Abomination & Hulkbuster Added to Marvel Strike Force!

Scopely does it again! Shortly after releasing new Asgardian characters, we are now seeing another Gamma-based villain, and one of Tony Stark’s suits of armor, join the ranks of other Toons! That’s right, we are finally going to get to see Abomination and Hulkbuster in action on the Marvel Strike Force battlefield.

Keep reading below for all the details we currently know about the entry of Abomination and Hulkbuster into the Marvel Strike Force universe.


Marvel Strike Force Abomination

Emil Blonsky, former special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines. Blonsky was recruited by American officials to contain and capture Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk). Blonsky was injected with a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum and had been transfused with Bruce Banner’s Gamma-contaminated blood.

With Banner’s blood entering Blonsky’s system, it immediately caused tremendous alternations. Blonsky underwent severe mental and physical deterioration, making him overly aggressive and transforming him into a Hulk-sized entity.

Donning the name “Abomination”, he now possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and a constant healing factor. Abomination is labeled as a Global Brawler. When Abomination is grouped up with fellow Gamma allies (Hulk, She-Hulk, Brawn), his passive ability Grotesque Rage, enables an additional +10% Focus and +10% max health.

Putting synergetic abilities to the side, Abomination delivers on applying Stun and Defense Down to his primary targets for numerous turns. Despite his damage dealing, he can also apply debuffs, crippling the enemy team before they are given their final smash.

Similar to other Gamma allies, Abomination will heal himself on every turn, making him extremely tanky with a high level of durability for battle.

Be advised, considering Abomination has only just been added to the game, there is no information yet on how to unlock this character. Scopely will update this within the next few weeks.

Should you Grind for Abomination?

When it comes to committing to the grind for a specific character, we need to consider the value these characters can offer to your squads. When looking at Abomination, we can see that he is similar to other Gamma-based characters. Strong, durable, with an ample amount of health and regeneration abilities.

Therefore, being cut from the same cloth as his relatives, Abomination may not be a Marvel Strike Force toon to race for. There is nothing he offers that other characters of his kind can’t deliver on. In other words, Abomination is not a must-have, but rather a “have if you want” toon.


Marvel Strike Force Hulkbuster

The suit that was designed to detain an uncooperative Hulk has finally made it to Marvel Strike Force! Yes, Scopely has added the Hulkbuster suit as an individual character instead of equipping this suit as an add-on for Iron Man. Better late than ever right?

Don’t worry, you now have the chance to try this ultra-sized suit of armor in-game. Unfortunately, though, there also has been no release of information in regards to unlocking this character.

Hulkbuster’s entrance to the game has opened up a new sub-category of characters. With the new category, Bionic Avenger, Hulkbuster is a Protector with high health and next-level armor (obviously) that promotes his ability to deescalate enemy fire and protect other Bionic Avengers (Viv Vision, Deathlok, Vision, Iron Man).

Hulkbuster also gives out an immense amount of Barrier to his Bionic Avenger allies to help their personal sustain. Additionally, this tech-advanced monstrosity engages in direct synergy with Iron Man.

Built Like Iron Man, Hulkbuster’s passive ability will automatically apply Taunt when Iron Man drops below 50% health and distributes an additional +15% to other Bionic Avenger allies.

Should you Grind for Hulkbuster?

Hulkbuster is definitely not your typical character, considering he is a suit and not a physical person behind the armor. With that being said, Hulkbuster plays an identical role to Abomination, but just for a Bionic Avenger-based lineup. It applies health to its Bionic Avenger allies and can withstand high-damage attacks.

Hulkbuster, similar to Abomination, is unfortunately not a prime character you should be rushing to unlock. Although it is cool to see Tony Stark’s mega-tech colossus appear in the game, it does not offer any dominant abilities to move it up the food chain.

Hulkbuster and Abomination Final Review

It’s safe to say both of these characters were screen fillers and were added based upon fan voting or simply to just occupy time for players. Either way, it’s a win to see the game continue to add toons, but these two are not a top priority. I hope this helps, and as always: Keep on Strike Forcin’!

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