Raid Shadow Legends Champion Fusion Guide

Champion Fusion in Raid Shadow Legends gives players the opportunity to get their hands on some of the Best Legendary Champions and the Best Epic Champions in the game. In this Raid Shadow Legends Champion Fusion Guide, we will detail exactly how this works and how you can take advantage of this generous feature.

The process of Champion Fusion in Raid Shadow Legends is not quick, and you will need to do some serious grinding to complete it. As such, it can often help to save your resources for specific Fusion Champions you want or to take advantage of monthly Fusion Events which offer a more straightforward route to unlocking a Champion each month.

What is Champion Fusion in Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Main Screen

With the Champion Fusion feature, you may combine 4 existing Champions to create a new, more powerful Champion. The Champion Fusion sub-menu is found in the Summoning Portal. In particular, this sees players build up Rare Champions from scratch to fuse into Epic, and then Legendary Champions.

Each Fusion Champion requires different Champions to be sacrificed to produce a said hero. There are no stand-ins or substitutes, so you will have to either grind for these champions in the campaign (if they are available there) or simply get lucky with pulling them via Summoning.

The Champion’s avatar will have a red mark if you already have him in your inventory. You can then tap that portrait to access the Champion selection window, and enter that Champion into the process.

You can select any of your Champions by tapping their avatar if you have more than one that is eligible for fusion. After choosing each of the necessary Champions, click “Fuse” to unlock your new Champion. Fused Champions are essentially sacrificed, meaning that you will lose all access to them.

To fuse Champions players must also level up and raise the required Champions to a specific level and ascension. Keep in mind that it will take a lot of your time before any fusions take place. However, some of the Champions offered via fusion can be a great way to get powerful Champions for F2P players.

What Champion can you get from Raid Shadow Legends Fusion?

It is important to note that not every Champion in the game can be fused at any one time. They often have small time frames they are available for and strict resource-intensive requirements, such as having the required Champions for the fusion at their 4th ascension and at a high level.

However, there are some Champions that are permanently available for Fusion which you can take your time over. These, along with the time-constrained Event Fusion Champions are outlined below.

Permanent Fusion Champions

Currently, there are a total of 10 Champions that are permanently available for Fusion. 3 are Rare, 6 are Epic, and 1 is a Legendary Champion. As there is no time constraint, you can unlock these at your leisure. These are as follows:

JusticiarRare3* Level 30 Warmaiden
3* Level 30 Diabolist
3* Level 30 Spirithost
3* Level 30 Heiress
ArbalesterRare3* Level 30 Commander
3* Level 30 Hardscale
3* Level 30 Dhampir
3* Level 30 Satyr
RockbeastRare3* Level 30 Brute
3* Level 30 Jaeger
3* Level 30 Warchanter
3* Level 30 Militia
BroadmawEpic3* Level 30 Arbalester
3* Level 30 Rockbeast
3* Level 30 Huntress
3* Level 30 Bloodhorn
RelickeeperEpic4* Level 40 Justiciar
4* Level 40 Executioner
4* Level 40 Templar
4* Level 40 Sorceress
LichEpic4* Level 40 Magus
4* Level 40 Marked
4* Level 40 Rocktooth
4* Level 40 Penitent
ErinyessEpic4* Level 40 Raider
4* Level 40 Gnarlhorn
4* Level 40 Valerie
4* Level 40 Wanderer
BloodfeatherEpic4* Level 40 Slitherbrute
4* Level 40 Goremask
4* Level 40 Preserver
4* Level 40 Channeler
TorturehelmEpic4* Level 40 Skullsworn
4* Level 40 Halberdier
4* Level 40 Spikehead
4* Level 40 Theurgist
Rhazin ScarhideLegendary5* Level 50 Lich
5* Level 50 Erinyess
5* Level 50 Bloodfeather
5* Level 50 Torturehelm

Event Fusion Champions

Raid Shadow Legends Event Fusion

As well as the permanent Fusion Champions there are regular Fusion Events that allow you to get a specific Champion for a limited amount of time. These are released as part of a Fusion Event which sees you complete tasks in order to gain materials for the Fusion. Check out our Raid Shadow Legends Fusion Event Guide for full details on this.

Fragment Summons

Raid Shadow Legends Fragment Summons

Fragment Summons are often referred to as the Raid Shadow Legends New Fusions. These allow you to summon specific Champions once you’ve collected 100 of their fragments. Each Fragment Summon Champion is available permanently and there are a huge number of them obtainable via this method.

Each Champion has its own set of Fragments that are only used to summon that Champion. For example, Foli’s fragments can only be used to summon Foli, and can’t be used to summon Dracomorph or any other Champion.

Champion Fragments can be obtained in many ways, such as rewards from Events and Tournaments, or from Special Offers at the Shop. To see where to get Champion Fragments for a specific Champion, just tap the Info icon in the Fragment Summon window. You’ll see a helpful popup listing all the available ways to get Fragments for that Champion.

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Fusion Tips

Now you have seen what the requirement are to Fuse a Champion, it is easy to see that this can be a long grind to achieve, especially for a Legendary Fusion! As such, the below tips in this guide should help you out in your next Raid Shadow Legends Champion Fusion.

Is it Worth It!?

RAID is a game of resources, where you are always pressed to make the best use of everything available to you. This means that sometimes it is simply not worth going through with all the fusion requirements because of how many potions, silver, and champions you will lose in the process.

Therefore, you should carefully consider if you really want the Fusion Champion. For example, will the Champion help you out a lot in the Arena, against the Hydra Clan Boss, in the Doom Tower, or battling in the Faction Wars? Make sure to check out all our Raid Shadow Legends Guides for more information that may help you make this decision.

Champion Fusion Preparation

In preparation for fusing a Legendary Champion you will usually need to put together: ~15 million silver, ~500 potions for ascending, ~150 XP Brews, and ~30k energy total for farming XP, Shards, Silver, etc.

As most of you can imagine, this is a tall order for anyone playing completely F2P without spending on gems, boosts, and packages. Although it can be done, it should usually only be done for extraordinarily good champions, and only by players who are late in the game. If you can clear out level 20 keeps and level 20 dungeons you are usually good to go for farming fusions in the most efficient manner.

Which Fusion to Focus On?

Fragment Summoning is definitely the way to go if you are in the mid-game, where you are actively looking out for things to power spike your team. Just always make sure you will not regret putting in the time and effort into grinding out the current Fragment Champion.

The Classic Fusions are definitely for more advanced players who really know what they are doing in RAID. Every single decision here should be made EXTRA carefully, as these fusions really strain your resources. You can eventually easily do one or more a month if you do all your dailies, Hydra, etc, and know what you are doing (even without spending gems).

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