Evony Ranged General Tier List

In Evony, a march biased towards Ranged troops can be very powerful for PvP. This is especially true when combined with a great Evony Ranged General.

Indeed, when attacking players who have large numbers of mounted troops in their city, a ranged march will devastate them. It is therefore very important to have one of the best Evoyny Ranged Generals in your arsenal.

Keep reading below for all the details on why you want a ranged march, how to get the most out of it, and for a full list of all the best-ranged generals in Evony.

Why use a Ranged General

Ranged Troops are very popular in Evony. They are extremely effective at taking your enemy down from a distance and are more cost-effective than Siege Machines that require Gems to repair.

Evony Ranged Troops

They may not have the highest attack in the game, but the range advantage makes all the difference. In particular against mounted troops who have low HP. They are able to wipe these troops out before they can even get close.

Combined with a specialist Evony Ranged General, ranged troops are particularly effective. Read our Evony Troop Guide for more information on the strengths and weaknesses of each troop type.

Evony Ranged General Counters

Although Evony Ranged Generals are very popular, they do have one very effective counter. That is to use one of the Best Evony Ground Generals with a ground troop march.

Elise Evony Ground General

The high HP and defense stats of ground troops make them very effective against a ranged march. They are able to withstand the attacks from distance, to get close, and then decimate the ranged troops.

Whenever you see a keep stuffed with ranged troops, always send your ground march for an easy victory.

What makes a Good Evony Ranged General

When selecting an Evony Ranged General, there are some key things you want to look for to ensure they can get the most out of your ranged troops.

These Generals should first have skills that give ranged troops an attack boost. In addition, their stats should be quite high in attack to increase attack even further. Ranged troops have a relatively low attack and this makes up for that shortfall.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Ranged General

Furthermore, it can be useful to see march size buffs to increase the number of ranged troops you can send on an attack.

Evony Ranged General Skill Books

When starting to develop one of your Evony Ranged Generals, the first thing you will likely do is add Skill Books. For a pure ranged march, you may want to add the 3 following Skill Books if you are allowed:

  • Lvl 4 Ranged Troop Attack – Ranged Attack +25%
  • Lvl 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus – Ranged Troop Range +100
  • Lvl 4 March Size – March Size +12%
Evony Skill Books

For more details on General builds follow the links to each general below. Additionally, you can check out our Evony General Guide for more details on how to develop your Generals.

Evony Ranged General Tier List

Best Evony Ranged PvP Generals

There are 5 Ranks in this Tier list – S, A, B, C, and F. Rank S shows the best Evony Ranged Generals and Rank F is the worst. This list assumes that you plan to optimize Skill Books for a ranged march and that you will maximize the ranged specialties.

Click on the links below to see more details about each general and further information on suggested builds.

Please note, this Evony Ranged General Tier List includes all the Historic Gold Generals. Purple Historic Generals are not included.

Evony Ranged Tier List – Rank S

Evony Ranged Tier List – Rank A

Evony Ranged Tier List – Rank B

Evony Ranged Tier List – Rank C

Evony Ranged Tier List – Rank F

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