Dislyte Esper Guides: Mona (Artemis)

Dislyte Esper Mona

Originating from Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, Mona is a Fighter Esper with a focus on AOE damage and improving herself with self-heals and extra turns. While she’s quite flimsy and hard to build, she’s one of the most useful Espers you automatically get through story progress.

Mona Details

  • Max Level Stats
  • ATK: 1,255
  • HP: 9,680
  • DEF: 860
  • SPD: 97
  • C. RATE: 10%
  • C. DMG: 150%
  • ACC: 0%
  • RESIST: 20%
  • General Information
  • Role: Fighter
  • Element: Flow
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Affiliation: Esper Union
  • Origins: Greek
  • Deity: Artemis
  • Captain Ability: Yes
  • Availability: Story & Echo

Is Mona a Good Esper in Dislyte?

The only Esper acquired automatically through the story of her rarity, she’s fairly viable but not the best. She’s a 4* Flow Fighter Esper with a focus on DPS, and she can also be obtained regularly through Dislyte’s Echo feature as with most other 4* Espers.

While she is a 4* and so is better than the other Espers you get naturally through the story, this doesn’t necessarily make her good. She is significantly harder to upgrade because of this, tends to be flimsy, and isn’t the best in regards to DPS when that’s pretty much all she can do.

Mona Abilities

In battle, an Esper will utilize their abilities in order to deal damage to the enemy and support their team. All Dislyte Esper Abilities start at Level 1 and can be increased further depending on the ability. Each additional level will improve the ability in a certain way. For more details on improving an Esper’s abilities, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on all of Mona’s abilities can be seen below.


  • Level 1: Attacks 1 enemy. Deals 100% ATK damage. Gains 1 turn upon killing the enemy.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 105%.
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 110%.
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 115%
  • Level 5: Damage increased to 120%.
  • Level 6: Damage increased to 130%.

Hunter’s Mark

  • Level 1: Attacks all enemies. Deals 70% ATK damage. Heals by 15% of damage dealt. Cooldown: 3 turns. Following Ascension 3, this steals 10% of enemy AP.
  • Level 2: Healing amount increased to 18%.
  • Level 3: Healing amount increased to 21%.
  • Level 4: Healing amount increased to 24%.
  • Level 5: Healing amount increased to 27%.
  • Level 6: Healing amount increased to 30%

Lunar Hail

  • Level 1: Attacks all enemies 4 times. Total damage equals 100% ATK. Increases C. DMG by 30%. Cooldown: 3 turns.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 105%.
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 115%.

Mona Captain Ability

Increases ally ATK by 24%.

Mona Ascension

All Espers in Dislyte can be further ascended to improve their stats starting from level 1. They can then be ascended again at levels 10/20/30/40/50 up to a total of 6 Ascensions. For more details on Ascending your Espers, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on the boost gained by Mona at each level of Esper Ascension can be seen below.

  • Phase 1: ATK +70
  • Phase 2: HP +950
  • Phase 3: Upgraded Hunter’s Mark
  • Phase 4: HP +10%
  • Phase 5: C. RATE +10%
  • Phase 6: ATK +20%

Mona Resonance

Each Esper can conduct up to 6 Resonances. Each Resonance unlocks Divine Gates that boost an Esper’s powers through higher stats or stronger abilities. You can learn more about this feature in our Dislyte Esper Guide. See below for this Esper’s Resonance buffs.

Divine GateDescription
OverloadLunar Hail: Final Damage +10%.
Life BlastWhen Mona’s HP is 100%, C. RATE +25%.
BlessingBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +15%.
Rampage PursuitWhen the target’s HP is below 50%, damage +12%.
AuraBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +20%.
MorphMoonshot: Upon killing an enemy, Lunar Hail Cooldown -1 turn.

Mona Divinate

You can collect Divinates for an Esper to increase their Divinate tier up to a maximum tier of 6. You can learn more about this feature in our Dislyte Esper Guide. The below shows the buffs Mona receives at her maximum Divinate tier and maximum Divinate level:

  • ATK +540
  • HP +2,290
  • Base ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +20%
  • When the target’s HP is below 50%, Moonshot’s Final Damage +20%

Mona Equipment

Mona’s main focus is DPS, but she’s also able to heal herself and gain additional benefits from ‘crits’ like Drew. As such the same stats should be emphasized for both. Lunar Hail increases the additional critical damage dealt, so increasing the likelihood of this happening or the damage that is then increased further is incredibly effective.

As Mona is already geared towards DPS, also adding some healing will help sustain this damage output as she is able to stay in the battle longer. This combined with her Lunar Hail skill will make her much less squishy. Therefore, you should look to apply the following sets:

  • Nether: HP regenerated at 35% of damage dealt.
  • Fiery: C.RATE +20%

Lastly, Mona’s Equipment characteristics should prioritize C. DMG, C. RATE, ATK BONUS, and SPD.

For more details on finding and determining the best Equipment for your Espers, check out our Dislyte Equipment Guide.

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