Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Events Guide

In this guide, we present some of the best tips that you should follow to ensure that you never miss out on one of the Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Events. Fusion Events are amongst the most popular events in Raid Shadow Legends as they give everyone a chance to unlock some high-quality Champions just by taking part.

The Fusion Events can span a couple of weeks and an array of different events take part each day. You must actively take part in these to ensure you are able to complete the fusion for the Champion featuring in the current Fusion Event. This can be easily done if you prepare well. In this Raid Shadow Legends Fusions Events Guide, we will show you how to do exactly that.

What is the Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Event

Raid Shadow Legends Fusiuon Events Calendar

Raid Shadow Legends Events are special events that take part about every month and can last up to two weeks. They comprise several smaller events throughout this time that players can compete in to earn fragments towards completing a Champion Fusion for the current events featured Champion.

These are typically very good Champions that will be of Legendary rarity. Even better, if you are prepared and active, you can easily get these unlocked as a completely free-to-play player. There is also usually an Epic Champion available too.

Should you Take Part in the Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Events

If you are a new player to the game then Fusion Events shouldn’t be your primary goal because you will lack the resources to achieve it. However, as you progress, and your Champion pool becomes stronger, you will eventually be able to do it. Patience is key here. Early game, your main priority should be the Demon Lord Clan Boss.

It is also worth considering if you even want the Fusion Event Champion. The event will take a lot of effort and resources to complete and therefore there is no point doing it if the Champion has no place on your team. Ensure you read them over carefully before deciding. The developers will typically publish a detailed overview of the Champion as seen below.

Raid Shadow Legends Champion verview - Maranix

In addition, even if your Champion pool is strong, you should not always take part. You need to ensure you are ready in terms of resources. It will cost you a huge amount to complete all the events to enable you to get the featured Fusion Champion. In the next section, we cover exactly what you need to do to prepare for your next Raid Shadow Legend Fusion Event.

How To Prepare For a Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Event

Raid Shadow Legends Energy Supply
  • Stock Up On Energy! – Don’t open the complimentary Energy you receive daily; instead, stock up on them and maintain an inventory. Completing all the Fusion Events will require a lot of energy. Remember, most energy can be kept in your inbox for up to 99 days so you have plenty of time.
  • Grind For Materials And Save Them! – Get the Ultra-Nightmare and Nightmare Demon Lord Clan Boss chest each day. Obviously, try to score the best chest for doing the maximum required damage. Consider going after the Brutal boss as well if you can spare the keys. Everything from XP Brews to Gems to Shards to Books will be given to you in abundance. For fusion events, you want to have stockpiles of the stuff.
  • Level Up Fodder Champions – Every five days, you will receive a free double XP. Farm fodder Champions and level them up whenever you have them available. A large number of 3-star champions are what you are after. Use all of the extra energy you receive on days with double XP to gather more 3-star champions and keep them in your “storage”.
  • Stockpile EVERYTHING! – Farm the dungeons on non-double XP days. Sell your low-quality Artifacts and hold onto the useful ones. Avoid using Silver, you should typically set aside 20-40 million Silver for each Fusion Event. Save your summonable champions (such as Doomtower, rare fusion champs, etc.) for the Champion Chase event. They guarantee you points.
  • Keep an eye on the news – being aware of when the vent is coming is an absolute must. Reading the Official Raid News Feed will keep you updated on any upcoming events along with the exact schedule you can expect for the Fusion Event. This will be vital for your planning.

Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Events List

Raid Shadow Legends Event List

As mentioned above, each Fusion Event in Raid Shadow Legends will comprise several smaller events throughout the event time. Taking part and doing well in these will see you unlock the Champions required for the Fusion of the featured Champion of the current Fusion Event. A summary of the events that may comprise each Fusion Event can be found below.

Summon Rush

In this event, you must simply summon Champions in exchange for event points. You will likely need somewhere between 2,000 to 5,000 in order to get the aailable Champions for the Fusions Event.

The key here is to have saved up your Shards in the run up to the event to ensure you can score highly. You get 500 points for opening Sacred Shards, 120 for Void Shards, 20 for Ancient Shards, and 1 point for Mystery Shards. If you have regularly been completing the Demon Lord Clan Boss, you should be able to build up a good stockpile of Sacred Shards for this event.

Dungeon Divers

As you might have guessed, this event rewards points for running Dungeons. The higher the level of the Dungeon you can take on the better your points reward will be due to the higher quality of Artifacts you can obtain.

These are the events where you will want to start using all that energy you have been saving in your inbox. There are typically 2 or 3 Dungeon Diver Events which will run during each Fusion Event. Therefore ensure you keep enough energy back for all of them. This is again a pretty easy event to get the Champions required for the Fusion.

Artifact Enhancement

As the name suggests, in this event you are rewarded with points for enhancing your Artifacts. The higher the enhancement, the more points you will gain. This is where you will drain your Silver supply. However, if you have enough, it is another easy play to get the Champions required for the Fusion and also can get you some nice Artifacts too!

Again, there are likely to 2 or 3 of these events in each Fusion Event. Therefore, ensure you keep back some Silver for each occurrence of it to maximize the rewards.

Fire Knight, Dragon, Ice Golem, and Spider Tournaments

Much like Dungeon Divers, you get rewards based on the total energy spent farming the specific Dungeon. Unlike Dungeon Divers there is no strategy involved since you get 1 point per 1 energy spent. Those energy refills will go a long way here too. Each of these events will typically occur in each Fusion Event.

Champion Chase

This event can be a little tricky to hit the required points as there is a lot of randomnesses involved. Indeed, points are awarded based on the rarity of the Champions that you summon. Here you should use all the Shards you did not require to hit the needed points for the Summon Rush event. Try to combine it with an x2 Summon Event to increase the chances of getting a rarer Champion.

Classic Arena Takedown

Another simple event, this just requires you to take part in the Arena and win matches for points. Read our Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide for all you need to know about the Arena.

Champion Training

This event can easily be messed up if you don’t plan for it properly. Points are awarded for Training and Ranking your Champions. This is where your supply of XP Brews of level 30 3-star Champions will prove invaluable.

To maximize your points, upgrade all your level 30 3-star Champions to 4 stars. Next, feed all your 4 and 5-star Champions XP Brews and upgrade the rank of any that you are able. Following this method should ensure you are able to hit the points required to unlock the Champions needed for the Fusion.

Completing the Fusion Event

If you have taken the time to prepare and followed our instructions for each of the events, you should have no problem completing the Fusion Event. You will have won all the Champions required in each event and be able to fuse them together for the current Fusion Events featured Champion.

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