10 Best Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends

In Raid Shadow Legends there is a huge array of Champions to play and finesse your game with. However, as with all games of this genre, they were not all made equal. In this list, we take a look at the 10 Best Legendary Champions currently available in Raid Shadow Legends, a step up on our lists of the 10 Best Epic Champions and 10 Best Rare Champions.

Nearly all of these champions will aid you in making progress on your account, and a great many of them are still viable all the way through to the end game. However, some of them are only helpful once you have the specific team combination or the equipment to fully utilize their unique powers. This guide will try its best to make notes of all of that to the best of our ability.

This guide will go over the 10 Best Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends and explain why you should stick with them till death do you part. Please do keep in mind, that the difference between the 10th placement and the 1st is virtually non-existent. Every single Champion on this list is a top-tier meta pick, they simply are experts at different things in the game.

Best Legendary Champions in Raid

As mentioned above, this guide will go over the 10 Best Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends. It will also explain why they are so great and when they should be used. Keep reading below for all the details.

10. Cardiel

Cardiel can increase the Crit Rate and Damage of your entire team for 2 turns, and then attack a select enemy with your team with one cast of “Heavenly Host” which is just WOW, what an ability. And this is still not the reason why he is here!

His next ability, “Angelsong”, is an even more broken buff. It removes all debuffs, and places “Revive on Death” and Block Debuff (protects the champion from all damage sources) on your entire party for 2 turns, with just a 3-turn cooldown. In addition. the Revive on Death buff CANNOT be removed in any way!

9. Valkyrie

Raid Shadow Legends Best Legendary Champions - Valkyrie

A Barbarian Defender that makes your life in the Arena hard by just existing! Valkyrie has a passive ability called “Jealousy” which increases her turn meter by 10% for every buff that the enemy team casts while decreasing the enemy turn meter for that same amount when they receive buffs. That would make for a nice ability but as a passive? That is broken beyond belief!

This is on top of her great shield and counterattack buff for her entire party by the way.

8. Yumeko

Another Support, this time from the Shadowkin Faction. Yumeko likes to show off her claws compared to some other Supports in the game. Her basic attack steals one enemy’s turn meter if she is above 50% HP, or steals their life to heal herself if she is below this threshold.

But the real star of her kit is “Dance of Time” which decreases the cooldowns of all ally skills by 3 turns while increasing the cooldown of all enemy skills by 3 turns on a 5-turn cooldown! This provides insane utility and debuffs in one tidy package.

7. Warlord

Raid Shadow Legends Best Legendary Champions - Warlord

Warlord, the Legendary Orc Support with Void Affinity is up next. His “Orcish Rituals” skill at max level puts all enemies’ skills at cooldown and has a 60% chance to additionally completely deplete their turn meter. He can also do this once every 4 turns! This ability has the potential to completely deny some enemies from using their skills at all before they kick the bucket. This champion is a MENACE in the Arena.

6. Lydia the Deathsiren

This Dark Elven Void Affinity Champion is STACKED! Her “Siren’s Wail” ability attacks all enemies for huge damage, while at the same time placing a debuff that decreases their DEF by 60% and weakens their damage by 25% for 2 turns. At the same time, she increases ally DMG by 25% and their SPD by 30% for 2 turns. Holy, moly.

Lastly, her passive denies revival attempts, and her other skill can silence enemy champion skills while making them take more poison damage. As I said, stacked.

5. Duchess Lilitu

Raid Shadow Legends Best Legendary Champions - Duchess Lilitu

Lilitu of the Demonspawn Faction is yet another Support! Once again drilling in the point that debuffs and buffs are kings of the endgame. The Duchess’ passive ability negates 25% damage of AoE attacks for all of her team, or 15% for bosses. Since pretty much every boss has AoE, and everyone in the Arena and their mother has AoE’s, this might as well give a 25% DMG reduction for your entire team, which is crazy.

Combined with this is one of the best revive abilities in the game, Spectral Rebirth. This revives all dead allies with 70% HP and grants your entire team Veil, and Continuous Heal buffs. All that stuff on just a 4 turn cooldown.

4. Siphi the Lost Bride

Siphi of the Undead Horde with Void Affinity makes the list due to having one of the most overpowered buffs in all of the game, Whirlwind Romance. This buff gives all your teammates the “Block Debuff” buff, fills 10% of their turn meter, gives a 60% increase to DEF, and a further 30% increase to SPD. All buffs last 2 turns, and the ability has a 4 turn cooldown.

She can also revive a single ally once every 4 turns, with a full turn meter, 50% more ATK, and a 30% increased crit rate for 2 turns. Enabling you to revive a nuker who can instantly vaporize the enemy team in the same turn.

3. Underpriest Brogni

Raid Shadow Legends Best Legendary Champions - Underpriest Brogni

Brogni is an extremely unique champion. His “Cavern’s Grasp” attacks all enemies, removes one buff from each enemy, and removes one random debuff from each of his allies. In addition, he increases the value of shield buffs of his allies by 30% of the damage done by this attack.

This synergizes extremely well with his passive “Redoubt” which makes any ally protected by a shield reflect 25% damage back at their attacker, and then heal that champion for 25% of the damage done to the shields. He of course brings his own ally AoE shields, on top of buffs to ATK and other various buffs. Brogni does it all baby!

2. Krisk the Ageless

Krisk the Ageless represents the Lizardmen Faction and is of the Void Affinity. Let’s begin with his basic skill “Enter the Morass”, which hits all enemies, and has a 50% chance of decreasing the enemy teams SPD by 30%. Insanity, when it comes to basic attacks!

His passive “Might of the Ages” places a shield on all allies for 2 turns every time a new round beings, this shield is equal to 50% of his max HP. The same passive also places a 60% DEF and 50% ATK debuff on anyone who attacks him automatically for 1 turn! On top of this, he gets attacked ALL THE TIME because one of his other abilities is an AoE provoke.

1. Mithrala Lifebane

Raid Shadow Legends Best Legendary Champions - Mithrala Lifebane

Mithrala Lifebane is Void Affinity Champion from the Dark Elves Faction who excels in the Doom Tower and against the Demon Lord and Hydra Clan Bosses. She inflicts poison on basic attacks and has another ability with an AoE hex (enemies take more damage), that also buffs the ATK and DEF of your allies. In addition, she can cleanse all debuffs from your entire party and then strengthen and apply a shield to them.

Her passive “Gaze of Stone” has a 50% chance of petrifying someone who attacks her while hexed. The same effect applies to all her teammates, but with only a 30% chance. Petrification is a debuff that only Mithrala has in the whole game, it removes all buffs from said enemy, turns them to stone and makes them miss out on turns (all their cooldowns are put on pause until they recover).

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