Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Guide

There is a daily clan event in Raid: Shadow Legends called the “Clan Boss”. To battle the clan boss, one must utilize their keys which recharge every six hours (you can purchase more keys for 100 gems however this is not recommended as the best use of your gems).

The difficulty of the Clan Boss ranges from Easy to Normal to Hard to Brutal to Nightmare to Ultra Nightmare. The rewards you can get increase with each difficulty, but so does the challenge. Read all about his weaknesses, rewards, and more in this Raid: Shadow Legends Clan Boss Guide.

Best Builds for Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss

Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Event Screen

The most crucial stats to consider while creating your teams for this specific game mode are listed below. If your accuracy is below a certain threshold you will miss debuffs like poison, and have lower attack & defense, which will significantly lower your damage output and shorten your champion’s life span. Your crew will also perish quickly if you don’t have enough defense, which will prevent you from doing as much damage as you could.

Just throw your highest-level champions into the fray with the clan boss if you are still in the early game. Level 60 champions will deal MUCH more damage than someone 10 levels lower, no matter the typings or affinity. However, as you progress in the game, you can start thinking about some additional tactics for the Clan Boss as outlined below.

Best Relics for Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss

Later on, the goal should be to outfit your entire team with Life Steal Relic Sets. You should favor Relics with main stats of HP% or DEF for those that can have it. You should also throw in some boots with speed for good measure. In addition, ACC sub-stats are very much welcome.

Best Masteries for Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss

As mentioned above, a high attack is optimal for the Clan Boss. You are looking to do as much damage as possible. With this in mind, you should focus your Masteries on the Offense Tree for the Champions you want to use in this game mode. In particular, you should use War Master or Giant Slayer at Tier 6 of the Offense Tree.

Generally speaking, if your champion has an ability that strikes once or twice, you should choose War Master. And if they have an ability that hits three or four times, you should choose Giant Slayer.

Best Debuffs for Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss

To defeat the Clan Boss in Raid: Shadow Legends, debuffs are crucial. The Clan Boss can only be under a maximum of 10 debuffs at any given time! The following are the top priorities in order:

  • Decrease ATK – This one is nice and simple, the Clan Boss won’t do as much damage as he could, enabling you to prolong your run. Which in turn gives you more chances to score as much damage as you can.
  • Poison – Ticks of poison over multiple rounds are a great way to whittle down the Clan Boss’ health bar.
  • Weaken – This debuff makes every hit on the Clan Boss deal 25% more damage. It’s a great way to circumvent the Clan Boss’ own debuff that makes your heroes deal less damage.
  • Decrease DEF – The more difficult the Clan Boss, the more DEF he will have. This means that you will do less and less damage the higher up you go. This debuff can circumvent some of that, which is nice.

Best Buffs for Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss

Another crucial factor for your team to take into account is buffs, which frequently enable you to deal more damage over time. Consider applying some of these if you struggle to do damage:

  • Counter Attack – While not that great elsewhere, Counter Attack is amazing for Clan Boss, because you only care about doing as much damage as you can (since you can’t really win). This buff essentially allows you a free hit when it’s the boss’ turn.
  • Increase Speed – Enables you to move more quickly and strike more frequently. You might decide to remove this buff as you advance since you might start a speed-tuning endgame strategy!
  • Unkillable – To secure the most number of chest prizes, this is currently the best approach to take. To be successful, it needs specific champion pairings and team speeds, yet it may result in you going 50 rounds without dying.

Best Team for Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss

Of course, to do maximum damage, you will also need to optimize the Champions in your team. You should bring some Support capable of increasing defense, healing, or maybe even increasing your team’s speed. In addition, an Attacker that can repeatedly apply poison and a debuff like Decrease ATK, weaken, or Decrease DEF will be invaluable.

It is also worth considering throwing in a Tank or another Attacker with a Counterattack. Lastly, remember to cap it all off with a Leader that has an aura buff that applies to Clan Boss battles!

Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Battle Mechanics

Riad Shadow Legends Clan Boss Battle Mechanics

The Clan Boss will always have the Void Affinity, which is often regarded as the simplest in the game. This is because your whole squad will be neutral toward it, making it much simpler to manage. The Clan Boss will change to another Affinity; either Force, Magic, or Spirit when its health drops below 50%. It will stay on that Affinity until the server is reset. The Clan Boss never actually dies; instead, its life is refilled at 1% HP.

It is better to focus on one difficulty of the Clan boss than it is to do multiple runs on different difficulties. This is because if your clan gets the Clan Boss to the 1% HP, and his HP resets, everyone who participated will receive double the prizes from his chest the next day. This can be repeated up to 6 times, for each difficulty level (although you won’t have enough keys to participate in every fight unless you spend gems).

Clan Boss Rewards

Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Rewards

To get the reward, which is the Clan Boss Chest, your team must deal a set minimum damage to the boss on each difficulty. For example, when you challenge the Easy Clan Boss and score 500k damage against him, you will win the Novice II chest.

If you challenge the Normal Clan Boss and score the same damage with the same team you will win… nothing! The minimum damage requirement for Normal is 800k damage. You can however do multiple runs with your 3 daily keys and the damage stacks. So if you do 3 runs for 500k damage each on Normal, you will have 1.5 million damage. This in turn will reward you with Adept Chest II.

Here is an example of rewards, based on the Easy Clan Boss:

Damage RequiredReward For Meeting This Requirement
286K – 381k DamageNovice Chest I
381K – 761k DamageNovice Chest II
761K – 1,142k DamageAdept Chest
+1,142K DamageWarrior Chest

The trend continues like this in each difficulty, with the damage requirements raising, and the loot for meeting said requirements increasing in value. There are 12 chests in total: Novice, Adept, Warrior, Knight, Guardian, Master, Grandmaster, Supreme, Mythic, Divine, Celestial, and Transcendent. The Transcendent chest drops rewards such as XP brews, large amounts of Silver, gems, and even Holy Shards.

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