Raid Shadow Legends Champion Awakening Guide

Awakening becomes available post account Level 42 and resembles a combination of Ascension and Masteries. It is a mechanic that many players in Raid Shadow Legends struggle with but this Champion Awakening Guide should clear up most of the confusion!

Indeed, due to this confusion, many players often miss out on the great benefits that you can bring to your Raid Shadow Legends Champion by Awakening them. Having them at their highest Awakening level possible can add huge power to them which could see you overcoming that difficult floor in the Doom Tower that you are stuck on.

What is Champion Awakening in Raid Shadow Legends

The process of Awakening takes place in the Altar of Souls and involves using Souls to awaken the chosen Champion. Once Awakened, the Champion gains access to Blessings. These grant additional buffs to the Champion.

How to Awaken Champions in Raid Shadow Legends

Awakened Raid Shadow Legends Champion

As mentioned above, you must first unlock the Altar of Souls which happens at account level 42. In addition to this, you must also collect Souls for each specific Champion. They can range from 1 star to 6 stars and can be either a Split Soul or a Perfect Soul.

Using a Perfect Soul on one of your Champions will upgrade them to the exact Awakening Level indicated by the number of red stars on the Soul. In contrast, Split Souls Awaken your Champion one level at a time. For example, if you pull a 3-star Split Soul, the Champion will first need to be at the 2-star Awakening level before you can use it.

In addition to this, the Champion you Awaken cannot go past its Ascension Level so you will need to concentrate on upgrading this first before you get started. Also, Campion must be Rare, Epic, or Legendary in order to be Awakened.

How to get Souls for Awakening in Raid Shadow Legends

Assuming your Champion meets all the requirements for Raid Shadow Legends Awakening, you will then need to actually get lucky and find some Souls for that Champion to use in the process. Thankfully there are many avenues for you to go down in your search. These are outlined in the sections below.

Soulstone Summon

Soulstone Summoning in Raid Shadw Legends for Champion Awakening

Soulstone Summon lets you use the Soulstones that you have accumulated in exchange for a random Soul. There is a Wishlist system that will also let you pick some Champions to improve your chance of getting Souls for them. You will always receive a perfect Soul using Soulstone Summon.

In total, there are 3 different rarity levels of Soulstone Summon you can undertake. The higher the rarity, the better the Soul you receive will be. This is summarized in the table below:

Mortal1-6* Rare, Epic, Legendary Perfect Soul
Immortal3-6* Rare, Epic, Legendary Perfect Soul
Eternal5-6* Rare, Epic, Legendary Perfect Soul

There are 3 main ways to get Soulstones: Events, the Hydra Clan Boss, and the Mystic Market. The Mystic Market is found in the Altar of Souls and it will cost you Soul Coins to buy each Souldstone:

  • Mortal – 1,000 Mortal Soul Coins
  • Immortal – 1,000 Immortal Soul Coins
  • Eternal – 1,000 Eternal Soul Coins

Later in this Raid Shadow Legends Champion Awakening Guide, we will cover how you can your hand on these Soul Coins. However, it is safe to say that if you make use of these 3 methods you will quickly start building a good collection of Soulstones to start summoning Souls with.

Soul Merchant

Raid Shadow Legends Soul Merchant

Next up is the Soul Merchant which lets you buy directly the exact Souls you want. There are 14 for sale at any one time for a range of Rare, Epic, and Legendary Champions, with the Shop refreshing twice a day. It is a good idea to always check here to see if any of your favored Champions have their Soul on sale.

The Souls you buy here will either be 1 Star Perfect Souls or 2 – 6 Star Split Souls. To buy the Souls you must have either Immortal or Eternal Soul Essence. Later in this Raid Shadow Legends Champion Awakening Guide, we will cover how you can your hand on Soul Essence.

How to Get Soul Coins

As already outlined earlier there are 3 different tiers of Soul Coins: Mortal, Immortal, and Eternal. Each of these is needed to buy their corresponding Souldstone and they are there very important to get your hands on. They can be obtained from Events and Tournaments, however, there are 2 key methods that will prove the most consistent as outlined in the next sections.

Iron Twin Fortress

The Iron Twin Fortress Dungeon is the most consistent place to farm for Soul Coins in the game. However, if you are just starting out in the game you will struggle to clear the stages. In addition, it changes its Affinity every day meaning you will need to use a different team depending on the day.

The Iron Twin Fortress Boss gets stronger the longer the battle lasts and therefore beating it as quickly as possible is of the upmost importance. A couple of things you can do to improve your chances is to ensure you bring Champions that bring Decrease Accuracy, Decrease Speed, Decrease Attack, HP Burn, and Poison buffs/debuffs to the party.

Sell Souls

Selling Souls for Soul Coins in Raid Shadow Legends for Champion Awakening

As you start gaining Souls, it is very likely that you will get many for Champions that you do not plan to ever use. Thankfully there is a mechanic in place to take advantage of this that is found in the Soul Collection menu. This area will allow you to sell the Souls you do not want in exchange for Soul Coins.

Simply select those you wish to sell, and voila, you’ll get your coins! The exchange rate is pretty poor though so you’ll rely more on farming the Iron Twin Fortress.

How to Get Soul Essence

Buying Soul Essence in Raid Shadow Legends for Champion Awakening

As mentioned previously, you must get Soul Essence to buy Souls from the Soul Merchant. The easiest way to get Soul Essence is by buying it at the Mystic Market for the following cost:

  • Immortal Soul Essense – 50 Immortal Soul Coins
  • Eternal Soul Essence – 50 Eternal Soul Coins

In addition to this, you can also get them from Events and the Iron Twin Fortress Dungeon. Once you have a good amount of Essence built up you will be ready to start a shopping spree at the Soul Merchant. It will cost you 20 Immortal Essence to buy a Level 1 Perfect Soul for a Legendary Champion, so you can see how it will build very quickly the higher you go!

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Blessing

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Blessing

Awakening your champion unlocks a Blessing menu for that specific champion. These are like supercharged passive skills that may drastically change how you utilize a champion, allowing them to reach new potential or changing how they function in your squad.

When choosing a Blessing for your Champion you are given the choice between 4 different Divinities. Each of these Divinities has 6 different Blessings that you can choose from. Each blessing will also be Rare, Epic, or Legendary with the Awakened Champion having to be at least of the same corresponding rarity in order to be assigned that blessing.

Each Blessing has 6 levels that correspond directly to the Awakened Level of the Champion. Each time you improve the Awakening Level of the Champion, the Blessing will also improve automatically.

Initially, changing between different blessings is free, but sadly life would be a bit too good if it stayed that way. Once you make a couple of switches between the blessings, further swaps and changes will cost you gems. So keep that in mind, you need to eventually commit to one blessing that suits your champion the most.

Should you Focus on Awakening your Champions

Awakening is an interesting system that adds further options for your Champions in the late game. Indeed, it allows for more customization and expression, and it definitely adds more of that “this champion is special” to some of the Best Legendaries.

But at some point Awakening is a “necessary evil” kind of thing. The biggest bottleneck in the game is, and always will be summoning good Legendary Champions. But if you get lucky, or your account is old enough to have a couple of decent squads by the sheer amount of shards you used, then it’s very easy to level and ascend all of them.

Awakening then becomes another goal you can strive for to power up, instead of running out of things to do in the game. Not to mention that the inclusion of the Soul Merchant lessens the random nature of soul shard pulling by a huge factor. Therefore it is a nice addition for late-game players who still want to grind something in the game.

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