Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Guide

You’ll spend the majority of your early-game time in the Raid Shadow Legends Campaign. In these early stages, this is the best place for gathering loot and leveling up your Champions. In this Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Guide we will let you know what you can expect, what you gain from doing it at all, and some general tips on how to advance.

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Basic Details

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Map

Campaign difficulties range from Normal to Hard to Brutal to Nightmare. Each difficulty mode offers its own unique rewards. There are 12 total chapters in each mode with 7 stages making up each campaign chapter. As you progress further through the Campaign, in terms of stages and difficulty levels, the opponents you face will get stronger and stronger.

It costs Energy to take part in any stage of the Campaign. Easy levels cost 4 energy to attempt, Hard stages cost 6, Brutal stages cost 8, and Nightmare stages cost 16. Although this energy cost does increase as you progress through the difficulties, so does the experience gained and the quality of Artifacts looted.

For each stage you complete you are also given a star rating between 1 and 3. To achieve 3 stars you must complete the stage without losing any of your team. Accumulating stars in the campaign will help you gain additional milestone rewards.

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Rewards

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Rewards

Although the quality of the Artifacts found in the campaign are generally of poor quality, they will help you in the very early game to get some Sets on your Champions. Indeed, farming all stages in a certain Chapter will enable you to unlock a specific Set. As covered in our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide, the Artifact Sets available in each Chapter and Stage can be seen in the table below:

ChapterStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7
1Life WeaponLife HelmLife ShieldLife GlovesLife ChestLife BootsRandom Life
2Offense WeaponOffense HelmOffense ShieldOffense GlovesOffense ChestOffense BootsRandom Offense
3Defense WeaponDefense HelmDefense ShieldDefense GlovesDefense ChestDefense BootsRandom Defense
4Critical WeaponCritical HelmCritical ShieldCritical GlovesCritical ChestCritical BootsRandom Critical
5Accuracy WeaponAccuracy HelmAccuracy ShieldAccuracy GlovesAccuracy ChestAccuracy BootsRandom Accuracy
6Speed WeaponSpeed HelmSpeed ShieldSpeed GlovesSpeed ChestSpeed BootsRandom Speed
7Resist WeaponResist HelmResist ShieldResist GlovesResist ChestResist BootsRandom Gear – Resist
8Lifesteal WeaponLifesteal HelmLifesteal ShieldLifesteal GlovesLifesteal ChestLifesteal BootsRandom Lifesteal
9Destroy WeaponDestroy HelmDestroy ShieldDestroy GlovesDestroy ChestDestroy BootsRandom Destroy
10Retaliation WeaponRetaliation HelmRetaliation ShieldRetaliation GlovesRetaliation ChestRetaliation BootsRandom Retaliation
11Fury WeaponFury HelmFury ShieldFury GlovesFury ChestFury BootsRandom Fury
12Curing WeaponCuring HelmCuring ShieldCuring GlovesCuring ChestCuring BootsRandom Curing

In addition to the above, and as already mentioned, you can also win rewards for accumulating stars in each Stage of the Campaign. These are well worth targeting and can include Stamina, Silver, Shards, Gems, and more!

Farming the Raid Shadow Legends Campaign

Now that you know how the campaign works and have had some time to try it out, you will likely start to think about farming for materials. The campaign in Raid Shadow Legends can be a good place for this, especially in the early game. Keep reading below for details on all the materials you can think about farming in the game mode.


The Raid Shadow Legends Campaign is a good place for Silver farming when you are in the early to mid-game. For late-game players, however, the Spider’s Den is preferable when it comes to accumulating more Silver. Read our Raid Shadow Legends Silver Farming Guide for more information on this.


One of the best places to grind XP and level up your Champions is the campaign. Typically the 6th Stage in each Chapter is the best one to target for the most bang for your buck. Surprisingly, it gives you more XP than the 7th Stage for each energy spent. As you would expect, the higher the chapter and difficulty, the higher the XP rewards will be.


As mentioned already, you can also farm for Artifacts in the Campaign to get complete Sets easily. However, this is only good in the very early stages of the game as the quality of them is typically quite poor. As you progress you will want to start targeting Dungeons for better-quality Artifacts.

However, in the early game getting a proper set from Dungeons is very energy inefficient. This is due to the fact that they drop Artifacts of random grades and rarity. You should farm in the campaigns where you know what grade, rarity, and set the gear you are farming is. At least up until you get decent 5-star sets and want to go beyond that.

Remember that anything with a % bonus instead of a flat bonus is better. So for example gear that raises your attack by 15% is way better than gear that raises it by 40.

How to Beat the Raid Campaign Quickly

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Gameplay

Once you have started to get to grips with the Campaign you will likely want to know to get further into the difficulties and also to complete it quicker. Both of these things will enable you to farm XP quicker for your Champions to start getting some Rankings done.

One of the first things you can do is assign a Lifesteal Set to the character that you picked at the beginning of the game, which ideally was Kael as highlighted in our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner’s Guide. You will receive a free Lifesteal Set on your 4th day of playing the game. The Lifesteal Set helps a lot, so farm it for other Champions in your crew if you ever get stuck as it will heal them whenever they do damage.

Level 50 Kael with the said Lifesteal Set can in theory carry you to the last levels of a brutal level campaign. But no matter your starter, if you get stuck on a stage, your best option is to always Level and Rank them up. This is the single biggest source of increasing the damage of your Champions outside some absurdly good gear.

Getting to Chapter 12-3 on Brutal should be one of your early goals. This is a great spot to farm XP for your “food” Champions that you will be using to Rank up your main squad. 12-6 gives you a bit more XP, but you want 12-3 for the occasional Shield Artifact drops which you can sell for more Silver.

If you get stuck in the campaign, try the Arena, do some quests, upgrade your Champions, and farm Artifacts. Everything you do, one way or another helps you progress through the game. However, as mentioned in our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Tips, once you have one Champion maxed out, you should be able to breeze through many of the stages at speed.

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign Tips

What should you do if you get stuck on a certain stage, should you completely alter your gear, or switch up your team? You could. But sometimes it just takes time to be honest. Raising your account level unlocks new features. Such as the forge, which will help you increase your teams’ power by a significant margin.

Take it slow, enjoy the ride, do quests, progress missions, PVP arenas, or simply wait for great events and try your luck in the gacha. Speaking of the gacha, not every 5-star champion is great. Use online resources to find out which champions are truly worth their salt, and which ones should get benched.

Also, keep in mind that some stages in the campaign actually drop 3 and 4 star heroes. Look through your available stages, google the champions’ names, and see if you should try to farm for them to empower your team.

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