champions.
  • The Great Hall cannot be reset, so think carefully before applying upgrades.
  • For more tips, read our post on Raid Shadow Legends Tips and Ticks for Beginners.

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